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Are you a sales star? 10 Hacks to master your Sales Presentation!

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Are you a sales star? 10 Hacks to master your Sales Presentation!

  1. 1.  10 Hacks to Master your Sales Presentation.
  2. 2. Let’s start by trying to understand who a sales star is.
  3. 3. An ideal definition in your mind now might be a person who has the ability to close each and every deal that comes their way.  ABC - Always Be Closing
  4. 4.  Here, we have compiled a list of 10 hacks to help you master your sales presentation.
  5. 5. #1. Make the presentation short and crisp
  6. 6.  Less is the new more. Image credit: Follow.it.com
  7. 7. 18 minutes of mesmerism!! A practical example of such short and crispy presentations can be seen in TED Talks, where the participants get a maximum of 18 mins to present their ideas to the world.
  8. 8. To this day, the presentation by Professor David Christian covering 13.7 billion years of Earth’s history in under 18 mins remains one of the most riveting presentations in the history of Ted Talk.
  9. 9. A sales presentation with a similar impact is sure to leave the audience wanting for more.
  10. 10. Compile your thoughts into one sentence.  #2 .
  11. 11. Ask yourself: What would I need individuals to recall from my presentation?  Think about that query until you can react to it with a one-sentence answer.
  12. 12.  Before you start building the presentation, summarize your thoughts and compile what you want to convey in one sentence. CUT THE Long Story SHORT
  13. 13. Utilize that one sentence to plot the structure for the presentation and to generate the necessary content. Support the content with detailed stats and stories.  CONTENT STORIES STORIES STATISTICS STATISTICS STATISTICS STORIES STORIES STORIES STATISTICS STATISTICS
  14. 14. By concentrating on the central message of the presentation, you can slice through mental barriers and pitch your ideas directly to the heart of the audience.
  15. 15. # 3 . Pick your words Intelligently
  16. 16. Words that one uses in their presentation does make an emotional impact on the decision-making process.
  17. 17. The choice of words we use, tilt the odds of closing  the deal in our favor.
  18. 18. By using power words such as value, imagine, growth, you and because, you can skillfully sway the result of the presentation in your favor. 
  19. 19. These words not only get the audience hooked to your pitch, but they also hypnotize them in a way that makes your product all the more attractive.
  20. 20. #4. wheat 20% rice 20% barley 20% oats 20% grains 20% Use Visuals (Video presentations and Visual Infographics)
  21. 21. The best way to stay ahead of this curve is to be an early adopter of what’s new and exciting. Currently it is the use of Animated video presentations.
  22. 22. Add data backed video infographics to that equation and you will have an Animated video presentation which not only keeps the attendees engaged during the session but also convinces them quickly to make the purchase.
  23. 23. Storytelling! Yes! It really works! # 5 .
  24. 24. “Great marketing starts with great stories. Be unique, Inspire, And Connect.” -Ann Handely
  25. 25. Storytelling appeals to all audience irrespective of age or experience mainly because of its simplicity in conveying an idea to the other person. It helps us connect with the audience better and earn their interest rather than forcing our thoughts on them NEURAL COUPLING A story activates parts in the brain that allows listener to turn the story in their own ideas and experience. MIRRORING Listeners will not only experience the similar brain activity to each other, but also to the speaker DOPAMINE The brain releases dopamine into the system when it experiences an emotionally- charged event, making it remember with greater accuracy. CORTEX ACTIVITY A well told story can engage many additional areas , including the motor cortex, sensory cortex and frontal cortex. HOW STORYTELLING AFFECTS THE BRAIN
  26. 26. #6. Stop presenting and start listening
  27. 27. PRESENTING 30% LISTENING 70%  A person’s capacity to ace business presentations reduces greatly when they fail to really listen to the purchaser. A good rule of thumb to follow here is to present 30% of the time and listen to your audience 70% of the time
  28. 28. “If you make listening and observation your occupation, you will gain much more than you can by talk.”  -Robert Baden Powell
  29. 29. #7. Try to sell the idea! Not the product or service
  30. 30. Be it the release of revolutionary products such as iPod, iPad or the iPhone, Steve Jobs has never failed to Wow his audience.
  31. 31. Remember the first silhouette iPod ads from 2004. That campaign quite literally made the iPod synonymous with the life of all Teens in the US. 
  32. 32. They have not just excelled at making the best products in the market, they have also excelled at making it a part of the lifestyle of every American.
  33. 33. PRESENTATION SITUATION #8. Align the presentation to the situation.
  34. 34. When talking about aligning the presentation to the situation, we mean that the presentation has to be aligned to the point of the sales cycle we are at. LEAD GENERATION QUALIFY LEAD AND DISCOVERY MEETING OPPORTUNITY ANALYSIS SOLUTION DESIGN AND PRESENTATION NEGOTIATION CLOSE
  35. 35. PRESENTATION STAGE A WARE NESS VALI DATI O N P HASE DEMOUSER BASICPLAN USER RETURN CUSTOMER For example: Presenting your ideas to a prospect who wants to subscribe to your product for the first time is very different from presenting your ideas to an existing customer so that they re- subscribe at the end of the year.
  36. 36. #9. Have diverse presentation styles in your arsenal
  37. 37. Generally, the audience in a sales presentation can be split into two different categories-people who like to listen and people who love to discuss and participate during the presentation. .
  38. 38.  So it is important for aspiring sales stars to have at least two of these presentation styles under their sleeves.
  40. 40. Like any fine bottle of wine, a sales star is not made overnight. Experience and wisdom gained over the years play a big role in the making of a sales star. So, it is very important to keep improving your skills based on the feedback received at the end of presentations.
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