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Big Ideas Bigger Dreams: Quotes from 45 Top Entrepreneurs of 2016

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Big Ideas Bigger Dreams: Quotes from 45 Top Entrepreneurs of 2016

  1. 1. 2016: Year of the Entrepreneurs Big Ideas Bigger Dreams
  2. 2. Quotes from 45 top entrepreneurs of 2016
  3. 3. Lauren Conrad Co-founder of Little Market "There is never just one thing that leads t o success for anyone. I feel it always a co mbination of passion, dedication, hard w ork, and being in the right place at the rig ht time."
  4. 4. Marcela Sapone Cofounder of Hello Alfred "Life is a second and everyday you wake u p and you get one day to do something i mportant."
  5. 5. Andrew Gertler Cofounder and CEO of AG Artists "Success is in the eyes of the beholder… My simple definition is that success is wh atever makes me and those around me h appy. "
  6. 6. Xavier Dolan Director and producer "I think anything is possible to anyone wh o dreams, dares, works and never gives u p."
  7. 7. Jewel Burks CEO and Cofounder of PartPic “You are going to get knocked down all th e time, so it’s incredibly important to be d iligent and determined to persevere thro ugh the hard times of entrepreneurship."
  8. 8. Tyler Haney Founder and CEO at Outdoor Voices "I think being young without experience was helpful at the time because I'd ask to be in people's offices all the time, and if I had more experience I wouldn't have. But that was the beauty about being a little b it naïve — there weren't boundaries."
  9. 9. Vicente Fernandez SportsManias Co-founder and COO "If you're truly passionate about your bus iness and you are persistent and flexible, you can make it with your start-up."
  10. 10. JEROEN CAPPAERT Spire Global (Co- founder and Lead Engineer) Do crazier stuff earlier. Take more chances and go study, live or work abroad earlier. Be creative, try a lot of different things you think you might want to do with your life, and fail early and a lot, because this is the only way to figure out what you really want to do.
  11. 11. VLAD TENEV Robinhood (Co-founder and Co-CEO) "It's our job as leaders to nurture those id eas that are really powerful, to pour gas o n them and watch them blossom into so mething that actually gets shipped out int o the product."
  12. 12. Ross McCray VideoAmp Cofounder and CEO “I have never done well following standar ds and obsess in finding better ways to do things. I thrive in highly competitive envi ronments and love pushing myself out of my comfort zone. ”
  13. 13. CHRISTOPHER GRAY Scholly (Co-founder & CEO) "When you’re an entrepreneur, you can work eight months on a deal and it may n ot go through. Markets change. Investors change their minds. When that happens, be resilient."
  14. 14. DAKIN SLOSS Tachyus (Co-founder & CEO) "One of the hardest parts about starting s omething is being very firm in your big pi cture vision, and being extremely adapta ble to pretty much everything else."
  15. 15. AJEET SINGH ThoughtSpot (Co-founder & CEO) "The most important thing is to come up with an idea that solves a big problem. Yo ur solution has to be 10x to 100x better, c ompared to what is out there. People alre ady have an existing way of solving the sa me problem."
  16. 16. JOSH BRUNO Hometeam (Founder & CEO) "I used to spend a lot of time with entrep reneurs and companies and I recognized t hat the strongest individuals and instituti ons focused on their teams and on emplo ying committed team members with low egos and high drive. "
  17. 17. JORDAN MARON AKA CAPTAINSPARKLEZ XREAL (Co-founder) "Do something you’re interested in; otherwise it’s going to be ‘grindy’ and not that fun. Make sure you’re adding some sort of unique twist onto whatever you’re doing, so you can catch the attention of whoever might be stumbling by."
  18. 18. TIMOTHY HWANG FiscalNote (Co-Founder, CFO and CEO) “The motivation…is a willingness to make a difference— not just in the abstract sense, but actually to make a tangible difference on humanit y, whether that’s having some sort of inte rest in politics or doing something in tech nology.”
  19. 19. ANNIE LAWLESS Suja Juice (Co-Founder) Creator of Blawnde.com "If you are building the courage to start y our business, start with small steps. Regis ter your domain name. Set up a coffee wi th a mentor. Prototype your product with a roll of duct tape! Whatever the step, co mmit and complete."
  20. 20. IAN CROSBY Bench (Co-Founder & CEO) “There’s no such thing as boring industrie s, only boring companies. More boring an industry is, the more opportunity there is for business.”
  21. 21. ANNA MACKENZIE Cuckoo Bircher (Co-Founder) "As an entrepreneur it’s crucial to be anal ytical but there are some situations whic h need to be let go, and moved on from."
  22. 22. KATERINA SCHNEIDER Ritual (Founder & CEO) "My advice on finding great team membe rs is finding people that share your values but have the skills & knowledge that you feel like you are lacking yourself."
  23. 23. CHET KANOJIA Starry (Founder and CEO) "I am an engineer and because of that, I s ee the world through a different lens tha n most people. To me, engineering is the art of the possible. You imagine somethin g and then you try to create it. Hopefully, along the way, you create something that has a meaningful and positive impact on people’s lives."
  24. 24. AMBER ATHERTON My Flash Trash (Founder) "Money gives you freedom. Time is the m ost valuable thing in life and money buys the ability to spend your time as you wish . "
  25. 25. ANGELICA MALIN About Time (Founder & Editor-in-Chief) abouttimemagazine.co.uk Web editorial needs to be engaging, short and picture- led. I’m often asked what my business pla n is and I say ‘people like photos of cake’. Although it’s a joke (kind of), I do genuine ly believe there’s a power in the imagery f or food and lifestyle websites. All the pho tos on the site are professional and usuall y ours.
  26. 26. BIANCA MILLER-COLE The Be Group (Founder & CEO) Bianca Miller London (CEO) "I have learnt a lot in business about wha t it takes to succeed - the importance of having a vision, accept ing feedback, the ability to negotiate, ho w to turn no into yes, being determined a nd so on. "
  27. 27. RACHEL MCCOUBRIE LRM Goods (Founder & Co-Owner) "Find your passion and let nothing stop y ou. There will be times when you will feel completely out of your comfort zone, but embrace this and absorb all the new skill s and experiences you can. Don't ever be intimated by obstacles or challenges - you will look back and realise they were put in place for a reason. "
  28. 28. REBECCA WINCKWORTH White & Green (Co-Founder) "There will be mistakes and you might ev en have to change fundamental parts of t he business model, but it's impossible to know this until you catapult your idea fro m pen and paper to the real world."
  29. 29. JUSNAH GADI Young Music Boss (Music Entrepreneur) "If I had to give advice to anyone wanting to start their own business I would say 'ju st jump', you can spend the rest of your li fe assessing risk, thinking the time is not r ight but the reality is you need courage a nd the audacity to believe in your capacit y to be great."
  30. 30. PIPPA MURRAY Pip & Nut (Founder) "I've had to learn everything from the gro und up and I've done this by surrounding myself with the best mentors, investors, t eam, suppliers and agencies who share th eir knowledge and expertise to develop my own and grow the brand.“
  31. 31. MORGAN DOWLER Love Me And My Secret (Director) "Starting your own business is always a di fficult process and biting the bullet and ta king your idea forward is the first huge hu rdle. You will hit many road blocks that ne ed to be assessed and overcome, but pas sion will always increase your determinati on."
  32. 32. Read More About Entrepreneurship & Startups
  33. 33. IFEYINWA FREDERICK Chuku (Co-founder) You don't need all the answers to begin. Make a start in some way, and then beco me a sponge. As you approach something you're inexperienced in, soak up guidanc e from all sources: read books, attend wo rkshops, Google!
  34. 34. MARGOT RADICATI DI BROZOLO YourMind (Founder) “You can – and should – start with a minimum viable product (MV P) and invest as little as possible to test y our concept. If it works, then you can inve st more.”
  35. 35. PHOEBE GORMELY Gormley & Gamble(Founder & Tailor-in- Chief) "This life, of 7-day weeks, 14- hour days, it's not for everyone and it's n ever going to be easy. It's not for the faint - hearted, and you absolutely have to back yourself, and believe in yourself, or you ca n't expect anyone else to do so."
  36. 36. ROSHNI ASSOMULL Bella Kinesis(Co-Founder) "Whatever your idea is, strip it down to the basics and start from there. We really believe that everything is achievable if you take it in small steps."
  37. 37. LUCY COLEMAN Postcards Home(Founder) "I've learned that in the early years when you're ploughing all your time into your b usiness – you have to love what you sell and really believe in the people you work with. "
  38. 38. DANIEL GANDESHA Property Partner(Founder & CEO) "As the internet continues to expand into our day-to- day lives, there will be more and more op portunities to challenge the status quo, a nd empower people to do things more ea sily and effectively."
  39. 39. DR. ALI PARSA Babylon Health(Founder and CEO) “In a way, and with the benefit of hindsig ht, that difficulty of being pushed out fro m a comfortable life into something that was highly uncomfortable was perhaps d esirable, because it gave me the ability to stand on my own two feet.”
  40. 40. ANDREW STALBOW Seriously(Founder & CEO) "The biggest challenge was getting starte d. You have to ignore the job offers, and p eople telling you it’s too hard to raise mo ney; that you won’t be able to cut throug h, that marketing costs are too high and t here’s too much competition."
  41. 41. LINA GADI Shear & Shine Grooming (Co- founder & Marketing Director) "I strongly believe that we underestimate just how much fear of failure can prevent us from taking the risks necessary to achi eve extraordinary things.“
  42. 42. LUCY CHOI Lucy Choi London(Founder & Designer) "You have to put your money where your mouth is in business, throw everything yo u’ve got at something, and overcome any fears of failure. For me it’s all or nothing."
  43. 43. JOANNE THOMPSON Cookoo (Co-founder) "Be clear and passionate about the probl em that you are solving. "
  44. 44. HAYLEY SMITH FlowAid(Founder) Boxed Out PR (Owner) "Play to your strengths. Choose somethin g that you have experience in and contact s, and spend a good quality of time buildi ng your network. They will be your net w orth. "
  45. 45. JASMINE EILFIELD ExpoCart (Co-founder) "I've learned you have to be resilient – you will get knock backs, but it's the pass ion for what you're building and the team around you that keeps you going and hel ps you to jump over those hurdles.“
  46. 46. DANIELLE SCOTT-HAUGHTON WONDERLONDON FILMS (Founder) "Just have more patience, understand tha t Rome wasn’t build in a day.Not run into long term financial decisions with short t erm understanding and trust my instincts. They’re never wrong. "
  47. 47. ARRAN RICE WIZZED MEDIA FOUNDER "Entrepreneurship is a massive talking poi nt just now and there is more support out there for businesses than ever before. If you believe in your idea and have the driv e and passion to make it success I think y ou need to take that leap of faith. Taking r isks is so important in business."
  48. 48. ANNA GARCIA discoverMe(Founder) Relationships Intensive (Founder) " I know it was my fear of growth and letti ng go of what didn’t serve me anymore t hat was holding me back. And I also know there will be many more of these times o f growth but I now face them with a lot m ore self love, self trust, faith & wisdom"