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Here are the highlights on Modules and Features of Sage 100 ERP

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Sage 100 ERP cloud provide wide range of tools, features and modules that can give you more power to run your business.

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Here are the highlights on Modules and Features of Sage 100 ERP

  1. 1. Here are the highlights on Modules and Features of Sage 100 ERP
  2. 2. Sage 100 ERP is enterprise resource planning software system for SMB’s that helps them to manage critical business operations.
  3. 3. Sage ERP is commonly recommended to companies with Annual Revenue between 1 million and $100 million.
  4. 4. Highlights on Sage ERP
  5. 5. • Finance and accounting • Distribution • Ecommerce • Resource and Project Management • Manufacturing • Business Intelligence and Integration Tools • Customer Relationship Management Sage 100 ERP bring the following Modules and Functions for your business growth:
  6. 6. Suit your Business Needs with customizable Sage CRM Integration with Sage 100c. CRM Integration It enables businesses to achieve a competitive advantage in the marketplace by satisfying customer and their needs.
  7. 7. Sage 100 provides rich sets of item information like Inventory availability and Pricing options. Sales And eCommerce • Sales order • eCommerce
  8. 8. Keep track on your Business Records to plan for future Demands… Orders and Inventory • Purchase order• Inventory management
  9. 9. With Sage 100, it became easy to keep track of manufacturing processes and materials requirements information in Real-Time. • Work order management • Material requirements planning • Bill of materials
  10. 10. Click here to Know More about the Features that make these Modules more Effective.
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