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What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

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What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

  2. 2. Bauer media group publishes magazines such as Q magazine, MOJO and Kerrang, these all have similar characteristics as my music magazines. This could mean that it might be interested in publishing my magazine. BAUER
  3. 3. These music magazines that Bauer publish all are very well known as they release all the new gossip and music trends within the world of music. They have core values which are:  We will always driven by our customers and their changing needs.  We will respect and trust one another.  We will grow and win only by working together.  Excellence is at the heart of everything we do.  We will always seek out new ideas and develop existing products. This is a good publishing company because it shows that they want to be given more interesting ideas and expand on them to make themselves better. This shows that they are determined and able to listen to their audience and get ideas from their point of view. They could do this in many ways, through surveys. I did a survey to see what attracts my target audience to most to read my magazine.
  4. 4. The institution that I would use to publish my magazine would be the Bauer Publish. This is because they are one of the well known media institutions within the UK, there are many well known magazines that are published by them and the magazines have the same target audience that would read them. Another reason why I chose Bauer Publish to distribute and publish my Music Magazine is because I feel as if they would help me to appeal and attract my target audience. They publish Q magazine which is one of the major music that is very well known to everyone and the fact that they do publish a very successful magazine shows that they are a good publisher to use. My music magazine is very similar to Q magazine so this also allows me to match the target audiences together and see that the publishers look at younger audiences. INSTITUTION:
  5. 5. Bauer is a big publisher for all different types of media, especially magazines. They publish lots of magazines that are all different, they have three main music magazines that they regularly publish which are Q magazine, MOJO and Kerrang. These magazines all share the same characteristics as well as my own music magazine although they are different. Bauer would be a good publisher to publish my magazine as it fits in with the other magazines that they publish, they all have to same target audience and genre of music that the feature within the magazine. The company also would be good for my magazine as they are able to give out the magazines to very good and high up distributers as they are known to be good publishers which then would mean that my magazine would reach out and attract more of my target audience that are for my magazine. This would be because my magazine could be sold at music shops, supermarkets and newsagents which would be the shops that my target audience would go in most. BAUER
  6. 6. The unique selling point of my magazine would be the magazines features such as the interviews that have been included. This is because it would be an exclusive interview with an artist that I have chosen that is well known and able to attract my target audience so more people would want to read and know more about the artist. Another thing would the competitions, this would make people want to buy the magazine as they would see they would have a chance to win something and they might like the prize that is being given out. This would be good because the prizes would be for my target audience and what they would be interested in so it will attract more of them. SELLING POINT OF MY MAGAZINE: