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Dear Elon. We need to talk.

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Dear Elon. We need to talk.

  1. 1. Dear Elon, We need to talk.
  2. 2. First of all, let’s be clear. You know what you’re doing. And you’re doing just great. No need to argue on that.
  3. 3. But what I’d really want to talk about is Tesla Motors. Single-handedly responsible for making electric cars sexy, Tesla is disrupting the automotive industry. For real. Only one way up from here. The future is green. Let’s be honest, you knew that, didn’t you?
  4. 4. When looking for a new challenge, it was a no-brainer. I wanted to work for Tesla. The vision to start from scratch, the unprecedented market approach, built around the driver, clean... You got me on hello. Really.
  5. 5. So when construction started for a local Tesla Store nearby, I stepped up. I scanned the job section for openings, and applied. My goal was to get in, prove myself, and work my way up from there. Hey, at least I’m honest ;-)
  6. 6. And guess what ! I got a phone call from the UK office, and an interview was scheduled. I smiled throughout the rest of the day. And the next. And the next. And then some. Yeah baby. Yeah.
  7. 7. But, alas. Another phone call. ` Short message. ...OVERQUALIFIED... Not Amused. Seriously.
  8. 8. But I wasn’t going to let that happen now, was I ? No sir. Not impressed. So I returned the call, had an interesting conversation about qualifications, goals and passion, and guess what... *imagine a drumroll here*
  9. 9. I got an interview at the Tesla Factory in Tilburg... ! A positive outcome too. Yes, I was overqualified, but I was willing to prove myself. Planning ahead: a final chat in the US. looking good, isn’t it?
  10. 10. But, alas. (2) Instead of an invitation to the US HQ, I got a phone call. Again. “Not enough experience in the automotive industry”. you heard me.
  11. 11. So Elon, Here’s what I would like to know. Does it really take “automotive experience” to work at Tesla? Honestly?
  12. 12. Because in my opinion, you’re not selling cars. You’re selling a new way of transportation. In an unprecedented manner, a one-on-one relationship with customers. http://www.teslamotors.com/blog/tesla-approach-distributing-and-servicing-cars
  13. 13. My guess is you’re not looking for the next average ‘used car salesman’. You’re looking for talented, passionate people. People like me, smitten by the Tesla brand. Will you settle for passion?
  14. 14. As I’m a proactive, hands-on kinda guy, I’ve got my passport ready for an upcoming US visit. But, alas. (3). I’m feeling a tad bit ‘dumped’. So Elon, here’s a challenge for you first: find me. That shouldn’t be too hard... And oh, if Jay should need this TeslaMotors account, just let me know... Kind regards, Your next passionate employee.
  15. 15. And hey, you, yeah you. Dear reader... You’ve held on all the way to this very end. I hope that means you’ve had a bit fun reading this. And hopefully you support my cause. Are you working at Tesla? Or do you know someone who does? Or are you an Tesla driver or EV enthousiast ? Then you know what to do next ;-) Sharing is caring !