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How to Deliver Account-Based Insights: ABM Summer Camp Webinar Slides

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Learn how to build complete account and contact profiles, then use this data to empower your marketing and sales teams to make more informed decisions.

This webinar was presented live on June 20, 2018 as part of Terminus' ABM Summer Camp webinar series.

Webinar speakers:
Jamie Walker, Head of Marketing at Synthio
Allie Butters, BrightFunnel Marketing Manager at Terminus
Torrey Dye, Director of ABM at Terminus

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How to Deliver Account-Based Insights: ABM Summer Camp Webinar Slides

  1. 1. How to Deliver Account-Based Insights LIVE WEBINAR: TUESDAY, JUNE 20, 2018 at 2PM EST.
  2. 2. JAMIE WALKER Director of Marketing Synthio @jamiemopa TORREY DYE Director of ABM at Terminus @torreydye ALLIE BUTTERS BrightFunnel Marketing at Terminus @itsme_allieb Camp Counselors #ABMSummerCamp @Terminus @Synthio_
  3. 3. A Few Logistics #ABMSummerCamp @Terminus @Synthio_ • Questions • Webinar Recording & Slides • #ABMSummerCamp
  4. 4. Our #ABM Summer Camp Series #ABMSummerCamp @Terminus @Synthio_ How to Personalize ABM Content How to Put ABM Into Action How to Scale ABM Campaigns How to Deliver Account-Based Insights TODAY!
  5. 5. Agenda #ABMSummerCamp @Terminus @Synthio_ 1. ABM Insights Powered by Data 2. Helping Sales Prioritize with Account-Based Insights 3. Empowering Our Sales Teams
  6. 6. #ABMSummerCamp @Terminus @Synthio_ ABM Insights Powered by Data
  7. 7. #ABMSummerCamp @Terminus @Synthio_ 3 Types of data needed to execute a solid ABM Strategy: ✓ Contact Data ✓ Intent Data ✓ Engagement Data All Good Marketing Starts with Data
  8. 8. “You’re often targeting accounts that have not yet raised their hand or expressed a specific need for your solutions. As such, more emphasis needs to be placed on building initial awareness, interest, and relevancy to inspire them to want to learn more.” Tyler Lessard, VP, Marketing Vidyard
  9. 9. Focus on Your Account Audience ✓ Accounts don’t buy from you - people do ✓ The critical role data plays for engagement ✓ The Health of their Database #ABMSummerCamp @Terminus @Synthio_
  10. 10. ABM + Audience + Roles #ABMSummerCamp @Terminus @Synthio_
  11. 11. Identifying Personas at Target Accounts Persona + Intent ✓ Pinpoint the Right Buyer Persona ✓ Pinpoint the Right Account Persona ✓ Do you know the people involved in your closed-won opportunities?
  12. 12. Match Personas to ABM Target Tiers Viola! Now, add the people to buying groups inside your tier accounts.
  13. 13. Segment for Engagement ✓ Segment your buying groups ✓ Leverage data points for right messaging ✓ Implement your go-to market strategy
  14. 14. #ABMSummerCamp @Terminus @Synthio_ Helping Sales Prioritize with Account-Based Insights
  15. 15. ABM Target Tiers Fit + Intent (+ Engagement) Fit Tier 1 Tier 2 Target Pool #ABMSummerCamp @Terminus @Synthio_
  16. 16. The Formula for Operationalizing ABM Tier 1 Tier 2 Target Pool #ABMSummerCamp @Terminus @Synthio_ Fit + Intent + Engagement is the secret formula for #ABM FIT INTENT ENGAGEMENT
  17. 17. Fit Data #ABMSummerCamp @Terminus @Synthio_ Build audience easily Filter to your ideal customer profile Enhance with AI-assisted model 100 CRM Fit
  18. 18. Intent Data Target Pool #ABMSummerCamp @Terminus @Synthio_ Identify active market Understand intent Activate on surging intent
  19. 19. The Account Engagement Journey #ABMSummerCamp @Terminus @Synthio_
  20. 20. “70% of the buyer’s journey is complete before a buyer even reaches out to sales” - SiriusDecisions #ABMSummerCamp @Terminus @Synthio_
  21. 21. Best practices of measuring engagement #ABMSummerCamp @Terminus @Synthio_ ● Account level engagement ● Known visitors ● Anonymous visitors ● Across the entire buyer's journey
  22. 22. Engagement Data #ABMSummerCamp @Terminus @Synthio_ ● Weekly report shows new and repeat account surges ● Easy-to-set up, low maintenance scoring model ● Smart algorithm identifies surges over normal content consumption ● Sort data by account owner and upload to Salesforce
  23. 23. Engagement Data in Salesforce #ABMSummerCamp @Terminus @Synthio_
  24. 24. Results #ABMSummerCamp @Terminus @Synthio_ ✓ Accounts better qualified, earlier ✓ AEs make great time on good-fit accounts Win rate from 1st demo 125% 35% 20 days faster ACV Sales cycle velocity ✓ More time to personalize ✓ Seamless alignment between sales and marketing
  25. 25. Empowering Our Sales Teams
  26. 26. What challenges do sales reps face? • Inaccurate data Too many accounts, not enough accounts, bad fit accounts… • Prioritization Where to start? How should I spend my day? • Messaging & content What to send? to who? and when? • Misalignment with marketing Goals and metrics in silos
  27. 27. So, how is marketing helping?
  28. 28. Well-fit, enriched accounts 1. Leverage technology 2. Select the right number of accounts per rep 3. Level-set on data accuracy 4. Enable freedom with boundaries 5. Tier accounts 6. Set a cadence for account refreshes
  29. 29. Insights to guide prioritization Anonymous Data • Weekly intent & engagement reports act as to-do lists for SDR’s Known Contact Data • Full-funnel account insights guide persona prioritization
  30. 30. The right mix of content Provide content by funnel stage • Lead Generation -- i.e. The Definitive Guide to Multi-Touch Attribution • Opportunity Acceleration -- i.e. Building a Business Case for Multi-Touch Attribution • Customer Retention -- i.e. Product launch collateral Provide content for each buyer persona • i.e. (selling to marketers) Head of Marketing, Demand Generation Leader, Marketing Ops Leader, Field Marketer, Content Marketer, etc.
  31. 31. The right mix of content Measure & Analyze • Which content performs best overall? • Which content performs best at each stage? • With which persona? • On each digital channel? Communicate! • Define a process for sharing content and messaging with sales • Welcome feedback
  32. 32. One Scorecard for One Revenue Team
  33. 33. #ABMSummerCamp @Terminus @Synthio_
  34. 34. QUESTIONS? #ABMSummerCamp @Terminus @Synthio_