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Social Impact Experiences: the Airbnb program for NGOs

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This is the presentation of the webinar (in English) with Holly Bland, Social Impact Experiences* Manager Airbnb EMEA, unfolded on 23 of May 2019, for NGO Online: The Digital School for NGOs Romania.

The recording of the webinar can be viewed here: https://youtu.be/wH4CkSiK-rM - on our Asociația Techsoup YouTube channel.

The webinar covered:
– The history of Airbnb experiences
– Social Impact Experiences around the world
– Tips on designing a successful experience
– How you can leverage the platform for your NGO


*Începând de anul acesta, organizațiile nonprofit pot beneficia prin Programul TechSoup de Airbnb Social Impact Experiences, un nou instrument care te ajută să faci fundraising de impact pentru organizația ta, de data aceasta cu o audiență globală prin Airbnb, cea mare mare platformă de home-sharing din lume.

Înscrie-te în Programul TechSoup pentru a avea acces la peste 170 de produse software sau servicii cloud și traininguri gratuite despre tehnologie - https://www.techsoup.ro/


Școala Digitală pentru ONG-uri este un program anual creat de Asociația Techsoup pentru a ajuta angajați și voluntarii organizațiilor neguvernamentale din România și Republica Moldova să beneficieze de training profesionist și la îndemână online în utilizarea tehnologiei sau soluțiilor online disponibile lor.
Mai multe pe https://ongonline.techsoup.ro/

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Social Impact Experiences: the Airbnb program for NGOs

  1. 1. Airbnb Social Impact Experiences Introduction
  2. 2. Agenda Introductions Airbnb Experiences (5 min) Social Impact Experiences (20 min) Questions (15 min)
  3. 3. Hello from Airbnb! Laura Programme Manager Lives in San Francisco Holly Europe Lead Lives in London Jessemin Team Lead Lives in: San Francisco / Portland
  4. 4. Airbnb Experiences
  5. 5. Polling Question: 1) Have any of you heard of Airbnb experiences before? Yes / No 2) Have any of you taken on an experience before? Yes / No
  6. 6. Experiences are a way for LOCALS to host Airbnb guests on activities that connect them to real local people, and culture.
  7. 7. Airbnb Experience Hosts Small Businesses New Entrepreneurs Community Nonprofits
  8. 8. What about Romania?
  9. 9. Social Impact Experiences
  10. 10. Social Impact Experiences Inspiring activities for 1- 10 guests, hosted by nonprofits that connect Airbnb travelers and locals to their cause. Airbnb waives its 20% fee, meaning 100% goes directly to the organization. www.airbnb.com/social-impact
  11. 11. Benefits Raise Awareness With millions of impressions on a global audience Create lasting impact By connecting people emotionally to causes Generate regular income With an innovative revenue stream $
  12. 12. Hear from a Host “The type of clientele that have come to us via the Airbnb Social Impact Experiences platform are exactly the type of clientele we have always wanted to reach; young, energetic, informed people with a passion for conserving and enjoying wild spaces that matches even our own.” - Jon Monsoon, host of Paddle with the Penguins
  13. 13. Hear from a Host “People only have a finite amount of money in their budget for donating to good causes. There’s much more money in their entertainment budget, and we see social impact experiences as a way to take advantage of that entertainment budget!” - Thomas Muirhead, CEO, hosts of The Feminist Tour of London
  14. 14. Experiment with Themes
  15. 15. Connect with Locals Meet Ole, an author born and raised in Copenhagen. His experience exposes guests to locals with stories to share! Enjoy the wind in your hair while seeing the other side of Copenhagen.
  16. 16. Get “Hands-On” with the Cause Get a close-up tour of Amsterdam while lending a hand collecting plastic from the canals. Benefits Plastic Whale.
  17. 17. Provide Insider Access Meet Jack, the Prison Warder, one of Nelson Mandela’s prison guards for a tour around Robben Island. Benefits the Nelson Mandela Foundation.
  18. 18. Share Your Skills Offer a class or workshop so people can get hands-on. Becca, a volunteer, shares her skills as a professional cookie maker to benefit Family House! Guests learn to decorate cookies while meeting the families from the cause.
  19. 19. Aim for Iconic With a Twist Show off what’s great about your city and your cause! Take in views of the Hollywood sign while hiking Runyon Canyon with a rescue dog. Benefits Free Animal Doctor.
  20. 20. Polling Question: 1) How many dogs were adopted from the Hike to the Hollywood sign experience? a) 5 b) 11 c) 20
  21. 21. What’s your secret?
  22. 22. Ask yourself these questions as you begin thinking about your experience! 1. What kind of activity might connect someone (emotionally) to your cause? What made you fall in love with your cause? 2. What assets do you have? Skills? Venue? Programming? Expertise? Volunteers? 3. When you have guests visiting your city, what do you show them? This is an extension of your brand, and ongoing programming for your organization. Think about how you might you make it exceptional.
  23. 23. Who’s Your Best Host? Staff Member Leadership development opportunity for enthusiastic staff member or intern Community Member A way to employ creative members of the community (artists, actors, beneficiaries of the organization, and other locals) Volunteer / Fundraiser A meaningful way for volunteers to participate in your cause
  24. 24. Let’s get started!
  25. 25. 1. Identify your host. 2. Create a new Airbnb account for your nonprofit. 3. Build your experience! Fill out the fields and indicate that it is a social impact experience, be sure to tick this box. Ready to submit your Experience now? Set aside an hour.
  26. 26. Polling Question: 1) Have any of you thought of an new idea or existing event that could make a great experience during this webinar? Yes / No
  27. 27. Q&A
  28. 28. Thank you! For any additional questions, email holly.bland@airbnb.com
  29. 29. Appendix
  30. 30. Product demo
  31. 31. Product Demo: How to Submit your Experience