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Testimonials For Steve Harvey

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Testimonials For Steve Harvey

  1. 1. Testimonials for Steve's work: Once again it has been an absolute pleasure experiencing the gift of your healing hands, generous heart and vast knowledge. I hope our paths cross again in the future. Until then much love, light and blessings.
 ~ Demi Moore ________________________________________________ Thank you for sharing your compassion and love for all of us who need your healing touch & guidance. I wish my husband was here to have met you but I do know he has somewhere. Thank you!
 ~ Donna Karan ________________________________________________ Just occasionally in this life you come across one special person who in the space of a couple of hours can spin your whole world on its axis so subtly, and yet so profoundly,that your entire life view shifts. Steve Harvey is such a person. He is a powerhouse of no-nonsense healing, a wise, funny, down-to-earth Scot, with a wizard’s touch. It is hard to define exactly what he does, largely because he is so multi skilled, coupled with the fact that any session with him is totally bespoke, geared to where you are at in the here-and-now, in this very moment. When it comes to the big issues grief, divorce, anger, debt, depression, anxiety Steve’s methods work with astonishing effect to dispel unwanted habits and damaging emotions. There is pretty much nothing that he is not capable of helping you with - stress levels, a desire to quit smoking or comfort eating, an urgent need to shift negative thinking cycles he really can hold you through it all.
  2. 2. Using a mixture of skills, from Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to The Work of Byron Katie and the Demartini Method, for me Steve’s uniqueness lies in his ability to help you to see your story, however bad or traumatic it may be, as something that has moulded you to positive effect. With this realization comes an incredibly peaceful level of acceptance and gratitude that palpably cleanses your body, mind and soul. It is the very definition of good health. And whilst he may have worked with the likes of Donna Karan and Demi Moore, Steve is open and compassionate to everyone he comes across, in his presence we are all but humans striving for balance in a 21st Century world that is increasingly challenging our understanding of wellbeing. And at the heart of it all is the universal truth that nothing is more liberating than being freed from the self-doubting shackles of your own mind. I owe to Steve a huge thank you for gently popping me on the road to recovery at a time in my life that I can only describe as a rather bleak hole that he helped me to morph into a melting setting sun.
 ~ DAISY FINER, CONDE NAST TRAVELLER SPA GUIDE EDITOR ________________________________________________ His understanding of the human body, his ability to find deep seated emotional and mental blocks and his gift to bring you in touch with your spirit makes Steve Harvey one of the most gifted healers in the health and wellness industry. Whether you are looking to quit smoking, overcome food addictions, transcend emotional upsets, balance lopsided perceptions, or heal past traumas, working with Steve Harvey will help move you past the very things that have been dimming your true magnificence. It is truly a gift to have Steve’s healing hands, gentle dialogue, remarkable presence, and precise insight and intuition guide you along your journey. Amy Bondar,
 BSW, MASc., NCP. Nutritional Consulting Practitioner. www.amybondar.com ________________________________________________
  3. 3. I am always amazed at Steve’s innate ability to intuit most anything. Through his many skills and insights, he truly has a rare gift. With Steve’s guidance, I reached the deepest, most profound level of consciousness I have ever experienced. It was true bliss. Steve has a natural ability to tune in to your ‘now’ both physically and psychically. He easily brings your attention to what is most important to you in the present moment. Through his many years’ experience and skills he facilitates your ability to get out of your own way and see through to answers and direction. Steve helps you to do what you’ve always been able to do, but didn’t know where to start. His work is like a conduit to your own wellness and self-knowledge. You can’t help but to come away with a better understanding of yourself, the world around you and what to do next. His holistic approach to coaching covers a vast width and breadth of human experience. Working with Steve leaves you well-equipped to move in the direction you want/need to go. Choosing to work with him is a gift to yourself that you will always treasure. I know I do.
 Thank you Steve for teaching me that I have always known the way.
 ~ Terisa Klassen Freelance writer ________________________________________________ The Value of Expertise
 There is an old story about a multi-million dollar power plant that had mysteriously ground to a halt. All efforts to restart it had failed and someone suggested that they contact an old blacksmith from a neighbouring village. The blacksmith was known for his ability to get old engines working when everybody else had failed. The executive in charge of the power plant reluctantly agreed to hire the old guy to see if he could fix the broken machinery. So the old blacksmith arrived. He touched the machinery carefully, put his hands softly on it, placed his ear against it and listened carefully, even though nobody could hear a thing. After studying the problem for a few minutes he took a hammer and hit one of the
  4. 4. valves. With a rumble, the plant came back to life. Incredulous glances were shared,grateful cries and high-fives were exchanged. Later, the blacksmith’s bill arrived for the amount of $10,000.00. The outraged executive in charge thought “All he did was hit a valve with a hammer, this bill is ridiculous.” He asked for an itemized breakdown and the blacksmith responded with a bill that read:“Hitting valve with hammer $10.00. Knowing which valve to hit: $9,990.00.” The value of expertise. I love this story as it clearly shows us that we shouldn’t only look at the fee we are being charged, but more importantly the value that it brings to us. I am very happy that I got to know Steve Harvey while he was working for COMO Shambhala, Parrot Cay in the Caribbean and lucky that I got to receive Steve’s amazing coaching work. I learned cutting edge mental techniques to help me to get ‘unstuck’ and received several days of integrative bodywork sessions. Even though Steve is not an old blacksmith, he is an expert at what he does, and the results for me were the same - fast results - feeling mentally and physically better. In fact, I felt so good that I invited him to come to Switzerland to treat all of my friends. And an added bonus for me was that he didn’t charge me $10,000.00 just a few hundred dollars per session, but for me it was worth thousands. How can one put a price on feeling super happy and fit? Whether you are trying to overcome physical pain and trauma to regain mobility and strength, transform stress into vibrant and vital energy, dissolve limiting beliefs and perceptions into states of love and gratitude, or transcend your personal experience and use intention to create a life you love, I highly recommend Steve’s coaching and bodywork sessions. ~ Wolfgang G. Sonnenburg Author of Basic Millionaire Spirit: With Self-Reliance to Financial Independence.