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  2. LEARNING INTERVENTIONS: PROJECT TERE This program was proposed to equip Grade-One to Three pupils with enhanced reading ability. Early Grade Assessment Tool (EGRA) was used to diagnose one’s reading ability and to know the level where the teacher should start. Parental involvement is also a crucial part of the program. The proponent envisioned learning beneficial both to parents and children through collaboration and DESCRIPTION
  3. LEARNING INTERVENTIONS: PROJECT TERE • Categorize pupils according to their reading ability • Provide reading materials suited to one’s reading capability • Promote reading to pupils through parent-teacher partnership • Increase parents’ awareness about reading and how to enrich the ability of their child. OBJECTIVES
  4. LEARNING INTERVENTIONS: PROJECT TERE STRATEGIES AND IMPLEMENTATION 1. The teacher used EGRA Tool to assess pupils’ prior knowledge in reading. 2. The proponent asked for a parents’ meeting and discuss about the proposed program. 3. The teacher taught the parents the sounds of every letter through a video originally created by the teacher. 4. The teacher had given the leveled reading materials to parents. 5. Reading evaluation was and is done every fourth week of the month, 10:30-12:00 noon respectively. Rescheduling was on a case-to-case basis. 6. The next reading materials were given when the previously one are perfectly read. 7. Every perfect reading on each page is equivalent to 1 star which can be exchanged for exciting items. 8. Contextualized reading material was provided to each pupil to monitor their reading ability progression.
  5. PROGRESS REPORT OF PROJECT TERE • With the continuous implementation, pupils are gradually improving their reading skills (6 big components of reading) • Based on the individual progress report of the pupils in reading, 78% of the pupil recipient have already improved their reading skills. Improvement is also manifested in the MPS of first and second quarter.
  6. LEARNING INTERVENTION: PROJECT CBRI (CLASSROOM-BASED READING INTERVENTION) Reading routine is a strong intervention to continuously improve the reading skills of learners. This project stablishes reading routine activities. It includes, early morning flashcard and passage reading, a word a day, a sentence a day, labeling of objects, weekly spelling test, reading stories and other reading materials in classroom reading corner during vacant hours and reading remediation after class in the afternoon. DESCRIPTION
  7. LEARNING INTERVENTION: PROJECT CBRI STRATEGIES AND IMPLEMENTATION 1. Teachers prepared and developed all needed reading materials for the activities e.g., flashcards, charts/power point of passages/ short stories. All new words learned were listed on board and copied to their reading diary notebooks for vocabulary development and spelling improvement. 2. Reading materials developed by the teachers was placed in the reading corner for pupils to read during their vacant time. A board of “Word a Day” and Sentence a Day” is also placed in reading corner or anywhere in the classroom where it is visible to learners. 3. All objects was labeled in the classroom(in Filipino and English)
  8. PROGRESS REPORT OF PROJECT CBRI • The “ Reading Aloud and Individual Reading was done after the EGRA and it currently continues. • The additional activities in the Project CBRI such as A Word a Day , A Sentence a Week, Enhancement and Utilization of Reading Corners and labeling of objects are currently implementing.
  9. GAPS/ ISSUES AND CONCERNS 1. Some of the reading materials provided by the teacher are lost/destroyed. 2. Insufficient fund in developing more reading materials. 3. Poor parental support of other parents in reading intervention. 4. Insufficient time of implementation. 5. Overlapping of activities affects the implementation. 6. Some ancillary services of teachers hinders the full implementation of the reading interventions 7. Differentiated learning styles of learners also needs more differentiated activities (plans vs. implementation)
  10. TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE PLAN TA needs Strategies Intervention Activities Output Time Frame Resources Outcome Start End Human Non- Human Financia l Source of Fund Comput er-Based Assessm ent in Reading Conduct enhancem ent training in CBA Provide ample time for training Hands-on training in CBA CBA using differen t applica tions Febr uary 2023 March 2023 School Head, ICT Coor. Comp uter/ laptop 1000 MOOE Teachers are able to use CBA in reading assessment Developi ng quality reading materials Collaborati on in developin g quality reading materials Round Table Conference in Provision of machines for developing sturdy reading resources and learning materials such as binding machine, laminating machine, Hands-on developm ent of reading materials Quality Readin g Materia ls Febr uary 2023 April 2023 School Head, All Teache rs Bindin g and lamina ting Machi ne, Bond Paper, lamina ting Film, etc. 10,000 School Fund, Donatio n, MOOE Teachers are equipped with quality reading materials for their learners
  11. TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE PLAN TA needs Strategies Intervention Activities Output Time Frame Resources Outcome Start End Human Non- Human Financia l Source of Fund Ways of funding/ sourcing for develop ment of reading materials Intensive advocacy of reading programs Posting in social media, requesting from other stakeholders, earning more partners Making posters, tarpaulins, assemblies , alumni gatherings , stakeholde r convergen ce More partner s in project s Febr uary 2023 June 2023 School Head, SPTA, Teache rs, Stakeh olders Coupo n bond, interne t, laptop, tarpaul ins, poster s 5,000 School Fund, Donatio n, MOOE More partners in developme nt of reading materials Strength ening Teachers’ Collabor ation Round- Table Conferenc e Creation of committees, TWG in different projects and activities Forming Committe es and TWGs in different projects and activities Commi ttees and TWGs in Project s and Activiti Febr uary 2023 March 2023 School Head, All Teache rs 500 School Fund Strengthen ed Collaborati on among teachers
  12. AGREEMENT/ TARGET SETTING TA needs Strategies of

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