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Shake Up the Sediment


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Shake Up the Sediment

  1. 1. Shaking Up the Sediment: Re-energizing Pedagogical Practice while Avoiding Bottle Shock The Innovative Library Classroom Radford, Virginia May 12, 2015
  2. 2. The Plan Tensions Transitions Teaching Trust Toolkit Takeaways flickr: patricia m. – lexicor020
  3. 3. Keynote Have-Nots • Best Practices • Solutions • Truths
  4. 4. Tensions With all these big ideas floating around, I’m starting to feel conflicted.
  5. 5. My Comfort Zone Me
  6. 6. ACRL Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education The document that launched a thousand discussions, debates, and revisions until it was finally filed alongside the ACRL Information Literacy Competency Standards as one of a “constellation” of documents guiding Information Literacy. “Students have a greater role and responsibility in creating new knowledge, in understanding the contours and the changing dynamics of the world of information, and in using information, data, and scholarship ethically.”
  7. 7. Beilin, Ian (2015). Beyond the Threshold: Conformity, Resistance, and the ACRL Information Literacy Framework for Higher Education. In the Library with the Lead Pipe. Upholds Limited Perspective Accepts Existing Power Structures Threshold Concepts Empowers Students Inspires Resistance among Librarians Social Justice
  8. 8. “When we limit its potentials to outcomes and standards, we run the risk of minimizing the complex situatedness of information literacy and diminishing – if not negating – its inherent political nature.” Jacobs, H. M. (2008). Information Literacy and Reflective Pedagogical Praxis. Journal Of Academic Librarianship, 34(3), 256-262.
  9. 9. SHOUT OUT Paolo Freire
  10. 10. Would peer review be more valid if it allowed the power to shift from the privileged few to the masses, including us? Why are scholarly journals required for this assignment, if they are fraught with errors and lies, just like other types of sources? Without access to these fancy databases, how would you gather data and info to analyze and synthesize in response to your research question? Whose voices are we missing if we only pay attention to sources that come to us through established scholarly communication channels? Authority is Constructed & Contextual or things I encourage students to consider that might conflict with the way their assignments are worded, what instructors have told them, or what they already believe to be true.
  11. 11. Student- Focused Service- Provider
  12. 12. The System flickr: Steven Depolo – Stand Out from the Crowd
  13. 13. No Backsies The struggle is real.
  14. 14. Transition If I’m not teaching in a classroom, am I still a teacher?
  15. 15. Realities: Local Context • Data & Evidence • National Trends • Local Studies • Post-Renovation • More Partners in the Library • Fewer Library Classrooms • Fewer First-Year Courses & Requests for One-Shot Sessions • Prioritizing Student Workers as Front-Line Staff • Increase in Incentives for Faculty/Librarian Collaborations
  16. 16. Cowan, S. M. (2013). Information Literacy: The Battle We Won That We Lost?. Portal: Libraries And The Academy, (1), 23. “And yet, despite the social-cultural-technological currents that took information literacy and made it a concept and practice that applies to twenty- first century life writ large, information literacy is still written about, presented, and practiced within libraries and higher education institutions as if it still naturally falls within the purview of libraries and as if librarians are still, somehow, best positioned to create and implement it.”
  17. 17. Transitions Instruction • Direct student contact • Everyday interactions with learners • Limited involvement • In the classroom • Library service provider Consulting • Instructional design • Librarians’ expertise • Influence assignment design • Engagement in course design • Partner with Faculty
  18. 18. Teaching The work of the heart: personal…vulnerable… artistic… reflective…
  19. 19. Here’s to trying not to box ourselves into one perspective, approach, or lens when it comes to teaching. Cheers! flickr: Maria Morri – espiritu de argentina
  20. 20. Instruction As We Knew It • Situated within a structured context/timeline • Credit hours • Semesters • Reward systems beyond our control • Students’ grades • Course evaluations • At the request of others • With little prior knowledge of students, situation • Pitfall of “library day”
  21. 21. “If you don’t like what people are saying, change the conversation.” –Don Draper
  22. 22. Teaching Learning Pedagogy Praxis Passion
  23. 23. Information Literacy @ IU Incentives for Faculty & Librarians Integration & Assessment Professional Development Grant Opportunities Research Consultations Instructional Consultations Assignment Design Consultations Information Literacy in the Disciplines Library Services & Support
  24. 24. student-focused consultant/facilitator
  25. 25. Trust You’ve got this.
  26. 26. Self Stakeholders Leadership Outcomes
  27. 27. Do More Do It Better
  28. 28. Instructional Consultation • Drop-in office hours in the library • Scheduled in response to requests for library instruction • Intended to support faculty and librarians in building information literacy into course assignments and assessments • Focus on Backward Design principles • Resources: internal and public • Preparation, Consultation, Follow-up
  29. 29. Instructional Consultation Sustainability Teach the Teacher Impact Assignment Design Efficiency Opportunities Library Instruction Considerations Request
  30. 30. E x p e r t i s e Elevate Expectations Experiment Evidence
  31. 31. What Would You Need In Order to Fulfill Your Information Literacy Instructional Dreams? Dream Think Say Make Change
  32. 32. Relax: There is Room Here Fail, Forgive, Repeat.
  33. 33. Toolkit Doing the work of un-doing.
  34. 34. My Greatest Fear: Sediment We may not notice sediment until it’s too late. flickr: Toshiyuki IMAI – Sediment
  35. 35. Professional Renewal • Find new meaning • Challenge Yourself • Challenge Your Thinking • Begin again • Seek Out New Professional Opportunities • Take on new expertise/role • Rekindle your own Learning • Find another area of focus • Research • Creative Activity
  36. 36. Self-Care Burnout • Loss of control • Overwhelming sense of stress • Work begins to feel meaningless • Inability to say “no” • Feeling all of the feelings Renewal Larrivee, B. (2012). Cultivating teacher renewal: guarding against stress and burnout. • Acknowledge your contribution • Take time for yourself and your priorities • Engage in daily rituals • Begin the day with a wish for something positive • Recap the day by remembering a kindness
  37. 37. Personal Rejuvenation
  38. 38. Takeaways Let’s remember not to forget.
  39. 39. Instructional Consultation Library Instruction Rethinking how we “do” information literacy, with regard to our local context.
  40. 40. Information Literacy Library Instruction Librarian/Faculty Collaboration Instructional Design Online Learning Objects Introductions to Research & Libraries Designing Research Assignments ?
  41. 41. Indirectly Influencing Student Learning Teaching Students In-Person or Online In What Ways are Librarians Enacting an Education Role?
  42. 42. Librarians as Educators Teaching Designing Instruction & Assessments Building Online Learning Experiences Partnering with Faculty Mentoring Student Workers Supporting Other Librarians’ Teaching ?
  43. 43. Librarian Teacher Instructional Designer Facilitator Mentor Instructor Writer Researcher Information Expert Collaborator How do we balance these multiple professional identities?
  44. 44. Focus, Find, Follow-Through Yourself • Authentic • Personal • Flexible • Self-Care • Student-Focused • Meaning • Renew Your Institution • Mission & Goals • Students • Learning Needs • Stakeholders • Accreditation • Support & Trust • Openings & Opportunities
  45. 45. Shake it up! @carriedonovan :::: cdonovan@indiana.edu