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Prototype 3

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Sydney Adams, MS 1, Parsons School or Design.
Presentation for "Five: Journey of Truth" Prototype 3

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Prototype 3

  2. 2. CONCEPT AND TARGET AUDIENCE  Create a board game that forces the players to inhabit the stereotypes of the black woman.  In order to: create a medium that really garners understanding and allows Black women to escape the stereotypes of the media.  Adults 18+ who enjoy problem solving  Adults 18+ who enjoy games with social commentary  Game will be a cooperative board game
  3. 3. At Playtech… Design Questions: Is my game easy to understand? What is the ideal age range for my game? Is the story engaging? Do I get my point across? How do people react to my game? IS IT PLAYABLE? What do people want to change about it?
  4. 4. Since last time: Game: 3-5 player game, cooperative board game, and ages 18+ Incorporated storylines to the game play Come up with actions for each character Found a strong precedent to propel my rules forward
  7. 7. Design Questions: The Board • What is the purpose of the board? • How does the board relate to the characters? • How do people move on the board? • Is the board necessary? If not, how can it become necessary?
  8. 8. Design Questions: The Cards • Is the card readable? • Do the cards compliment each other? • Do people care that the cards are all women? • Do the card contain enough information? • Is that information easy to understand?
  9. 9. Design Questions: The Game Play • Is the fighting system logical? • How do the story cards make the players interact? • Is the boss challenging enough? • Does the boss relate to the story and the message?
  11. 11. PROLOGUE  The first part of the quest is to find out about the rumors that something bad is happening in Maru. The players use their character’s secondary skills to Intimidate, Chase, Negotiate, Sneak, or Flirt, for information. This is done through a dice roll, or using the skill with an automatic pass. Once they find the location of the BOSS, they enter the next stage which is the Dungeon.  The first stage does not require the board.  I CHANGED THE STORY CARD into A STORY BOOKLET. It reads like a TEXT- ADVENTURE, and based on decisions, the players can skip ahead and follow the path based on success or failure.
  12. 12. DUNGEON  The second part of the quest involves the board. Once you arrive at the location of the boss, you have to find the boss by choosing a path and as a team sneaking your way through it in hopes that nothing is lurking on each part of it.  In order to move you have to successfully sneak. If you fail, you look under the tile and if there’s a monster there you have to fight it. Once you choose the right path, you face the BOSS. And they have an introduction in the STORY BOOKLET.  This involves the BOARD, the board is now necessary because of this action, and in harder levels, the boards will be more complex.
  13. 13. BOSS  The last part of the game involved the BOSS. They reveal themselves, you have a brief dialogue that might include a use of secondary skill (negotiate, etc) and once you do this, you will start the battle system in order to defeat the monster.  Each character has a different skill to be used in order to help their teammates and defeat the Boss, who will always come with minions that must be defeated first. There are also consequences if the minions are not killed by four turns.  If the Boss and the minions are defeated, then the players win and there’s and end dialogue as the monster dies.  This does not involve the BOARD, but it does involve the STORY BOOKLET.
  14. 14. DATA I GATHERED  The game has the potential to be enjoyed by a younger audience than I intended, which means I might want to dial back the adult content, or talk to someone who can advise me on what’s appropriate.  (AGES FOR PLAYTECH 8-18)  Game takes about an hour to play. (Dungeons and Dragons take 3-8+ hrs on average, which makes this incredibly fast for an RPG.)  It appeals to both genders.  It is easy to understand, but a few extra things can be added about abilities.  It’s easy to kill the boss.  Some characters have more advantages than others and need to be evened out.
  15. 15. FUTURE ITERATIONS • Raise Jez HP • Lower Mam’s HP • Create a cap for Welf’s HP • Make future villains more damaging. • Increase Villain HP on Sensua by 10HP • Then increase all other villains by 20 • Keep the sneak mechanic, it works. (2 times) • Sapphire is a savage. either her Atk needs to be lowered or handicapped, or the minions need higher HP.
  17. 17. THANK YOU