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Handling online game challenges by Gabriel Glachant, IT Manager at Bulkypix

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Handling online game challenges by Gabriel Glachant, IT Manager at Bulkypix

  1. 1. Web Game Conference 2013Gabriel Glachant - Bulkypix
  2. 2. Bulkypix in a few numbers A 40 person company A catalog of over a 100 games and mobile applications 15 million usersInternational publisherFacebook and mobile platformdevelopperExpert in mobile marketing, PR andsocial networks
  3. 3. Online Game ChallengesOnline platform requirements … and risks State of the art Business continuity Scalability Controlled costs Service disruption due to Server overload Datacenter failure Security issues Cheating Data theft All of those result in loss ofrevenue and reputation
  4. 4. Initial InvestmentBulkypix requirements Traditional Server Platform Linux servers A turnkey MySQL DB Datacenter Hardware (servers, storage) Network (switches, routers,load balancers) Security (firewalls) Bandwidth Systems & networksadministration ! High initial investment (timeand money) !
  5. 5. Cloud Computing Linux servers: AWS EC2 (IaaS) Run pretty much any linux distro you want/need Snapshot servers anytime you want MySQL DB: AWS RDS (PaaS) Turnkey MySQL server (runs Oracle and MSSQL too) provision the CPU/storage that you need now increase CPU/storage later if necessary snapshots can be highly available (clusters !)
  6. 6. HardwareMySQL DatabaseRDSMySQL DatabaseHardwareWeb ServerEC2 InstanceWeb ServerClientAWS EC2EC2 Availability ZoneAWS RDS
  7. 7. Business ContinuityBulkypix requirements Traditional Server Platform Server failover Load balancing What happens when adatacenter crashes ? Load balancers / failover Service Level Agreements Multiple Datacenters
  8. 8. High Availability AWS RDS – Multiple Availability Zones Standby Master Automatic Failover Transparent Snapshots (no service interruption) AWS EC2 – ELB (Elastic Load Balancing) Failover in case of server failure Load balancing !
  9. 9. RDSMySQL DatabaseEC2 InstanceWeb ServerClientAWS EC2EC2 Availability ZoneAWS RDSEC2 Availability ZoneEC2 InstanceWeb ServerRDS – StandbyMySQL DatabaseClient ELB(ElasticLoad Balancer)
  10. 10. Featured on an App StoreBulkypix requirements Traditional Server Platform Horizontal Scalability Vertical Scalability Increase number of servers Increase server size
  11. 11. Scaling AWS EC2 – Resize an EC2 instance Stop instance, resize instance, start instance. AWS EC2 - Autoscaling Automatically scale up when server load increases User experience stays the same No server drop out from ELB because of load saturation No server failure cascade Automatically scale down when load decreases Scales costs down
  12. 12. RDSMySQL DatabaseEC2 InstancesWeb ServerAWS EC2EC2 Availability ZoneAWS RDSEC2 Availability ZoneEC2 InstancesWeb ServerRDS – StandbyMySQL DatabaseClient ELB(ElasticLoad Balancer(EC2 Autoscaling
  13. 13. Conclusion We’ve only covered very basics offered by cloud computing. Cloud computing has given Bulkypix inexpensive access to the big toys. high availability. high scalability. Learnings Costs management => Reserve instances or commit bandwidth for better rates. => Use autoscaling. Can be challenging when designing the software stacks. => Test and iterate.