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Social Stream Draft v1 Duy Doan

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Social Stream Draft v1 Duy Doan

  1. 1. Social Stream Core of a Social Network
  2. 2. Every SNS has a stream • Endlessly flow of information • Is contributed by social graph – kept alive by social graph – and killed by social graph. • Mostly in time order. • “A stream” allow members to - Broadcast themselves, what they think, do and want to talk. - Update information from friends. - Connect and react to friends - Find old and new friends. -> A stream is the core of what so-called a Social Network service.
  3. 3. Key features of a Stream • A stream is where people ‘broadcast’ -> so it must has a post feature. • A stream is where people ‘talk’ -> so it must has a comment feature. • A stream is where people ‘share’ -> so it must has a share feature. • A stream is where people ‘find’ friends -> so it must has a suggestion feature. • And, A stream is where people ‘are’ on Social network -> so it must has a privacy feature.
  4. 4. It all started with a ‘Post’.. • A post is what You want to Share with Others in a Social Network. • A post may be - a blast – ‘what’s on your mind?’ - a link – ‘what’s happening?’ - a video/picture – ‘watch with me!’ - a blog – ‘what is your opinion?’ - or trivial stuffs such as “TanNg is in a relationship with Vuong Vu Thang” or “Duy Doan is in a killing spree on Linkhay. Join him!” (application features)
  5. 5. WHAT A POST ‘MAY BE’ IS WHAT A STREAM ‘MUST SUPPORT’ (so, this is the first and hardest headache of a Product Manager when designing a stream)
  6. 6. Comment, Comment, Comment • What makes us stick with a social network? - Phong Tran commented on your link. - TanNg wrote something on your wall - Minh also commented on Vuong Vu Thang’s photo …. • Comments are Conversations and Communications. • But, Comments are also Complicated - Does it need a font format or just plain text? - If yes, how far will we (the site makers) support? Only Bold, Italic, Underlined or there must be also “quote” and “attach link/photos” or even “reply with a photo”? - After a Comment, there must be a Reply. How do we design it? 1, 2 or 3 levels, how many are enough? - A comment goes with an Identity. An Identity goes with a nick, an avatar, and many little fking things. Putting all of them fit in a tiny place to please both the boss and users is a pain in the ass of every Product Manager. • Comments are a Stream itself.
  8. 8. I share, so I exist • The Ultimate power of Social Media and Social Network is Sharing Feature, which now we call “Viral”. • The information in Social network is shared in geometric series, not arithmetic series like other media tools or e-newspaper. • The convenience creates trouble to PM and Dev -