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Sour Dictionary

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For In Media Res "Platform Policies".

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Sour Dictionary

  2. 2. Playful Definition-format "A drink which I feel like I have to drink every day even though I know it is something like acidic, blackish and even cooled and watered-down molasses; especially a drink of adorability in its glass form. (bkz: lipton ice tea lemon)"
  3. 3. Suser SD plays an essential role in Turkish online culture for susers (slang derived from sozluk, or dictionary, plus “user”). It was founded in 1999 in Turkey. SD immediately turned into a place where people engaged in geeking together on technology, coding, games, movies, music, and politics.
  4. 4. Alternative Media: Playful collaboration From the interviews: “For example, let's say it is about Byzantine history. When you post something about it, somebody else will find something to add to there; some other suser would share a link, another suser who absolutely knew nothing about it would google it and add humbly, saying that there is something like this too. Because this is how you used to contribute.” “There is a continuous effort to improve yourself if you are a suser, you always think how you could enunciate this better…you start to own what you say and pursue further research to educate others. And, if you are convinced otherwise through discussions, you go back and edit your original post to reflect that.”
  5. 5. Alternative Media: Earlier forms of discussion The below entries are susers defining sociology: Entry 1: In other words, it is the engineering of society. But, people mostly do not appreciate it enough. This is the discipline which most of the intelligence guys and human resources people love. Entry 2: It is a discipline which is absolutely not something like social engineering. It does not attempt to change people; it observes them. Entry 3: This is one of the most exciting disciplines. It tries to understand what is going on in society by analyzing everyday lives. It is obviously not social engineering, but it is surely a terrain where those people take their data.
  6. 6. Early “Playful” Trolling Title: “how anti-Islamists groups beat praying Muslims and killed them.” Trolling logic: meant to trap people (readers) into their ad hominem logic so that they would see the internalized oppression, racism, sexism, and othering practices. The key for expert susers to understand that this was a trolling practice was that 1) there was no source 2) whenever there was a source it was a doctored news website claiming breaking news.
  7. 7. Initial User Agreement “Nothing written on this website is correct. It might be legally problematic if you try to be a suser under 18 years old (what the hell are you doing here if you are younger, drop the internet and go out, travel and have someone travel with you). By posting here, susers are assumed to transfer copyrights to Michael Jackson. Those who copy, paste and send what’s been written here without citation, to their friends with topics such as “fw: alternative Turkish astronaut and Houston dialogues! Veryyy funnyyy” are shabby, roundabout, hincal and uluc*. Suser identities are protected except when needed by law. It is just maybe admins can browse them a little with some “important” reasons until they could eventually find out that suser is "unfortunately a man." If someone knocks on our door some day and asks "who are these susers," we can just say "just a sec, in the shower now!" and escape from the kitchen window.” *Hincal Uluc is a Turkish journalist who was disliked by some of the SD population.
  8. 8. Selected Sentences from the New User Agreement (circa 2010, updated 2016) Sour Dictionary belongs to Sour Technology and Information Company (Eksi Teknoloji) and is a service provider for the content of the registered users. Following are the rules and other laws that are going to be applied when you are registered to the Sour Dictionary. Your content must obey the law and the Sour Dictionary rules. As there is no moderation to detect content prior to their publication, you are responsible for what you create, please be sure to follow the law when you are posting. When your post is published, your legal responsibilities begin; even if your post is deleted by you or after a complaint, etc. you will still be responsible for it. Your information could be shared with legal authorities when required by the law. According to the current bylaws, the registered user's IPs are recorded for 12-months. This user agreement can be changed without an announcement. We advise you to check the agreement text frequently as the publication of the updates will mean the changes are approved by the users. Under any disagreement that may arise through relational aspects of this contract, Sour Dictionary records (e-mail, internet traffic information, logs, etc.) can be official evidence under the Turkish law, and you agree that this article of the contract can also be processed as a contract of evidence.
  9. 9. Professionalization of Content Moderation On August 8, 2012, a suser posted an entry* that criticized the way Webrazzi works. Webrazzi is a professionalized technology blog, and the current owner of the SD (Basak Burut) has shares in it. The SD law team took down the entry with the following reason: "this post is taken down as it may jeopardize the company's commercial status." According to some susers, this was the application of a rumor that had been on SD's agenda for a very long time. All the moderators issued a joint statement on September 1, 2012 about their resignation following the mid-August Webrazzi incident on SD. In their joint statement, they stated: “SD is not a place that is worth our labor anymore for us 12 people who served/have been serving as moderators. The current dynamics within SD does not make us feel like moderating anymore. Current instantaneous flow on SD makes it more similar to Twitter/a random forum/wall posts on Facebook, and it is very far away from to be moderated by its current shape. Maybe this is what it is supposed to be, but it is not something that we want to be a part of as mods or admins.” *September 1st, 2012, https://eksisozluk.com/entry/30029153.
  10. 10. Contemporary SD: Promotion Title: 29 december 2017 netflix Turkey scandal (350) TV Show Black Mirror promotion account on SD created by Netflix and SD together. The account called @iamwaldo sent a message to susers telling "we know what you did. You should watch and see what we are capable of” which triggered anxiety among the susers. One suser posted that: It is told that people receive messages from @imwaldo saying “we know what you did. you should watch and see what we are capable of". if this is correct, it is a very big scandal. who do you think you are to scare people in the middle of the night just to promote a half-ass tv show? what kind of promotion is this? edit: the title is now banned on the left frame. edit 2: the title is now back on, but so many susers are kicked off and downgraded to rookie status. i guess abusing power is just routine in this country. 135 favs, 29.12.2017 02:03 ~ 19:42 cathars
  11. 11. Contemporary Mainstream SD: Disruption of information flows Title: the reasons why there are no women poets (170) Women ease their pains by making love with other men; men write poems. so, the women, those you wrote the poems for, will forget you in some other men's arms. wtf, if a woman comes back with a poem, umit yasar oguzcan’s ayten would return in the first place […] so, the bottom line is, women make love instead of trying to be a poet and fail, women are more rational than men. (213 favs, 18.10.2017 19:22 ~ 19.10.2017 01:10 biyolojik saat tamircisi) On the top of my head now: gülten akın, füruğ ferruhzad, didem madak, nilgün marmara, yaşar nezihe, birhan keskin, and we can just extend the list forever. i do apologize for those i missed here. i think this is a very meaningless conversation. another similar conversation is that only men fall in love. these are all popular culture. (75 favs, 18.10.2017 19:33 hejiro)
  12. 12. Analysis This practice leaves disconnected entries under a title that do not add anything to the topic in question. When rechecked on February 2, 2019, one can see that the first entry and the several other entries that support the biased claim disappeared, but the title and the rest of the entries stayed. This issue suggests that, without the definition format, when an entry is deleted there are only some traces of information left under the titles without any context (as the other susers replied to the first entry as if they are in a forum). This blurred conversation also makes the environment susceptible to misinformation, as it produces confusion.