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LinkedIn And Your Career Journey

Top 5 tasks of a successful Career Journey, using LinkedIn, research and conversations.

The best way to execute a successful career journey is to Network, Research, Learn, Get into Open Conversations and then apply for the right jobs.

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LinkedIn And Your Career Journey

  1. 1. Using LinkedIn in your Career Journey by Teddy Burriss LinkedIn Coach & Trainer Career Coach
  2. 2. Rule #1 Stop Looking for a Job. Stop Asking for a Job. Stop Applying for Jobs.
  3. 3. Do this instead: Invest time in these key areas of your career Journey: ● 55% of your week on Networking ● 30% of your week doing Research ● 5% Developing your highly focused Marketing Material ● 5% on Professional Development ● 5% Applying for the Right Jobs at the right time.
  4. 4. Networking Network IRL (in real life) Network through LinkedIn connecting with your peers, previous fellow employees, and people you want to get into open conversations with. Ask your current (& growing network) to introduce you to other people. Focus on people in the Regions, Industries, Companies and Roles you are interested in. Go for the conversations, not just for A job. Get into conversations with people who may be leaning against you needle in that huge haystack.
  5. 5. Research Use LinkedIn to find the people, in the companies, in the industries and regions you are focused on. Use LinkedIn Saved Search with focused search filters. Review company pages and the related people’s LinkedIn Profiles. Review their websites and other social media sites. Ask questions of your network and the new people you meet along the way. Be curious about business, challenges, goals, plans, etc. Don’t focus on a job or a possible job.
  6. 6. Build your Marketing Material Create a business focused resume showing the viewer what you do, did and can do, relevant to the role you are seeking. Create a cover letter that speaks to a business leader, not to someone parsing our resumes. Build a LinkedIn Profile focused on your career goal, showing your Most Important Viewer who you are, what you do, what you did, what you can do and what you Enjoy doing. Use business keywords. Present yourself as a business solution provider, not a job seeker.
  7. 7. Grow every day Find ways to grow professionally every day ● Read good books, watch great videos. ● Listen to podcasts. ● Follow influencers on LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, etc. ● Study online. ● Engage in open conversations with peers in the space you want to be in. ● Take Certification tests. ● Learn every day.
  8. 8. Apply to The Right Job, not just A job. Uncover imaginative opportunities via conversations, not from the ‘job boards’ Look for ways to get into open conversations with people in the companies you are interested in. Treat the process as just that, a process, not a race. Apply for your job(s) after the conversations and research rather than immediately once you find it. Find ways to get into conversations with the business leader regarding the role. Don’t focus on HR, unless it’s an HR Job. HR is a player, at the right time, not up front.
  9. 9. It all starts with a conversation. Even your next great career step. Get into open conversations rather than apply for a job, to an HR resource who does not know you from Adams House cat.
  10. 10. Ask for help Follow me on LinkedIn, YouTube and Quroa https://www.linkedin.com/in/tlburriss/detail/recent-activity/posts/ https://www.youtube.com/user/burrissconsulting https://www.quora.com/profile/TLBurriss I’m happy to help where I can. Teddy
  11. 11. LinkedIn Training and Coaching If I can help you use LinkedIn with purpose and intention in your career journey, let’s talk. Teddy Burriss Burriss Consulting, Inc. LinkedIn Coach & Trainer skype: tlburriss 336-283-6121 info@burrissconsulting.com