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50 Ways To Love Your Neighbor

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Science tells us good relationships are key to happiness and so is a strong sense of community. Start right next to home by making friends with your neighbors to increase your happiness and the happiness of those around you.

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50 Ways To Love Your Neighbor

  1. 1. 50 Ways to Love Your Neighbor
  2. 2. Happiness science tells us that relationships are key to happiness.
  3. 3. You can be happier, and you can make other people happier with… 50 ways to Love Your Neighbor
  4. 4. Say hello!
  5. 5. When your neighbor walks by, look them in the eye and ask how they are doing.
  6. 6. Trade telephone numbers.
  7. 7. Next time you have a party, invite your neighbor.
  8. 8. Invite your neighbor to coffee.
  9. 9. Take a walk in your neighborhood and…
  10. 10. …greet your neighbor when you see them with “hello neighbor!”
  11. 11. If your neighbor has children, compliment them on their children.
  12. 12. If your neighbor has pets, compliment them on their pets.
  13. 13. Coordinate a neighborhood potluck and...
  14. 14. …at the neighborhood potluck, gather emails to share with each other for emergencies.
  15. 15. Coordinate a neighborhood BBQ. Ask neighbors to bring chairs.
  16. 16. Go door to door and collect phone numbers and share the numbers on a printout...
  17. 17. …collect emails too, and share those. Start a thread of conversation with your neighbors.
  18. 18. Invite your neighbor to breakfast or dinner.
  19. 19. Have a movie night or watch a game together.
  20. 20. Start a book club with one or two of your neighbors.
  21. 21. If you have children, invite your neighbor to a birthday party.
  22. 22. If you and a neighbor work at home, offer to go to a café with them to work, or…
  23. 23. …offer to work together at home once a week, starting with one day to see how it goes.
  24. 24. Ask for a cup of sugar, then bring them a cookie or piece of cake (do this one if you like to bake).
  25. 25. If you neighbor talks to you, stop and listen.
  26. 26. Invite a neighbor who likes the same TV show for a TV show binge night (or day) when the next season comes out.
  27. 27. If you and your neighbor bike, offer to get together for a bike tune up day.
  28. 28. If your neighbor has children (young or adults) offer to be a mentor.
  29. 29. Buy yourself some flowers next time you go grocery shopping and give your neighbor half the bouquet.
  30. 30. Bake your neighbors some cookies.
  31. 31. Offer to babysit for a neighbor with children while they do household chores.
  32. 32. Take a yoga class together.
  33. 33. Share Internet.
  34. 34. Offer to take your neighbor’s dog for a walk.
  35. 35. Offer to let your neighbor take your dog for a walk.
  36. 36. If you and your neighbor have dogs, offer to go for a walk together.
  37. 37. Plant a garden (inside or outside), and...
  38. 38. …share your produce.
  39. 39. Send your neighbor a letter inviting them to coffee or tea, with your telephone or email so they can respond.
  40. 40. Join your neighborhood Nextdoor.com and respond to your (actual) nextdoor neighbor’s posts, then strike up a conversation next time you see them.
  41. 41. Ask your neighbor to keep their eye on your place when you go on a trip and….
  42. 42. …bring them a little gift when you get home (like a chocolate bar or box of cookies from the place you visited).
  43. 43. Ask for a small favor and then return a small favor.
  44. 44. If you and your neighbor have children, schedule a playdate.
  45. 45. If your neighbor’s children are older than yours, offer to hire them to babysit (while you are home doing chores the first time they babysit)…or
  46. 46. If your children are older and your neighbor has little ones, offer to chaperone while your child babysits.
  47. 47. Build a little free library and...
  48. 48. Offer to let your neighbors put their books in it, and take what they want.
  49. 49. Coordinate a neighborhood garage sale day or…
  50. 50. ..coordinate a clothes and household items swap day.
  51. 51. At the holidays, send your neighbors happy holiday cards and...
  52. 52. ...invite them over for a cup of good cheer and some holiday cookies.
  53. 53. And don’t forget – greeting your neighbors each time you see them goes a long way. Be persistently friendly!
  54. 54. Your Happiness Counts. Tools and Resources for Happiness. www.happycounts.org