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I-35 Corridor Project in Texas

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The Texas A&M Transportation Institute (TTI) was asked by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) to assist in the application and refinement of prior research to accomplish some key goals during the reconstruction of the I-35 corridor from Hillsboro to Salado (90 miles total). Currently, TxDOT is conducting 10 construction projects along this corridor. More than 30 million drivers, including travelers, shippers and intercity commuters, use the corridor each year.

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I-35 Corridor Project in Texas

  1. 1. http://tti.tamu.edu > Variable message signs > Traffic actuated controllers > Traffic signals > Flashing traffic signals > Lane use control signals > Road markings > Rumble strips > Warrants (Traffic control devices) > Gro penetrating radar > Weigh in motion > Loop detectors > Video imaging detectors > Vehicle detectors > Information display systems > Advanced traveler information systems > Lettering > Sign shee > Messages (Communications) > Warning signals > Intelligent transportation systems > Advanced public transportation systems > Advanced traffic management systems > Advanced traveler informa systems > > http://tti.tamu.edu > Intelligent transportation systems programs >>> Environment > Runoff > Scour > Air travel and airports> Environmental policy > Environmental impact analys > Breakaway supports > Posts > Sign supports > Underground structures > Embankments > Bridges > Bridge approaches > Bridge railings > Transportation corridors > Streambeds > Pipelin Street lighting > Freeways > Highways > Arterial highways > Rural highways > Driveways > Two lane highways > Frontage roads > Highway corridors > Low volume roads > Highway curv Barriers (Roads) 8 > Guardrails > Medians > Median barriers > Signalized intersections > Dilemma zone > Interchanges > http://tti.tamu.edu > Diamond interchanges > Ramps (Interchan > On ramps > High occupancy toll lanes > Managed lanes > Turning lanes > Pavements > Bituminous overlays > Base course (Pavements) > Roadside > Roadside structures > Mailbox > School buses > Crashworthiness > Light emitting diodes > Portable equipment > Construction equipment > Roadbuilding machinery > Performance >>> Materials > Clay soils > Concrete > Waste products > ash > Recycled materials > Reinforcing bars > Bituminous binders > Hot mix paving mixtures > Shear strength > Load limits > Retroreflectivity > Temperature >>> Physical phenomena > Rutting > Infiltra > Cracking > Axle loads > Fluorescence >>> Disciplines > Aesthetics > Statistics > Transportation engineering >>> Mathematics > Simulation > Statistical analysis > Backcalculation > Mathematical predictio http://tti.tamu.edu > Areas and regions > Slopes > Binational > Border regions > Small cities >>> Multi-modal Transportation > Highway Transportation > Trucking > Railroad transportation > Public trans Data quality > Software > Computer program documentation > Data storage > Computer models > Internet > Research > Before and after studies > Case studies > Worksho Guidelines > Manuals > Handbooks > Literature reviews > Specifications > Performance based specifications > Standards > Multi-modal Transportation > Highway Transporta > Trucking > Railroad transportation > http://tti.tamu.edu > Public transit > Rural transportation > Rural transit > Freight and pipeline transportation > Airport plan and development > Airport maintenance > Bicycle and pedestrian > Ports and waterways >>> Transportation operations > Freight traffic > Commodities > Travel time > Tr Multi-modal Transportation > Highway Transportation > Trucking > Railroad transportation > Public transit > Rural transportation > Rural transit > Freight pipeline transportation > Airport planning and development > Airport maintenance > Bicycle and pedestrian > Ports and waterways >>> Transportation operat > Freight traffic > Commodities > Travel time > Travel demand > http://tti.tamu.edu > Traffic estimation > Traffic forecasting > Commuting > Carpools > High operations > Highway capacity > Freeway operations > Truck traffic > Railroad traffic > Traffic data > Measures of effectiveness > Traffic models > Traffic simula Saving Lives, Time and Resources I-35 Corridor Project The Texas A&M Transportation Institute (TTI) was asked by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) to assist in the application and refinement of prior research to accomplish some key goals during the reconstruction of the I-35 corridor from Hillsboro to Salado (90 miles total). Currently,TxDOTisconducting10constructionprojectsalongthiscorridor. More than 30 million drivers, including travelers, shippers and intercity commuters, use the corridor each year. TTI’s three main responsibilities for the project are: • Minimize impacts of construction on I-35 travelers and adjacent businesses and landowners. • Provide reliable real-time traffic information to I-35 travelers, businesses and freight operators to allow them to make informed travel decisions. • Develop a long-term concept plan for operation and infrastructure in major corridors to continue to provide the best information to the public. I-35 Mobility Coordinator TTI has successfully developed state-of-the-art skills and approaches to serve as a mobility coordinator during individual construction projects. The Mobility Coordinator is responsible foranticipatingmobilitychallengesandensuringthatstakeholder concerns are satisfied in support of timely project completion. TTI is expanding the current state-of-the-art, single-project approachtomultipleprojectswithmultiplecontractorsinasingle corridor with additional rural challenges. The experience gained is being documented to contribute to the state-of-the-practice in transportation engineering. Responsibilities: • Serveasaprojectombudsman,representingtheneeds ofthetravelingpublicandlocalstakeholdersbetween and among TxDOT, contractors and engineers. • Facilitate open lines of communication among key stakeholders. • Coordinate and facilitate an expert traffic manage- ment team. • Supportanongoingpublicinformationcampaignto educate property owners, businesses and the general public about the project and its impacts. • AssistTxDOTinmakingpresentationstopublicoffi- cials,andcivicandserviceorganizationsasrequested to enhance communication about the project. Lorena Bruceville- Eddy McLennan County Waco Hillsboro Hill County Abbott Bellmead West RobinsonHewitt Killeen Troy Bell County Belton Temple Salado FallsCounty P R P R
  2. 2. Contact Christopher M. Poe Assistant Agency Director Senior Research Engineer Research and Implementation Division Texas A&M Transportation Institute 9441 LBJ Freeway, Suite 103 Dallas, TX 75243 ph. (972) 994-0433 Ext. 13106 cpoe@tamu.edu TTI1214.5019.0812 TTI’s mission To solve transportation problems through research, to transfer technology and to develop diverse human resources to meet the transportation challenges of tomorrow. I-35 Communications Support to TxDOT Waco District Getting the right information to the right people at the right time is the purpose for the My35 campaign. Communicating lane closures, detours and incidents is key to the success of the campaign. My35.org is the portal for delivering that information. TTI is assisting the Waco District with the district’s My35 communications initiatives andpublicinformationcampaign. TTIisalso supportingTxDOT’soverallMy35statewide campaign as needed. I-35 Traveler Information System Developer and Implementer TheeconomicandmobilityimportanceoftheI-35corridorrequiresanunprecedentedreal-time travel information system to inform travelers, freight operators and businesses of the potential impactsoftraveldelayandothertravelchallengesduringconstruction. Thesizeandcharacteristics of the corridor, as well as the presence of multiple contractors and staggered staging, mandates a unique approach that combines real-time monitoring with prediction capabilities developed during the project. TTI is well-positioned to tackle these high-risk, high-public-reward types of problems. TTI is integrating proven research tools with the best technology available from the private sector, and in some cases, creating new tools to develop and implement this system. • ImplementprovenBluetooth®travel timemonitoringresearchdeveloped byTTI,whichcanbeaccomplished atafractionofthecostoftraditional monitoring approaches. • Develop a first-of-its-kind, multi- contractor construction activity clearinghouse. • Integrate a private sector-developed and deployed lane closure monitor- ing system. • Basedonuser-definedneeds,develop aninnovativetravelinformationdis- semination tool using social media, in-vehicle devices, smart phones, etc. This effort includes guidance fromTTI’sdistracteddriverresearch team to ensure maximum traveler safety. • Deploy a construction closure asse- ssment tool recently developed by TTI to predict the lengths, dura- tions and combined impacts of queues when multiple lane closures are planned simultaneously in the corridor. • Based on recent and ongoing research,developamethodologyfor tailoring travelerinformationtothe needsofvariedtravelsegments(com- muter,trucking,etc.)usingreal-time andhistoricdata(anddevelopingthe state’s first predictive methodology for future conditions). • Continuallyevaluatesystemperfor- mance to establish and document best practices for use in future TxDOT corridor reconstruction projects. Responsibilities: • Develop a concept of operation for a first-of-its-kind, multi-region construc- tion corridor traveler information system, leveraging experience from ongoing nationalresearchanddeploymentprojectssuchastheDallasIntegratedCorridor Management Project. Integrate the following existing or to-be-developed innovations to support the highest quality traveler information system: Long-Term Plan for I-35 Corridor TTI is using the experience gained from the I-35CorridorProjecttodevelopalong-term plan for TxDOT to use in implementing significant operation and infrastructure investments in major corridors.