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Why should you Develop Mockups? - Techtic Solutions

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Techtic Solutions prepared PPT which includes complete guidance of what is mockup design, purpose of creating mockups, what are not mockups, benefits of mockups, tools for creating mockups, etc.

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Why should you Develop Mockups? - Techtic Solutions

  1. 1. Why should you develop Mockups? - By Techtic Solutions
  2. 2. Table of Contents  What are mockups?  Overview of mockups  What is the purpose of creating mockups  What mockups are not?  Prototyping vs mockups  Wireframing vs mockups  Mockups helps you answer a few questions  Benefits of developing mockups  Tools for creating mockups  Optimizing the process of getting mockups right
  3. 3. What is a mockup in UX design? A mockup is a resemblance of how a product, website, or mobile app will look like when it is developed.
  4. 4. Overview of a mockup design A mockup merge the structure and logic of a wireframe with the images, graphics, and UI elements which is a final product.
  5. 5. What is the purpose of creating mockup design? The purpose of developing mockups is to show, incorporate and experiment all the design elements that would come together to offer user experience.
  6. 6. What mockups are not? When we’re talking about mockups, it’s easy to associate themselves with other similar concepts and get wrong ideas. While they seem similar to prototyping and wireframing, they are poles apart.
  7. 7. Mockups  Mockups are static  Clicking on a module or a button is not possible Prototyping Vs. Mockups Prototype  Prototypes are dynamic  Expect a response while clicking on a module or a button
  8. 8. Mockups  Mockups is an advanced version of wireframing  It showcases how the final product would look & feel Wireframing Vs. Mockups Wireframing  Wireframing is a simple sketch where you design the entire flow of the app  It involves structuring based on user scenarios.
  9. 9. Is the color scheme in line with market requirements and demographics? Mockups of your app answers to these questions- For instance, if it’s an app for kids, appropriate colors would help in captivating their interests. Image credits
  10. 10. Is a user able to navigate seamlessly from one module to the other? Mockups of your app answers to these questions- Image credits
  11. 11. Mockups of your app answers to these questions- Our award-winning healthcare IoT application designed for senior care facilities, alzheimer's and dementia patients. Does the font used appear legible and target audience- specific? An app for the elderly would have bold and bigger fonts than apps in other categories
  12. 12. Benefits of developing mockups 1.Mockups make revisions simpler 2.Mockups convince better 3. Mockups reveals whether your product is ready for market 4.Mockups show how users would perceive your app
  13. 13. Optimize your process of getting mockups right Now that you know what developing mockups is, we’re sure you wouldn’t overlook this crucial phase from now if you have been. If you’ve already implemented, it’s not too late to optimize and make the process of developing mockups more airtight. However, if all this sounds too daunting & you feel you require expert assistance in getting mockups done, you could approach a mobile app design and development company. Get in touch with us now.