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Health and Happiness Actions

What can you do to improve you happiness when you score low in health after taking the gross national happiness index? Ideas for your happiness and the sustainability of the planet.

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Health and Happiness Actions

  1. 1. Health- Actions for Happiness actions for happiness when you score low in the gross nat onal happiness domain of health Health is something we take for granted until we do not have it. Without a healthy body, it is hard to participate fully in work. at play and with friends and family. That said, research tells us we tend to bounce back emotionally after 2 weeks — 8 months from even catastrophic health problems. Take the Gross National Hapfiiness Index & find out how you score www. appycounts. org If you scored low in A health Be healthy Sleep emotionally G. H X“ Sufferin h seal is . W6 Y°Ul’S8 0 ham on%~. pe Z, ,'. o.t. ',’n5_ time to sleep. Make a It is important to feel 90al of 9911109 all the the full range of your W8)’ °3ll9l}:3:f_l 0" emotions & exfressing , _ N331 lllflll I them in 8 hea hy way : )(}()pl(3 ~41) l res1x's normal or you. Download “Feeling Happy. Feeling Sad , a guide for E)”(n‘W, ‘M dealing with emotions at (, Xp’Om‘, " hapoycountsorg stop dleung S’0m’mh' “Q 'l€lV0 lSuC'i :15 "CI realiz ng a dream. not rav ng a pa't'ier or C"l :1; counts Ur bodytonvgvhat is as loss as rnucn as a oeat" C8 or other event. Make Y? ‘-gm Eat heanhy an appo flI'Tl8'lI w l'l you’ . s u scuss '. "lS. or seek v‘ Ger help from ancthe' "eat'i-_a Below are more actions you can take for your wfa. k5:: ;'s9a°, :g; §_ happiness when you score low in health and even around the block. 91» U 9 another domain of happiness: Exerclee In Low: veggie; Sick Leave Do Nothing oommunlty Plant a garden or Take some "rne' time Do a social exercies shop the farmer's Advoate for paid sick 989“ Week and do YOU 9lli0YI dance. market Get to know leave ordinances in "0lhll? - L91 Y°UlS6ll mafllal arts. b081in9 what fruits & veggies your town. You can d§Y l'93l_ll- "39 0' °lllb$- 9°“-~ grow locally and eat find examples in . llldlll9° "1 "1059 something where you lots and lots of them! NYC Seattle 3. San things you want lo do "1991 Noble and when you can - go Francisco. blll "W9? 99‘ 1°- make friends. organic too! Choose your friends wiselylx Make If you are adopted or X Leem Take a . . , good lf you feel new Mend: health break L, ‘:; :i3?, ‘§ Colfiebctom Y? " _ Do work "2, d drained or Keep the on N do. “ tak iiiiziiitmrs; medical 3:: amalrzj fo others & the p net Upset am” s. md°s Show , me bmaks e trii. -;I yoiii -d - my ' and work with le Spendmg mm mow hands as - Stan intuitioit and I enmyh Ur new who u like “me Wm are ‘ass ikdyto mw'l 1%f Iozirn what izing fan ' nsknsa Someone‘ Sid‘ spa“ more me ' ' yoii(: .'1n our argglyna new start wité 3 spew “me with the friends You minutes to stretch. "mm hmlm '3 small -WI "tear . with someone have 5 fnake new walkor , am lSSUUS that rmm? Cr)1f‘1jSed U 9'9 ehlsev Let ytloulr ones" weak be°J”oE? ;i. %“; interest. These are just a few ways to nerease yo-’ se"se 3‘ we : e "C and increase yo-’ sat sfaction w th your health. So'ne may fit. vo. i:»_s»_mi: ;isi»wr~ others may 'lCi. S< p a'c. .rd f'1 s "as and ‘ 1: ‘. -.‘‘': at feels oest to you And let .5 wow of other deas! V