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Indian Film Festival of Alberta to commence soon

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Indian Film Festival of Alberta to commence soon

  1. 1. http://www.amazantz.com/news.html Indian Film Festival of Alberta to commence soon The 1st Indian Film Festival of Alberta (IFFA), which is being presented by the Edmonton movie Club, is scheduled to commence within a short span of time in Western Canada. IFFA will showcase 10 movies in seven different Indian Languages in 3 major cities in Alberta - Edmonton, Calgary and Fort McMurray. Come; join us at our 1st Film Festival in Canada. IFFA and AmazAntz We, at AmazAntz were solely responsible for the design and development of the website, banners and posters for the 1st Indian Film Festival of Alberta (IFFA). We enjoyed a lot, having got access in doing a huge amount of research in the ocean of Indian films and gathered rich quality knowledge and experience pertaining to the industry. We were delighted for them being so much interested in Indian Films, which provided us with added zeal and energy to work upon. Bridging Cultures through Cinema These activities provide a unique platform for an exchange of ideas, culture and experiences between India and other countries in the field of cinema. It also provides a powerful platform for Indian cinema and opens commercial opportunities for Indian films. Booking Tickets Yes, you can book your tickets online, where you have the option of 3 types of tickets available to you. Hope, you will enjoy and have a good time.