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Who Is Talon/LPE?

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Talon/LPE is a full service environmental and general contracting firm.

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Who Is Talon/LPE?

  1. 1. Who We Are.
  2. 2. ENVIRONMENTAL CONSULTING Talon/LPE has experience at over 1,500 groundwater contaminated sites. Talon/LPE has installed over 10,000 groundwater monitoring wells and performed the collection of over 450,000 groundwater and soil samples. All of these projects were completed in a safe and cost-effective manner. Over 90 percent of any environmental project can be completed in house. This gives our clients best in class price and safety, and an unparalleled advantage.
  3. 3. • Subsurface Investigations • UST Removal Oversight, Sampling, and Reporting • Risk Based Assessments • Soil and Groundwater Remediation • Groundwater Monitoring • Waste Management and Minimization • Waste Permitting • Wastewater Permitting • Air Permitting • Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material Surveys- NORM • National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA ) Investigations • Tank Integrity Testing / Confined Space Entry • Facility Compliance Audits • Industrial Waste Characterization • Brownfield Investigations • Wetlands Delineation • Phase I, II, and III Site Assessments • Asbestos Surveys and Air Monitoring • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP) • Spill Prevention Countermeasure & Control Plans (SPCC) SERVICES Environmental Consulting
  4. 4. • Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) • Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) • Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC) • Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (ODEQ) • New Mexico Environment Department (NMED) • New Mexico Oil Conservation Division (NMOCD) • Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) • Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) • Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE) REGULATORY EXPERIENCE Environmental Consulting
  5. 5. AtTalon/LPE,ourEngineeringgroupisoneofourgreateststrengths. Talon/LPEisregistered asanEngineeringFirminTexas,OklahomaandLouisiana. Wehave specializedexperience in designing remediation systems for a wide range of soil and groundwater contaminants including: crude oil, gas condensate, refined petroleum products, and metals. Each remediation system design is tailored to meet the specific requirements and conditions of the individual site. Talon/LPE has experience utilizing various remediation methods such as dual-phase extraction, soil-vapor extraction, air-sparging, bioremediation, bioventing, landfarming, in-situ chemical oxidation (ISCO), surfactant flushing, subsurface injections and soil shredding. With the assistance of our construction group, we can provide all construction related services necessary to implement the remediation design. ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING
  6. 6. Environmental Engineering • Feasibility Tests • Remediation System Design • Groundwater Modeling • Fate and Transport Modeling • System Installation • System Operation & Maintenance • Remediation Performance Audits • Mobile Remediation (MDPE) • Public Water Supply Wells • Spill Prevention, Control & Countermeasures (SPCC) • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) • Civil Engineering • Drafting SERVICES Registered Professional Engineers in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, New Mexico, Kansas, Colorado and Nevada.
  7. 7. Talon/LPE has over 25 years of combined experience in conducting MDPE services and has performed over 750 MDPE events in the past 5 years. The successful in-situ remedial strategy of hydrocarbon contaminated sites has spurred the utilization and growth of MDPE. Talon/LPE remains at the forefront of providing its clients with this minimally invasive remediation technology. Talon/LPEutilizescurrenttechnologyandutilizesbothindustrystandardandsitespecificremedial strategies to meet individual client site specific needs. CurrentEquipmentIncludes:VAC25.VAC100-1,VAC100-2,andMobileWaterTreatmentTrailer. MOBILE DUAL PHASE EXTRACTION
  8. 8. Talon/LPE provides environmental drilling for government, private and industrial clients. Talon/ LPE has over 75 years of combined drilling experience in a vast array of drilling conditions. Talon/LPE is licensed in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Kansas and Colorado. Talon/LPE takes safety seriously and believes it is the most important aspect of any project. Our safety precautions include: injury and loss time prevention, OSHA 40 hour training and annual continuing education. We are conscious of the latest rules and guidelines and operate a Behavior Based Safety Program. ENVIRONMENTAL DRILLING
  9. 9. Environmental Drilling SERVICES Well Installations Sampling Services Well Services METHODS Rotary Drilling Direct Push Hollow Stem Auger
  10. 10. Talon/LPEofferson-sitesoilshreddingservicesforthetreatmentofsoilsimpactedbyhydrocarbons and other compounds. Impacted soils are first excavated and stockpiled at the subject site either by Talon/LPE or the client’s own excavation crew. Talon/LPE personnel assess the impacted soil to determine contaminant concentrations and which, if any, amendments are necessary for the remediation process. A processing area is identified with the client based on the amount of soil to be processed, the type of equipment required and any site limitations or landowner considerations. Impacted soils are fed through the shredder with a loader or backhoe. As treated material exits the equipment, it forms 8’ - 12’ tall stockpiles. The shredder is pulled along the processing area by a truck to create loosely formed elongate piles. Whenever space allows, Talon/LPE prefers to leave these piles undisturbed while the remediation compounds continue to react with the contaminants. The loosely piled material allows for better volatilization and off-gassing during the remediation process. SOIL SHREDDING
  11. 11. Duringtheshreddingprocess,Talon/LPEpersonnelwillmonitortheeffectivenessofthetreatment by analyzing the processed material with various field testing methods. Additionally, samples will becollectedforlaboratoryanalysistoensurethatremediationgoalsand/orregulatoryremediation standards are achieved. Once laboratory analysis verifies that contaminants have been reduced to below regulatory action levels, the material can be returned to the excavation and used as backfill. Depending on the scope and scale of your project, remediation of your impacted soils can be completed within a matter of days. Soil Shredding
  12. 12. BENEFITS & LIMITATIONS Soil Shredding While soil shredding is an excellent tool in our remediation toolbox, it is not the only tool and can be less effective in specific conditions. Soil type and soil chemistry need to be considered when selecting any remediation strategy. Also, high moisture content in certain soil types may reduce the effectiveness of the shredding process. There are significant benefits to soil shredding versus traditional dig and haul or in-situ treatment of impacted soils, as soil shredding eliminates the following: • The expense of transporting soil to an offsite disposal facility; • The expense of the disposal facility; • The liability of transporting and disposing of contaminated material; • The expense of importing fill material; • Landowner concerns of importing invasive plant species with fill material; • The need for long-term monitoring associated with in-situ treatment methods.
  13. 13. OurConstructionDivisionoffersawiderangeofservicestosupportallaspectsoftheenvironmental industry. A clear understanding of the environmental industry and the governing regulations is the key component that sets Talon/LPE’s Construction Division apart from other contractors. Our construction foremen and crews have extensive experience performing construction services at environmentally impacted sites across the southwestern United States. OIL FIELD CONSTRUCTION
  14. 14. Oil Field Construction SERVICES • Excavation & Earth Moving • Waste Transportation • Crude Oil Removal • Mercury Remediation & Disposal • Oil Field Construction & Roustabout Services • Pit Closures • Product Removal & Remediation • Road Construction & Maintenance • Chloride Soil Remediation • Tank Battery Dismantlement & Remediation • Waste Management & Minimization • Pad Site Construction • Site Reclamation • Regulatory Compliance
  15. 15. AIR PERMITTING •New Source Review (NSR) Permits & Permits By Rule (PBR) •Title V Permits •Maintenance, Start-Up & Shutdown (MSS) Authorization •Deviation Reporting •Emissions Inventories •Greenhouse Gas (GHG)
  16. 16. AIR QUALITY Talon/LPE has completed numerous Air Quality assessments and asbestos air monitoring projects. From dust sampling at medical facilities to OSHA personnel monitoring during asbestosabatementprojects,Talon/LPEisyoursourceforAirQualityprofessionalservices.
  17. 17. Air Quality • Consultant Agency License • Individual Consultant License • Inspector License • Abatement Supervisor License • Air Monitor Technician License • Management Planner Agency License • Individual Management Planner License • Project Manager License • Laboratory License LICENSES TEXAS DEPARTMENT OF STATE HEALTH SERVICES
  18. 18. Talon/LPE’s vast experience and knowledge in emergency response allows us to provide numerous specialties for unexpected material releases. With our attention to detail, we are able to establish the appropriate mitigation to serve in the project planning for our clients emergency needs. Talon/LPE’s emergency response teams have successfully controlled a spectrum of incidents through the highest of professional standards and cost effective solutions. Talon/LPE team members are extensively trained and widely experienced personnel. Each of Talon’s response locations understand complex regulatory codes and policies, and meeting their criteria is fundamental when responding to an environmental emergency. SPILL RESPONSE
  19. 19. Spill Response • Post Incident Remediation • Waste Management and Disposal Services • Rail/Highway Incidents • Chemical Response • Oil Spill Response • Emergency Response Project Management • Chemical Transfer • Commercial Transport Incident Response • Vacuum Truck Services • Site Restoration • Regulatory Compliance and Reporting SERVICES
  20. 20. GENERAL CONTRACTING Our General Contracting services include: process planning, estimates and budgets, existing field condition surveys, value engineering, constructibility input & reviews, cost control, design management & design build and scheduling.
  21. 21. Client relations is a top priority at Talon/LPE. Our company believes that the key to a successful relationship is to offer our clients unparalleled customer service and performance. Our project managers strive to maintain a top level of customer satisfaction through constant contact with our clients. Talon/LPE realizes that our clients have contact not only with projects managers, but also our corporate officers and administrative staff. Because of this, Talon/LPE maintains the highest degree of professionalism at all levels of our company. Talon/LPE also maintains the latest equipment and software to ensure the most timely and precise communication with our clients. Talon/LPE utilizes Microsoft Project, Microsoft Access, Act and Microsoft Live Meeting, as well as the most advanced communication systems available to achieve this goal. CLIENT RELATIONS General Contracting
  22. 22. Talon/LPE understands that planning and execution go hand-in-hand for effective project management and cost control. For every Talon/LPE project, planning is the key to providing costeffective results and providing accountability to our clients. Every project has clearly defined goals and objectives along with internal milestones for charting project performance. Proper execution of the work plan is necessary to assure project quality and completion within budget. Talon/LPE ensures proper execution by providing experienced project managers and team leaders, allocation of resources, and monitoring the project goals and objectives. Talon/LPE has experienced personnel and project-based software packages to assure that projects are properly controlled and deviations are detected and immediately corrected. PROJECT MANAGEMENT APPROACH General Contracting
  23. 23. Talon/LPE’s Environmental Safety & Health training program prepares your employees to recognize and resolve safety, health and environmental issues in the workplace. We concentrate on practical, easy to understand hands-on training using up-to-date and relevant course materials. SAFETY TRAINING
  24. 24. Safety Training • Regulations Overview: OSHA, EPA, DOT • 40-hour Hazardous Waste Operations & Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) • 24-hour Technician Level Emergency Spill Response • Annual 8-Hour Refresher Training • Confined Space Entry & Rescue • Arc Flash and Electrical • NORM Surveyor Awareness • DOT HazMat Employee Training as per 49 CFR 172.700-704 • Excavation Safety - Competent Person • Hydrogen Sulfide training under OSHA, TAC, API & ASSE • SafeLandUSA - Basic Orientation • SafeLandUSA - Core Compliance • SafeLandUSA - Core Compliance Refresher • SafeGulfUSA • SafeLandUSA - Pipeline Safety • Fire Extinguisher & Fire Prevention • DOT HazMat Employee - 29CFR172.700-704 • American Red Cross 1st Aid/CPR/AED TRAINING TOPICS
  25. 25. Amarillo, Texas 806.467.0607 Artesia, New Mexico 575.746.8768 Fort Collins, Colorado 970.818.5330 Midland, Texas 432.522.2133 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 405.486.7030 Woodward, Oklahoma 580.377.1194 San Antonio, Texas 210.265.8025 Toll Free 866.742.0742 www.talonlpe.com