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Our Minimum Viable Product (MVP) - Who says you can't fix ugly?


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Our Minimum Viable Product (MVP) - Who says you can't fix ugly?

  1. 1. Our MVP - Who says you can't fix ugly? Danny Boice Co-Founder / Product & Tech danny@speek.com @DannyBoice | @SpeekApp
  2. 2. The Big Picture ** Yes, this was blatantly stolen from Ash Maurya & "Running Lean" - Be cool
  3. 3. First World Problem/s 1. Beers We were drinking on a Tuesday. Who does that? 2. NYC We were travelling on "business" for our boring corporate gig. 3. And somewhat off topic.....The experience of dialing into a conference call sucks and everyone hates it.
  4. 4. Solution Hypothesis People would rather join conference calls by going to a link - like www.speek.com/danny - than by dialing a 10 digit phone number, then a conference id and/or a PIN.
  5. 5. Validating Assumptions We did over 30 customer interviews before we designed a single pixel or wrote a single line of code. ** Yup, this too was shamelessly stolen from Ash Maurya & "Running Lean" - Sue me
  6. 6. Our Butt Ugly MVP • Designed it using Balsamiq the first day of SXSW (While drinking that night too) • Developed it and pushed to AWS before we left SXSW (Even more drinking) • Hid our ugly baby behind a free LaunchRock landing page and let people in manually • Interviewed every single one of these early users(Hoped they weren't drinking) • Wanna See it?
  7. 7. Wanna See It? ** This was definitely NOT stolen - trust me
  8. 8. Wanna See It? ** This was definitely NOT stolen - trust me
  9. 9. Fast Forward To Today • Seed funding - lead by 500 Startups • 2,000+ active users growing at 250 per week • 15% activation rate • $0 marketing spend to date • Lots of UserTesting.com user tests • Achieving product / market fit - then we scale • Wanna see it?
  10. 10. And What Does The Future Have In Store For Us?
  11. 11. Holler At Me My Twitter: @DannyBoice Speek's: @SpeekApp

Notas do Editor

  • We started a few months ago and haven't raised much money. but we have been able to move pretty quickly from idea to product / market fit. here's what we did.
  • let's take a step back and look at the startup lifecycle as a whole we started with a problem we wanted to solve and some potential solutions for how to solve it. we quickly got to a minimum viable product and then iterated and tested all the way towards the end of product / market fit
  • Back in February we were all working on other things. a few of us found ourselves in New York for various reasons and ended up getting together over beers. We ended up spending most of the night brainstorming on ways to fix conference calling.
  • After our first set of customer interviews and a survey monkey survey we landed on a potential solution that we wanted to validate further.
  • we set out to do a bunch of customer interviews to further validate our assumption. we did all of this before designing or coding anything.
  • come mid-march we felt like we had validated our solution enough to build something. that's when we decided to take a crack at our MVP. we had already done some paper prototyping as part of our customer interviews. check out our ugly mvp
  • our first home page - we were starting to test our unique value prop and also conversion mechanisms
  • our join call screen we started with just the critical screens to get people using speek
  • after about 6 weeks of iterating on our MVP here is where we are today i put us in a late beta stage right now and rapidly approaching scale mode we've got a couple thousand users and we haven't spent anything on marketing Speek yet UserTesting.com was critical to our weekly iterations. I did at least 1 user test per week and used the findings to prioritize our backlog.
  • we used usertesting.com a TON to get from MVP to open beta if you aren't familiar with this tool you should definitely get familiar with it. we did at least one set of user tests each week w/ 3-5 users each time. this is how we prioritized our backlog for the week and identified the biggest product problems to fix.
  • our new home page. we continue to run A/B tests but the foundation and structure remains the same. we're going to try out some social validation as well as a video next.
  • when user testing our MVP we kept bumping up against the problem of people not inherently getting the speek link concept. the concept of dialing into a phone number and pin was just so ingrained in people it took a lot of experiments, tests and iterations to pass user tests w/ confidence. this screen helped. we got a lot of help from 500 Startups Mentors here.
  • this was another screen that helped hammer home the speek link concept. we found that if we could get people to schedule their first conference call using speek, and if we helped them do it with detailed instructions and messaging, they became active at a higher rate.
  • Now we are iterating on the user's experience during the call and this is where things start to really get fun and innovative. we're working on new features like note taking, co-browsing and file sharing during the call. these are the things we hear about from users over and over again during our MVP customer interviews and user testing. we don't intend to ever stop doing customer interviews and user testing. these are the primary way, in addition to metrics and analytics, that we prioritize our backlog.
  • nothing more to say here. charlie sheen - never gets old
  • I'd love to hear from you - don't hesitate to reach out with questions, comments or feedback on Speek!