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Careers Presentation For Year 12 Students

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Careers presentation to Yr 12 cohort to encourage consideration of IT skill development.

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Careers Presentation For Year 12 Students

  1. 1. New Job Clusters & The Second Machine Age Paul Herring MACS (Snr) CP
  2. 2. The World Has Changed: ”20 years ago, if you wanted to cure cancer, you would have gone into medicine, but if you want to cure cancer today you should go into software engineering. The possibilities are endless.” - Anna Emerson, SPLC old-scholar & Google Software Engineer
  3. 3. • There are some 13 transferable enterprise skills that all the jobs in 1 ‘cluster’ share. • The demand for digital skills is up by 212% over the last 3 years yet over 27% of school leavers have low proficiency in digital literacy (let alone any digital skills that could be classed at the level of fluency or mastery). • Also the demand for critical thinking skills is up 158% (a skill set that can be dramatically improved through the effective use of digital technology).
  4. 4. Portability within a ‘Cluster’
  5. 5. Skills Needed: • Hard specialist knowledge skills like Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, plus Entrepreneurship, Art and Design – STEAMED. • Soft people skills like critical thinking, communication, collaboration, connectivity, creativity, and culture. • Health care professionals, carers and aides, and business, human resources and marketing professionals are projected to see some of the largest employment gains in Australia in the short term – through to 2021. • Each of these jobs involves complex situations and requires creative problem solving skills. They also require high levels of contact with clients.
  6. 6. • There is a very serious need to gain basic digital literacy skills • Advanced digital skills will be required for the future, • ‘computational thinking’, • ‘new-media literacy’, • ‘design mindset’, • ‘virtual collaboration’. ‘The Second Machine Age’ will need good skills in: • ideation, • large-frame pattern recognition, and • complex communication • The clusters with the strongest future potential are: • The Carers, • The Informers, and • The Technologists • All very much IT centric.
  7. 7. STEM:
  8. 8. Co-CEO & co-founder of Atlassian - Mike Cannon-Brookes: • "If we're not investing in technology we're completely stuffed as a nation." • "I think fundamentally it's about talent -- that's our biggest challenge in this country. Talent, training, and STEM education in high schools is critically important." • … if the nation does not employ some form of Computational Thinking in schools, … we won’t have the workforce in 20 - 30 years' time that we will need. • "In the UK, kindergarten through 12 do Computer Science education; various states in the US are starting to mandate Computer Science as one of the things you graduate with in year 12 as a mandatory subject like Maths and English, …"
  9. 9. Resulting from a) the digitization of more and more information, goods, and services, b) Globalisation - telecommunications, - transportation, - networks and standards. c) Intelligent Systems – Machine Learning & Robotics • But there’s more! A New Economic Model
  10. 10. The Future of Wealth Distribution
  11. 11. Google chief economist Hal Varian: • “Seek to be an indispensable complement to something that’s getting cheap and plentiful.” Examples include: • data scientists, • writers of mobile phone apps, and • genetic counsellors Ethics also vital: • We cannot outsource our responsibilities to machines. We must hold on ever tighter to human values and human ethics.” • Zeynep Tufekci, Techno-sociologist Career Skills Now Needed:
  12. 12. What can you do in Year 12 in 2017? • Evaluate the Job Clusters • where do you see yourself; your talents; skills; passions; • Enrol in IT courses – ANY • Lydna.com; • Udemy.com • Get a job • find part-time or vacation jobs working as a technology volunteer for non-profits or other orgs • - see job clusters – next slide • Develop your competency with the Top 10 Skills in 2020 • Amazon Leadership Skills – see next slide • Consider how different the world will be when you get to your 40’s!
  13. 13. Amazon’s Leadership Principles  Customer Obsession*  Ownership  Invent and Simplify*  Are Right, A Lot  Learn and Be Curious  Hire and Develop the Best  Insist on the Highest Standards  Think Big*  Bias for Action  Frugality  Earn Trust  Dive Deep  Have Backbone; Disagree and Commit  Deliver Results What qualities are important to being successful?
  14. 14. Connected all the time
  15. 15. Internet of People
  16. 16. Our health monitored continuously
  17. 17. All vehicles fully autonomous
  18. 18. Ethics are critical We cannot outsource our responsibilities to machines. We must hold on ever tighter to human values and human ethics.” - Zeynep Tufekci, Techno-sociologist
  19. 19. Schools are for socialisation purposes
  20. 20. Food is manufactured, no animals reared
  21. 21. No energy acquired from fossil fuels
  22. 22. Quantum computing: Development of a quantum computer, would mark a leap forward in computing capability far greater than that from the abacus to a modern day supercomputer, with performance gains in the billion-fold realm and beyond.
  23. 23. No privacy