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Camera shots and what makes a good photo

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Camera shots and what makes a good photo.

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Camera shots and what makes a good photo

  1. 1. Camera Shots and What Makes a Good Photograph S
  2. 2. What makes an effective image for a magazine? What makes an effective image for a magazine is an image that is appropriate to the style/genre of the magazine and is of high quality.
  3. 3. Different Shots There are a variety of different shots I could include within my magazine these include long and medium shots as well as a close up or a extreme close up. All of these give a different effect in a magazine and can be used for different things.
  4. 4. Long Shot A long shot is a photo that shows the entire body of the person/people and is sometimes used to place them into their surroundings or a prop. I feel although this shot is effective as it helps show things other then the artist within relevance.
  5. 5. Medium Shot A medium shot is a photo from a medium distance that is closer up to the person than a long shot but still shows some of the surroundings and the persons attire. It is usually taken from the waist up. I would use this as I feel it has mix of all the shots.
  6. 6. Close Up A close up is a shot that typically only shows the persons head and very little of the surroundings and is used to show the face/facial expressions of the individual. I would not use this as I feel it focuses too much on the artist.
  7. 7. Extreme Close Up An extreme close up shot is a shot that shows a specific small area on a larger scale. I would not use this as I feel other shots have a much greater effect.
  8. 8. What makes a Good Photograph? There are a range of things that make a good photograph the one that I feel are most important are effective lighting, facial expression theory, effective positioning and the rule of third.
  9. 9. Effective Lighting Lighting one of the most important things in photography as it can make or break a photo some of the most important things to consider is the angle of the light , the ability to capture ray’s of light within photos and the use of silhouettes. All of these are determined by light and give a wide range of effects.
  10. 10. Facial Expression Theory The facial expression of the model on your magazine heavily effects the way in which the reader is influenced by it. For example if the model facial expression shows anger it will make the magazine come across as quite dark, in contrast is the facial expression is happy it will have a light hearted tone to it.
  11. 11. Effective Positioning In photography it is important to position the people within the frame effectively. It is important not to cut part of people such as their head. When taking images of moving objects it is important to give them room to run into and not straight out of the frame.