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Hello travel affiliate feedbacks

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Hello travel affiliate feedbacks

  1. 1. Affiliate feedbacks
  2. 2. I would want the dashboard to be more transparent explaining why certain leads aretagged junk. In case of reversals/fake, you should explicitly specify the reason. For eg.wrong phone number, email address. The leads that hellotravel does not use or remainunsold should be sent back to the affiliate so that he can use it for other means. thismonth less than 40% of our leads got sold resulting in wastage of 60% of generatedleads and revenue. You gotta make your marketing department more aggressive or as Isaid return the unsold leads to us as they expire. Remember me option in login formdoes not keep me logged in as it is supposed to. (Mayur Sabharwal ) I am happy with your services. ( Rohit Keshriya )
  3. 3. Good Monetization of my website . ( Abhijith )Good program for small and medium level web and portal based company to earn,buy selling the trade leads through affiliation ( Ravinder Verma )Its good but cost per lead is too low. ( Adarsh)
  4. 4. Its one of the best travel affiliate program to make money online with a travelwebsite . ( Merlin Sheeba )Pretty good performance, could improve on reducing un-sold Leads. (Shiva Napoleon )Hellotravel.com is best affiliate program for tour and travel websites.Hellotravel team provides best marketing tools and tips to generate leads. ( Mohd. Sajid )
  5. 5. You are improving this day by day.( Munish Aggarwal )Good service with prompt reply!( Dr. B. Chatterji )The interface is good and user friendly. Payments are on time and response fromteam side is always good.(PL Sharma )
  6. 6. More kinds of enquiry forms and different sizes.( Susana Zubiria )I rely on Hello Travel for all my Indian and Fer Eastern Travel sites. The interface is userfriendly, the content excellent, payment is prompt and the customer service is secondto none. Many thanks.( Roger Price )I like Your Affiliate Programme.( Jyoti Raval )
  7. 7. Now it is running smoothly & effectively. But from november onwards many of ourpages dropped from google. So we are not getting leads as we expected.( Joju Paul )Hi we are satisfied your service .(G.karthikeyan )
  8. 8. Hellotravel.com has provided us an online interface where we can see all the leadsgenarated and sold in real time. So That is plus point of Hello Travel. And Also I like itsPayment Method and Hello Travel is Best For Small Publisher.( Pankajkumar Dabhi )I would love to visit HelloTravel website just for best services they are offering with neatand clean guidance instructions on website.( Mohinder Verma )
  9. 9. The only feedback that I have is that the form provided by you is not stable one. I keepon getting issues with the form like sometimes it does not change when I domodifications etc.(Aishwarya Nayak )
  10. 10. Hello Travel has provided me a great opportunity to monetize my website traffic. This isby far the best affiliate network I have come across. The reason why I say this isbecause the leads are sold quickly, the cost per lead is fairly decent and the payment isalways on time.(Ranjeet Pandey ) Though I have your form in many of my pages of the website I feel disappointed not having actual conversions. I dont know what can be done for this. ( Lakshmi Menon )
  11. 11. It would be efficient, trustful and important to give more specific statistics onthe reservations made through the affiliate programWe don’t really know what page, or what marketing action makes sales.We neither know how many leads are really sold through by the program.The incomings just appears in the panel but how can I really know if I sold10 leads instead 30 ? Where is the count?( Nelson ) The online payment method good. ( Anil AP )
  12. 12. I dont know why I am not feeling fairness with your Affiliate Program. Some leadsare not being given credit.(Pankaj ) Your Program is good, Please Provide direct booking system also. ( Srinivasarao Maddukuri ) It is good. Best paying Affiliate program I have seen so far . ( Roy MM )
  13. 13. One of the best things that I found is the client servicing from HelloTravel. Regularupdates from the team and also money is sent on time... Good work.(Manjari Singh )What I want most is a simple easy to use text affiliate link that lets me send peopledirect to: 1. the homepage 2. any other specific page on your site. It would also begood if your program was 2 tier so I can refer other affiliates to you and earn a %.(Graeme Eastman )
  14. 14. I have the great experience with Hellotravel. This is best Indian affiliate program fortravel/hotel websites I have seen. I have one feedback, the program should set onestandard price for the every genuine enquiry. So that in can if travel agent/tour operatornot interested to buy the enquiry, affiliate gets some commission for his/her efforts. Igot 40 valid leads till now in the month of march and only 24 sold. Out of 16 leads, oneis foreign enquiry from USA and its not sold. So if someone gets default amount for avalid enquiry, it will motivate affiliate to work hard to increase more and moreenquiries. And second feedback is related to payment details option. The paymentoption is not clear. I saw Google adsense account has very detailed information aboutpayment month wise. I would appreciate your efforts.( Hem Narayan )
  15. 15. Its simple to incorporate in the web site.(Mukul ) Hello, This is my personal experience with Hellotravel.com that it gives us freedom to see everything in report how you can get more and more visitors and inquires from which peoples are waiting to go for tours. Really Hellotravel.com is best..Thanks. (Mistry Kaushal )
  16. 16. Overall Good, but under the manage website column, there should be option todelete website.( S Prakash )Overall good. But there should be more page statistics available like visits,impressions, clicks and conversions. Only giving lead count is not enough.( Ranju Chopra ) Your payment time should be less, it should done upto 10th of each month not 20th or 24th of every month. ( Sunil Kumar )
  17. 17. I am happy with tools and service. However the revenue aspect is not that exciting.(Mathew )Your Payout is good. However, there should be a fixed pay for every lead generated.( Arpit Dawda Jain )Feel like many of leads are not being given credit, we are looking for somethingdifferent where users can just book travel instead of them giving info & leadcontacting them.( Nilesh )
  18. 18. I think your team is very small. so they cant do our requests on time. they are gettingabout one month to do even small changes on sites.( Udaya Arunakantha )
  19. 19. Want to be a Part of Hello TravelAffiliate Network ?Please contact affiliates@hellotravel.com or log intohttp://affiliates.hellotravel.com.