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Work Actions for Happiness

How to be happy at work! An infographic

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Work Actions for Happiness

  1. 1. Work - Actions for Happiness actions for happiness when you score low in the gross national happiness domain of work EmJ. >loyment has a big impact on your happiness, an long tenn unemp oyment has an even bigger negative impact on your unhappiness. A if you scored low in You Ioveyourwork work You heleyourwork Ask for more "ads J°bs . If u can't find a job ‘SL3 7°’ 3fi'3'f°v g°'° y0y3 like, find a boss dg§s? on yo hold" to, yo! ’ “ks co- power or more w‘$. ?I'3r stoppged f "'°, .C'. §‘, ",§§", .%2‘, ,§’. '.}3"' rwources. looking for work H fiendships_ If _ you can't trade iobs, change wIt'i(at you can at we , What Is work. really? In the best case scenario. your work Revel, “ and : °:: np'n‘g: ‘at Is your calling. It is your purpose. It is something you do Engines, y° ' whetherornotyouarepald-anymaybeltlsnot. Work _ can Include a Job, employment, volunteering. homemaklng. .T“"‘ Wu’ Pa-’>$'°" _ into work and start Three ingredients for really good work: Y°U| ’°? ¥|Tlte$ll1JS°T8SS A sense ur work Is rt of somethl bl ' Heard fF| ow? It's that stat he ful engaged, :A sense yygu are maklln: an Impact "9 999' ‘'°“! "‘°°‘' 3‘ a" totally fgcused and loving what iingxlhen you o Decision makl control '"d. ”5."‘/ track of time, forget about everything else and completely "9 associati fgqls mm More ideas for happiness at work: on °" y°"' ' me“ now‘ You scored low in ” Y0" 800'“ ‘W '" You scored low in You scored low in community P“Y°"°‘°.9'°3' governance time balance wellbeing Power Ge‘ [mo Take Back :3?‘ Of PO'8"IV9 YOU? “P19 v~= ««~»~e~«~= wav Sm: '*r: '.”. i§'; ‘;. °2‘ ". '.°; .". e.°t. °:. "z. .': .t:2,°» **. ';'; ,:. i': ;': ‘:, °i‘r; ':“‘ V°}: ,“; §', ‘,'i§, §: §, ‘$§‘w°“' thank others with notes vdiqbfg andt_oiier to give long weekends. Don‘! msped to 9309.9 and words ar: ask ting" "'13:" mg: d wkggrtat overtime“- baveandbeio urbomto tyou - '. .' e teinstea or E Position. endwto r what you am otterteoagelpwrth their _ _ / , 1-us‘ say m_ H dd H P9'| °t99_| "°! Ud9 fonnation. Vlsll _ "°"'“° "°"°' ir‘ZJ$". ll2fii"Z'. ‘.'a; ‘? o“f. '3.? .‘. 'é‘l°"ni. m"'”§i3'. ? (‘L on your <3 < ) ' I ‘L I You scored low in You scored low in V00 30°fBd 117'! in You scored low in environment education standard of | ivII“9 health SW1 of nose: Start 1: Lunch Revlt1aLl: ::reen goaiysour 11mecExerclse . . . lub ; "2llL‘3.? i‘; wedeie-avg, -;, :=ehoui 7'; t°: ;:: .*: ?i: .i. ':: :.? z. smaiuncnime buildin services in yoaut: reducing your income! W3-"‘m9 dub ' 0" . plan 1 months gf 2' Miami] emofioml or If less, innovate other yoga (you can use a : ;rnn: ‘aig_r‘1;te You carlitylegm spimuaj ime"igen°9_ / V ways gxet your recorded lesson). - U I “m ‘a ' . -sum srnan '"'°""a' = ,,'gg*, g"gg i=3‘§a5xa7i? i'_l'3s me my ,0 mm that our h_eppine$ pm, “ on you. $23 7ngtK increase M tube while you do r a year. YOU DESERVETO IE I-MPPV These are just a few ways to increase your sense of wellbeing and increase your satisfaction with your work. Some may fit. others may not. skip around this map and find what feels best to you. And let us know of other ideas! Was this helpful? Do you have ideas to add? Give us your ideas and feedback. info@happyoounts. org / Happiness Alliance happycounts. org Did you like this? DONATE! wvvw. happycounts. org/ donate