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Anglia Examinations C.I.T.E presentation

  1. Anglia Examinations Suzanne LINSEN Director MarocED SARL
  2. ANGLIA EXAMINATIONS Brief Introduction Anglia offers a structured program of assessing English language skills: Fully certificated English language assessments From Beginner to Masters level - General and Business English For Teachers: CITE (Certificate for International Teachers of English) The Anglia program offers an effective, step-by-step method of learning English and testing the student’s skills in English Top 6 levels are mapped to the CEFR (Classification of language skills defined by the Council of Europe in the Common European Framework of Reference (levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 & C2) Top 4 levels are fully accredited and internationally recognised; all examination certificates are fraud-proof Developed by Chichester College in Chichester, England in 1996, Anglia exams are taken each year by over 60-thousand candidates.
  3. CEFR Alignment of Anglia Levels
  4. ANGLIA EXAMINATIONS The Anglia System The Anglia program is comprehensive and complete: • Step-by-step method of learning English • Test the student’s progress objectively • Student Workbook for each level • Teacher Manual for each level • Teacher Handbook – covers all levels The Anglia system is designed for: • Ages 6 – 12: General English - 3 Levels • Age 12 and older: General English - 7 Levels
  5. ANGLIA EXAMINATIONS "Step To" Books Practical Learning Books to prepare for Anglia exams Designed to prepare for Anglia exams for every level 10–12 units per book, MP3 listening files, and a sample tests Guided test practice for every test section with explanations Include numerous sample compositions with step-by-step instructions on generating ideas, structuring the composition, and avoiding common mistakes Teachers’ Manuals with language and cultural explanations, test tips, and transcripts of all the recordings
  6. ANGLIA CERTIFICATES Anglia Certificates are fraud-proof: hologram logo embedded unique certificate number All examinations are evaluated and graded by UK Government certified Examiners in England Anglia exams can be conducted at your university, school or institute “Invigilators” monitor Anglia examination sessions to ensure integrity of results Anglia Examination Certificates do NOT expire – they remain valid for life!
  7. ALIGNMENT OF ANGLIA WITH OTHER INTERNATIONAL EXAMS Cambridge ANGLIA Main Suite TOEIC TOEFL IBT IELTS CEFR Listening Speaking Reading Writing Masters C2 Proficiency in Masters CPE 102-117 7.5 - 8.5 Mastery Business English C1 AcCEPT Proficiency 900 400 CAE 60 - 101 6.0 - 7.0 EOP Proficiency 786 311 Advanced Business English B2 Advanced 785 310 Advanced FCE 32 - 46 4.5 - 5.5 Vantage 551 241 Intermediate B1 Intermediate 550 240 Intermediate PET - 31 3.0 - 4.0 Threshold 226 161 Business English Pre-Interm. Pre-Intermediate KET A2 Practical 225 160 Business English Elementary 1.5 - 2.5 Waystage Flyers 121 81 Elementary A1 120 80 Preliminary Preliminary Movers 0 - 1.0 Breakthrough 0 0 Primary Primary Junior Junior First Step First Step Starters
  8. WHAT IS C.I.T.E? Certificate for International Teachers of English The Anglia CITE exam is designed to give competent teachers of English a chance to obtain international recognition for their language skills, knowledge and experience Teaching young learners and teaching older and/or higher-level learners requires different language levels, theory and practice. Therefore, there are two types of CITE exams: CITE General Exam CITE Young Learners Exam Review of sample papers at should help a candidate decide which one is the most appropriate CITE works on the same principle as any other test of English for special purposes: the special purpose in this case is the teaching of English
  9. C.I.T.E Additional Details What level of English do you need for CITE? For the C.I.T.E. (YL): at least CEFR Level B1 = Anglia Intermediate For C.I.T.E. (General): minimum CEFR Level B2 =Anglia Advanced Check your level with the online placement test at The CITE exam takes 3 hours The CITE exam covers these elements: • Part 1: Grammatical Awareness • Part 2: Functional Awareness • Part 3: Language Variety • Part 4: Error Correction • Part 5: Classroom Language • Part 6: Essay Exam results – within 2 weeks; Exam certificate – within 4 weeks The outline of both CITE - Young Learners and CITE - General is detailed in the CITE Syllabus at in the Central Documents section
  10. WHY TAKE A CITE EXAM? International recognition of your competence in English language skills needed for teaching (including pedagogical skills) CITE adds an important UK qualification to your CV The Certificate shows future employers that you have “gone the extra mile” Passing a CITE exam will also help you becoming an effective EFL teacher as preparation for it involves refreshing your knowledge of up-to-date modern teaching methods (from world’s leading experts like Jeremy Harmer). For the cost of less than 2 days of teaching wages, CITE gives you a very high return on investment
  11. PREPARING FOR CITE Ad-hoc study group (2 x 2.5 hours) with Suzanne Linsen. (subject to minimum exam registration) Approximately 4 hours of self-study through mock exam(s) (free download at Recommended reading for your professional development as an EFL teacher: ― Harmer, Jeremy. 1983. The Practice of English Language Teaching. Harlow:Longman. ― Brown, Douglas H. 2001. Teaching by Principles: An Interactive Approach to Language Pedagogy. Prentice Hall Regents. CITE Syllabus and Sample Papers (free download at
  12. CREATE YOUR OWN JOB (part-time) Anglia Kids Club & “Atelier”
  14. CONTACT DETAILS: Suzanne LINSEN, Director MarocED SARL Office: 05 22 96 52 44 GSM: 06 19 01 11 31 Email: Thank You for your interest in Anglia Examinations!