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Your Distribution Partners View Your Brand Differently Than You Do...Why Is That?

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You don't always see eye-to-eye with your sales channel distribution partners when it comes to your brand. Here are a few of the reasons that might be.

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Your Distribution Partners View Your Brand Differently Than You Do...Why Is That?

  1. 1. Your Distribution Partners View Your Brand Differently Than You Do... Why is that? Call us, we’re nice! 866.567.7432
  2. 2. Marketplaces grow more diverse every day. Maybe your distribution partners view everything through a different cultural perspective, or even a different language, than you. Define communication barriers and develop strategies to overcome them. You’re on the other side of a culture or language barrier.
  3. 3. B2B customers expect solutions to fit their unique, specific demands. You need in-depth data to better understand and meet those needs. Use point-of-sale data, purchase history, invoices and other sales documentation to paint a complete picture of your customers. You need more customer data.
  4. 4. You can’t get water from a stone. If your distribution partner’s goals are just too different to align with yours, maybe the partnership wasn’t meant to be. Run distribution partners through the distributor alignment checklist. If they just aren’t cutting it, maybe it’s time to look elsewhere. They’re not the distributor for you.
  5. 5. If you’re not • asking distributors for feedback • connecting with them on social media • sharing market insights • delivering targeted marketing messages and content …then you’re not doing enough to engage them. Exchange channel marketing insights, input and success stories with distribution partners. Interact with them on social media. Tap into the human side, not just the professional. You’re not engaging your distributors! “81% of B2B executives say that customers are more likely to expect vendors to engage with them. 73% say that customers compare current vendors with their competitors in regards to how they are engaged after initial sale.” — Forbes Insights
  6. 6. ● Watch out for language barriers. ● Collect more customer data. ● Don't waste time with the wrong distributor. ● Engage your distributors and prove your value. To re-cap: