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Colonel Sanders

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  1. 1. Colonel Sanders • Harland David Sanders • Founder of the famous fast-food chain / Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC).
  2. 2. Basic Personal Data • Born on September 9, 1890, in Henryville, Indiana • At the age of six, his father has dead, so that he became responsible for feeding and taking care of his younger brother and sister. • Sanders' mother obtained work in a tomato cannery; and the young Sanders was required to look after and cook for his siblings. • Sanders had worked in different jobs: farmer, streetcar conductor, railroad fireman and insurance salesman.
  3. 3. Starting up to create his Innovation area • In spite of his difficult conditions, he completed his study in Law (by correspondence) and practiced his specialization as a lawyer with a company. • At the age of 40, Shell Oil Company offered Sanders a service station in Corbin, Kentucky rent free, in return for paying them a percentage of sales. • He bought an own station and began to improve his income. • Sander’s friends has visited him and showed that there is not a good restaurant in Kentucky and that opinion was as a spark for starting his restaurant project.
  4. 4. specific group of innovation • He began to serve his customers with chicken dishes and other meals in his adjacent living quarters before opening a popular restaurant. • Used a special mystery spice mixture with the frying chickens to give it a wonderful taste. • The restaurant has been crowded with customers. • Changed his station to an additional annex of the restaurant with a motel for his customers. • The food that (Sanders) has offered to travelers was characterized by high quality and scrumptious taste comparing with the taste of the chicken in the rest of the US surrounding restaurants.
  5. 5. Fluent in idea production • However, the length of time needed to prepare the meal was wasted on (Sanders) huge profits could be achieved through the sale for rush travelers who they do not have enough time to wait for half an hour to get a meal. • The first way is that (Sanders) cook and prepare the chicken depends on the deep frying of chicken pieces in a traditional metal pan oil, and the method of cooking that takes thirty minutes to prepare each meal. • (Sanders) owned a highly commercial sense, quickly he realized that the size of the company and its expansion doubled outside Kentucky will not be achieved unless the development of a new way faster and more practical to cook the chicken.
  6. 6. Going on producing innovation • He began to use innovated pressure pan of frying-chicken to shorten the duration of the meal preparation clearly , and thus (Sanders’s) restaurant was: Fast Food Restaurant sense of the word. • Day by day, the number of his customers have increased and he succeeded to have a good reputation so that he commissioned as a “Kentucky Colonel” by Kentucky governor.
  7. 7. Innovated behavior with challenges • After twenty years of starting his project, (Sanders’) ambitions have become in danger because of turning the highway at which his restaurant was located, and that may degrease his sales clearly and make the restaurant just a marginal restaurant. • It was on (Sanders) to act quickly. Otherwise, the consumers may forget chickens secret taste quickly, and therefore he decided to start selling licenses for many of US restaurants according to "Franchise System", by which he gets a commission of five cents for each piece of a sold chicken.
  8. 8. Development of Innovation • He traveled across the country, offering his innovated (secret spice batches & the pressure frying) of chicken from restaurant to restaurant. • The new expansion has achieved more tremendous success without incurring (Sanders) any costs or risks. • After less than ten years, the series of "Kentucky Fried Chicken" Restaurants have more than 600 branches in the United States and Canada.
  9. 9. Sustainability of Innovation • Colonel Harland has died at the age of 90 years spent in conflict and struggle. He did not know boredom or despair. • " Kentucky Fried Chicken " is still continues to expand vigorously until it reached 11 000 branches around the world under the new name "KFC" in order not to present the word "Fried" an intimation against health. • As the Colonel health has disabled him to continue his long way himself, he decided to sell his company for a group of investors in two million dollars. • To be a real massage of perseverance, planning, creativity, patience and innovation under the name of (Colonel Sanders).
  10. 10. The Characteristics of outstanding innovator (Sanders) • Fluent in idea production ….He has intellectual ideas, generated at a specific time and has the ability to give a number of alternative solutions to a problem. Believing that the nature of problems in the life have opened and free ends and never limited under the authority of one solution.
  11. 11. • Creativity...His ideas have not copied of others and never followed routine methods in the work performance so that the innovator believe that the produced change is better than the boring cycled solutions. • Outstanding sense of the surrounding environment around him. The Characteristics of outstanding innovator (Sanders)
  12. 12. • Realizing the crises and problems in different situations more than others. The innovator is appointing to many of problems, while others see that "everything is well " !! • Self-confident: Always the innovator feels that he could provide great contributions for him and his nation and society. The Characteristics of outstanding innovator (Sanders)
  13. 13. • The Innovator has many trails with experiences and away from despair or sloth so that "the failure attempt" for him means more perseverance with patience and "the succeeded one" does not lead to "Vanity". Never to be afraid of making mistakes. • A strong will with a firm challenge. The Characteristics of outstanding innovator (Sanders)
  14. 14. • High ability to assume responsibilities. • Interesting for employing the information more than the information itself. The Characteristics of outstanding innovator (Sanders)
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