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Get Data Smart

Learn more about how data skills are becoming more relevant in the workplace, and how to boost your career with Tableau skills.

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Get Data Smart

  1. 1. GET DATA SMART. Boost your career with Tableau skills.
  2. 2. Data is everyone’s business Today, the power to perform analytics lies in the hands of many instead of the few. People, regardless of their roles, are empowered to wear many analytical hats. From consuming data on dashboards and performing ad hoc analysis to sharing insights with others, making decisions with data is a must-have skill.
  3. 3. Everyone wants data talent With self-service analytics now the norm, the demand for data skills has spread like wildfire. There are currently more than 70,000 jobs in data analytics listed on Indeed.com. “Analytics manager” ranked 5th on Glassdoor’s list of 50 best jobs in America. And LinkedIn listed two different analytics jobs among its list of 20 most promising jobs of 2017. DATA TALENT
  4. 4. 50 best jobs in America Analytics manager RANK JOB TITLE #6 #7 #5
  5. 5. 20 most promising jobs of 2017 TOP 20 JOBS ANALYTICS JOBS Analytics manager Business analyst
  6. 6. Visual analytics = even hotter Visual analytics skills have proven especially hot. Forbes recently ranked Tableau as the technical skill with the third biggest rise in demand (after big data and Node.js). Forbes cited a whopping 1,581% spike in mentions of Tableau in job postings.
  7. 7. Tableau also ranked third in Upwork’s list of the top 20 fastest-growing freelance skills. And LinkedIn included “data presentation” in its list of top 10 skills to get you hired in 2017. Top 20 fastest-growing freelance skills RANK SKILLS Tableau #4 #3
  8. 8. A huge talent gap We’ve been expecting this boom for some time. In a 2015 MIT Sloan Management Review survey, 40% of respondents said they had difficulty hiring analytical talent. And more than five years ago, the global business consultancy McKinsey predicted a shortage of as many as 1.5 million managers and analysts with analytics know-how by 2018. THERE’S A SHORTAGE OF ANALYTICS KNOW-HOW
  9. 9. Data is nothing without people Because data is only as valuable as the people who are able to unlock actionable insights, organizations across the globe are racing to find employees with analytical skills. See what colleges are producing data talent
  10. 10. We’re putting the power back into the users’ hands. They’re able to go in. They can customize. They can do whatever they need to do to meet the requirements of their business. ǜǜ Ebony Weddington Data Analyst, ExxonMobil L E A R N M O R E
  11. 11. For higher ed, the pressure is on A number of colleges said they created business analytics programs in response to what one educator called “a crushing need for talent” from large firms. THERE’S A NEED FOR TALENT
  12. 12. Companies were looking for graduates with not only the technical skills but also the business skills. ǜǜ Lindsay Montanari Assoc. Director, MS in Analytics Program, Northwestern University
  13. 13. More colleges now teach analytics All but seven of the top 150-ranked US universities by US News offer a formal analytics program, according to our year-long study of more than 7,000 schools.
  14. 14. And more than half (52%) of all analytics programs were created after 2010. This signals a tremendous growth in the field of business analytics. R E A D T H E S TAT E O F D ATA E D U C AT I O N R E P O R T
  15. 15. More ways to get a data education Education companies have also added analytics courses to their offerings. Udacity, General Assembly, Pluralsight, and Lynda.com are teaching visual-analytics courses to professionals, some virtually and some in-person.
  16. 16. We’re also seeing a rise of Massive Open Online Courses on data and business analytics. For example, one of Coursera’s top specializations focuses on turning data into value and using metrics to drive the business.
  17. 17. Early adopters get big career boosts When Paul Lisborg joined the Oldcastle, one of America’s leading manufacturers with an old-school approach to data, he urged the team to try Tableau for faster insights. Instead of a mining a 500-page PDF for data insights, the power of their monthly report went from zero to sixty overnight with data visualization. THE POWER WENT FROM ZERO TO SIXTY
  18. 18. R E A D F U L L S T O R Y It really caught fire with senior management. And of course, once people in the field see the dashboards, they say,‘How can I get my hands on that?’ ǜǜ Paul Lisborg Business Analyst, Oldcastle
  19. 19. Prove your Tableau skills with certification As the demand visual data skills continues to rise, data professionals are validating their knowledge with Tableau certification. “There is definitely a certain level of recognition that comes with the certified professional credentials,” says Felix Caspari, Senior Financial Analyst at Natural Partners. “It truly sets you apart in a very competitive environment.”
  20. 20. Showcase skills with a visualization portfolio Boost your credentials on LinkedIn with Tableau certification. And if you want to take it to the next level, build a series of data visualizations and dashboards to showcase how you work with data. Also consider publishing your data visualizations to Tableau Public to build a public- facing digital portfolio of your visualizations. L E A R N H O W T O P U B L I S H YO U R W O R K TAKE IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL
  21. 21. New skills mean new job opportunities Gaëlle Periat first came across Tableau while working as a developer in the gaming industry. She quickly taught herself Tableau with support from the Tableau Community. “It was really simple. I told wonderful stories about the video games we were creating at the time.”
  22. 22. R E A D F U L L S T O R Y I definitely don’t see myself pursuing any of my new professional projects in data without Tableau. ǜǜ Gaëlle Periat Data & BI Manager, Ubisoft Entertainment
  23. 23. Tableau has totally changed the trajectory of my career. ǜǜ Amanda Gessert Assoc. Director of Business Intelligence, Merkle R E A D F U L L S T O R Y
  24. 24. Love your job Mastering business analytics isn’t just a savvy career move. The ability to investigate the data at the speed of thought is a fundamentally satisfying thing. When you can add value, identify opportunities, and become a respected voice at the table, work becomes much more fulfilling. DATA AT THE SPEED OF THOUGHT
  25. 25. I work in a role where I can show people what’s possible. I hear the gasps the sighs, and the river of ideas as I demo my work. ǜǜ Bridget Windsy Cogley Consultant, Teknion
  26. 26. Get started now Jumpstart your career by starting a free trial of Tableau desktop today. G E T F R E E T R I A L 0