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Checklist for hiring to company culture by Heebo

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Few tips on how to hire to your company culture

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Checklist for hiring to company culture by Heebo

  1. 1. Checklist for HIRING TO COMPANY CULTURE When you hire to your company culture, you are not just hiring a skill, any skill. You are hiring people who commit, engage and want to build value to your company. And while you're at it, each hire will strengthen your employer brand and make the next hire easier. Here 's how. NEED SUPPORT? LET US HELP! Contact us at heebo@heebo.fi www.hee.bo PROFILE Your company Position targets Mandatory skills Attitude expectations STORIFY The need Company purpose Company culture Atmosphere Opportunities SHARE Internally & externally Across networks Repeat Engage & Thank COMMUNICATE MATCH HOST THE INTERVIEW KINDLY NO THANK YOU ONBOARD Always thank & confirm FAQ & Chat Inform schedule to gain commitment Keep promises Culture based hiring never compromises on attitude. Always choose best fit, and train skills. It's an investment worth your while. Treat all candidates like customers. They can also not choose you. Your No Thank You's can be a valuable network. Be kind, invite to follow, engage to share. They probably know your future talent. Give targets and goals for probation period, share expectations and feedback. Arrange memorable moments to share with networks. TARGET&SHARE CREATEPOSTIVE EXPERIENCES BUILDREPUTATION and leveraging it for great candidate & employer brand experiences