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Sukhinobhava Nov 30th Activities.pdf

  1. Manifesting peace, auspiciousness and prosperity for all Sukhinobhava Mission
  2. Sukhinobhava Mission Activities Free Food and Medical Care Go Samrakhsanam 01 02
  3. Sukhino Bhavah is a Hindu, Dharmic, not-for-profit, charity-based organization, committed to generating auspiciousness & prosperity for all of society About Sukhinobhava
  4. Annapoornai Seva At Sukhinobhava daily at 8.30 am, annadhan, medicines, and go seva distribution is offered to Sadhus, Bhakta’s, Public
  5. At Sukhinobhava we are using organic vegetables, natural ingredients combined with natural ghee for cooking. Today’s Annadhan was served as healing sattvic food (Note: We don’t use onion, garlic, and green chilly) Annadhan Menu Today (30/11/2022) Idly Organic 21 herbs Ghee Pongal. Farm Fresh mix Veggie moong dal curry One Spoon of Ghee with food to all. Annapoornai Seva
  6. Annadhan Today Food Distribution to Sadhus Food Distribution to Women Food Distribution to Public
  7. Sukhinobhavas Go Samrakshana Total Cows 10 Feeding done today
  8. “Life, is for enriching others” – this enlightening revelation by a Hindu pontiff has been embraced by a group of Hindu monks, to serve society through multiple dharmic ways. Sukhinobhava Chikitsaalaya Seva
  9. You too can be a blessing in someone’s life by bringing them the joy of good food Sukhinobhava Ashram runs completely on generous donations from people like you. Donate Now: We Thank all the contributors and space holders who are making this happen. Namasthe Namashivayam. Be An Agent of Joy!