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Top 10 logo design trends 2017 (updated)

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We strongly believe that a well-crafted logo is about building something that can impress, captivate and engage an audience. A great logo is one that customers will immediately recognize and connect with as well as clearly convey the message of the business.

With that said here are some of the design trends we see taking over for 2017

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Top 10 logo design trends 2017 (updated)

  1. 1. TOP 10 LOGO DESIGN TRENDS 2017 By Adi Yagil UPDATED
  2. 2. WHY IS A LOGO SO IMPORTANT? A logo is an abstract symbol and as such it helps us associate a certain emotion or sentiment with its brand without using any words. Every time we see a logo, our mind is busy doing two things: recognizing what that logo stands for and reminding us what we feel towards that logo, making the entire experience extremely memorable.
  3. 3. LOGO DESIGN – GOING FORWARD Although the basic philosophy behind logo design will not change, it’s important to look ahead at how it is advancing as an art and where the trends are going. Working with many different designers over the years has given us a lot to think about. We’ve gathered their most important insights and combined them with our own research to share which trends will make or break your logo design this year. 2017
  4. 4. 01 KEEP IT SIMPLE Less can definitely be more when it comes to logo design. The minimalism style is the type of logo where every tiny detail counts. No space is wasted and the colors are few. These are types of logos that are visually appealing and memorable. According to Nielsen Norman group (who coined the term UX), the basic features of minimalism design include a flat look, limited color, few elements, a lot of negative space and typography that draws attention to itself. GET YOUR LOGO
  5. 5. 02 GO TWO DIMENSIONS While flat and minimalist often go together they are not the same thing. A logo that falls under the flat style is a 2- dimensional image or graphic. By its nature it is basic and minimal – no shadows, texture, gradient or any other feature. While some users may have problems with clickability, according to Nielson Norman Group, these issues are easy to overcome if you keep them in mind during the design process. GET YOUR LOGO
  6. 6. 03 TRY YOUR HAND AT IT These logos can take the most time to complete but they are worth the extra effort. A custom, hand-drawn logo will ensure that your design is unique, which is part of its appeal. Logos that have used the hand-drawn style appear fresher, comforting and grounded. These are feelings that cannot be invoked with a digital design. It is particularly popular for sports teams as it is often an animation-based logo rather than a shape so it appeals to those organizations that have a mascot. It also works well for restaurants and cafes. GET YOUR LOGO
  7. 7. 04 BE CREATIVE & CLEVER Negative space logos use the color and space to make a dual image and they can be memorable for customers as they will need to give a bit more thought to the illustration. It allows for a business to communicate a double message and have a bit of fun with the consumer. it is important to remember not to make the viewer have to search too hard for the double image. The trick to the technique is to use the positive space to create one image while at the same time the negative space creates a competing image. GET YOUR LOGO
  8. 8. 05 LINE IT UP Logos don’t always need to be embellished or complex illustrations. One of the best tools in a designer’s arsenal is simple shapes and lines. A logo that uses straight or curved lines to create an image against a plain or colored background can be as compelling as one that uses negative space. Lines can be more than just marks on the page they are used to draw the eye to the important elements, according to the experts at Canva Design School. The lines also share an idea, for example, a straight line conveys the idea of order while wavy lines convey movement or excitement. GET YOUR LOGO
  9. 9. 06 RETRO Companies with a lot of history have begun to honor their brand’s story with logo updates that pay homage to their previous looks. There is something to be said for the nostalgic feel to these popular brands. Kodak has introduced a new logo that is a remake of its one from the 70s and 80s. Using the bright colors and iconic K design the company returned to its classic logo design that served it well for over 30 years. The new retro design replaced the basic one they began using in 2006. GET YOUR LOGO
  10. 10. 07 GO ANIMATED When you think of an animated logo, think Google or Pixar. As technology advances and becomes more innovative there are less limitations to logo design. Using one with animation makes the logo fun and can be memorable for a customer. It should also communicate the message of the brand. There are various types of animation for logos including rotation, ones that hide and reveal an element, those that transform or expand as well as ones that swap elements among many others. GET YOUR LOGO
  11. 11. 08 STACK IT Stacked letters is another way to make the logo or brand memorable, by using text customers will be able to recall the name of the company easier. The puzzle-like illustration creates a bond with the consumer. Like shapes and lines they can also be used to direct the eye of the audience. They are best used when there is limited horizontal space. The letters can be stacked vertically or horizontally and an additional graphic can also be used but is not necessary. GET YOUR LOGO
  12. 12. 09 COLOR MIX While a gradient design feature all but disappeared when the flat look became popular it has been making a comeback. This style has often been used to slowly merge one color with another. It gives the design a feeling of depth that a flat look lacks. The trick to using a gradient style for a logo is not to draw attention to the feature but rather be subtle enough that it enhances the look without being too obvious. GET YOUR LOGO
  13. 13. 10 USE REPETITION Using a repeating pattern on all your branding material will help instill in the customers mind your logo and your business. This usually involves repeating a simple shape or pattern over or around the title of your business. Studies show that repetition can convey a sense of unity. The consistent shape and look of the pattern also instills a sense of activity. The sense of unity will in turn invoke a sense of comfortable familiarity in the consumer. GET YOUR LOGO
  14. 14. SUMMARY Whether you own a company selling its own products, a website trying to attract new visitors or a new small business, the importance of starting out with a great logo that conveys your brand, making it memorable and easy to connect with emotionally, cannot be overemphasized. Design contest sites are a popular way to get any type of design. Mostly because they are fast, affordable and provide dozens of options to choose from. We’ve already compared the leading design contest sites so all you have to do is choose the one that’s right for you. GET YOUR LOGO NOT SURE WHERE TO START? GET YOUR LOGO