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Creating A Social Environment For Employees

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Creating A Social Environment For Employees

  1. 1. Creating A Social Environment for Employees Stephen Jio, Dell - @stephenjatdell Social Media in HR Summit #socialhrdub – 28 September, 2012
  2. 2. • Employee empowerment creates trust and Brand advocacy • Building an integrated Social Media strategy • The critical importance of training • Looking for the right infrastructure to suit your needs • Extending beyond 2 @stephenjatdell © 2012 - Dell
  3. 3. Dell & Social Media: The intersection of Social and Dell 3 @stephenjatdell © 2012 - Dell
  4. 4. Social Media is in Dell’s DNA Product Development Marketing Communication • Feedback Loop • Demand Forecast • Rich Media • Early Warning • Lead Generation • Brand Reputation • New Product • Message Reach • Influence Ideation • Reputation Employee Focus Customer Service Online Presence • Communication • Collaboration • Listening • Ratings & Reviews • Talent Acquisition • Support Widgets • Communities • Innovation • Outreach • Customer Stories © 2012 - Dell
  5. 5. Is Internal Social Media an effective tool? 6 @stephenjatdell © 2012 - Dell
  6. 6. Internal Social Media: Employees see the benefits 61% find it easier to 60% find that internal social 58% find a company that Collaborate media demonstrates deploys internal social media Innovation is one to Trust 1 Source: APCO Worldwide and Gagen MacDonald, Survey on the State of the U.S. Workplace as Viewed by America’s Workforce, October 2011. 7 @stephenjatdell © 2012 - Dell
  7. 7. Internal Social Media: Employers see the benefits Employees get empowered Enriched ideas are Social engagement breaks and become generated through down Silo Mentality Brand Advocates Crowdsourcing 8 @stephenjatdell © 2012 - Dell
  8. 8. Why an integrated Social Media strategy makes sense. 9 @stephenjatdell © 2012 - Dell
  9. 9. Social Media: The exchanging of ideas between dynamic communities enabled through the technology of ever-evolving tools Direct2Dell 10 @stephenjatdell © 2012 - Dell
  10. 10. Mass Social Media The lines are blurred: Market Collaboration happens between both External Community External Community Direct2Dell Community External Hosted External Community Community Communities Support Mastery & Use Affinity Ideation External Extranets Topical Experts Internal Internal Networks / Enterprise Workgroups 11 @stephenjatdell © 2012 - Dell Collaboration
  11. 11. Building A Social Media Strategy: “Think before you jump” 12 @stephenjatdell © 2012 - Dell
  12. 12. Social Media Strategy Summary - Build and Execute your strategy 1. Identify what you want to achieve with Social Media 2. Budget for scalability with Sponsorship from Executives 3. Train your Staff for best practise engagement BUILD 4. Listen first to what is being said, understand your Customer 5. Engage and be part of the conversation and the solution 6. Opportunity is there in all elements of your business EXECUTE 7. Measure your results 13 @stephenjatdell © 2012 - Dell
  13. 13. Brand Reputation Customer Stories Listening Feedback Identify: Conversation What do YOU want from YOUR Social Engaging Media efforts? Sharing ideas Collaboration Virtual Project Management Campaigns CRM Viral Content Demand Generation Potential Issues Support Important Announcements Competition Buzz 14 @stephenjatdell © 2012 - Dell
  14. 14. Social Media Strategy – Sponsorship • Buy-in from Executives is critical Courtesy of http://goodsocialcents.com/2010/09/dilbert-infographics-social-media/ 15 @stephenjatdell © 2012 - Dell
  15. 15. Train your Staff: Empower your employees in Social Media 16 @stephenjatdell © 2012 - Dell
  16. 16. Training is essential Empower Employees: Provide Social Media • Clearly sets out the principles of listening and engaging training • Puts processes in place to execute – Principles – Policy – Governance • Allows for ALL employees to participate • Minimises risk and exposure for a company • Understanding the balance between work productivity and socialising • Also for agencies and contract workers 17 @stephenjatdell © 2012 - Dell
  17. 17. Social Media Social Media Principles Principles: Live by them 1. Protect Information 2. Be Transparent and Disclose 3. Follow the Law, Follow the Code of Conduct 4. Be Responsible 5. Be Nice, Have Fun and Connect http://www.dell.com/socialmedia 18 @stephenjatdell © 2012 - Dell
  18. 18. Internal Social Media Infrastructure What to look for: • Be available to all employees – Dell Chatter can be accessed by all 100,000+ staff • Be easy-to-use – Facebook/Twitter • Follow individuals with becoming ‘friends’ • Create and manage groups • Share content • Be robust for 24/7 access 19 @stephenjatdell © 2012 - Dell
  19. 19. Internal Social Media Network for Project Management Using an internal Social Media Network: • Allows for collaboration of project teams • Can be open to view or closed only to team • Can workflow documents for review and have a single thread for comments • Share files without having to use email or an internal network share • Allowing feedback in a ‘Social’ manner • Mobile apps can keep you connected 20 @stephenjatdell © 2012 - Dell
  20. 20. Execute your strategy: Listen, Listening Engage, Opportunity Engaging “Engaging in honest, direct conversations with Opportunity customers and stakeholders is a part of who we are, who we’ve always been. The social web amplifies our opportunity to listen and learn and invest ourselves in two-way dialogue, enabling us to become a better company with more to offer the people who depend on us.” - Michael Dell 21 @stephenjatdell © 2012 - Dell
  21. 21. Why You NEED to Listen Listening: What is the Customer Stories Community saying Peer to Peer Influence Sales Lead Generation Support Brand Reputation Comments Instant Feedback Product Evaluation Potential Issues Queries on Product/Services 27,000 posts daily about Dell 22 @stephenjatdell © 2012 - Dell
  22. 22. • Engagement doesn’t mean Engagement: responding to everything! Food for thought • Do not use to neutralise or argue a dissenting opinion • Let the community respond; trust the community • Engage in conversations that are already happening, BUT LOOK FOR LANDMINES • Be prompt, Social Media moves quicker than any other channel of communication …and don’t Tweet when you’re in a bad mood 23 @stephenjatdell © 2012 - Dell
  23. 23. #FAIL: Think before Tweet • When you tweet for a company you are the company #&@&ig • Why training is so important • Forget the delete button – once its posted, its permanent 24 @stephenjatdell © 2012 - Dell
  24. 24. Survey: The difficulties of assessing Social Media… "We trend to overvalue the things we can measure, and undervalue the things we cannot." John Hayes, CMO of American Express #CMOSOCIAL - Twitter Resource: eMarketer - Newsletter 12/09/12 26 @stephenjatdell © 2012 - Dell
  25. 25. KPIs: • Brand Health – How we measure up Net Promoter Scores, Social Net Advocacy our Social efforts • Customer Satisfaction (Social Support) – Within the Social environment, community responses • Conversion (User Content) – Customer reviews, user generated content • Consideration – Effectively driving traffic to dell.com • Revenue – ‘Social’ associated purchases, indirect and direct attributed 27 @stephenjatdell © 2012 - Dell
  26. 26. Extending Beyond: 28 @stephenjatdell © 2012 - Dell
  27. 27. Crowdsourcing: Tapping into the collective intelligence of the community • IdeaStorm introduced 2007 • Over 17,000 idea submitted • 738,000 votes • 96,000 comments • +500 ideas implemented • EmployeeStorm for staff 29 @stephenjatdell © 2012 - Dell
  28. 28. Customer Service: Reaches beyond the ‘one to one’ • Employees step out beyond internal Social Media • Proactively reach out to customers • Integrating efforts with support.dell.com • Team engages with 1,000+ customers per week • Positive impact on customer satisfaction: 35% conversion of ‘demoters’ to ‘promoters’ 30 @stephenjatdell © 2012 - Dell
  29. 29. Marketing: LinkedIn is a Social Opportunity • LinkedIn company page • Over 275k followers • Recruitment and merchandising product opportunities 32 @stephenjatdell © 2012 - Dell
  30. 30. Talent Acquisition: Yes we do that too! 33 @stephenjatdell © 2012 - Dell
  31. 31. Final Words: • Strategy • Training • Listen + Engage = Opportunity • Employee empowerment 34 @stephenjatdell © 2012 - Dell
  32. 32. Thank you! @stephenjatdell A copy of presentation available on slideshare.net 36 @stephenjatdell Dell Global Listening Command Centre © 2012 - Dell

Notas do Editor

  • For us Social Media is part of our DNA and participate in nearly all aspects of the business.Product Development – new ideas, share ideas and get feedbackMarketing – creating awareness - demand on products, global, regionalCommunications – launching a product, PR, building buzzOnline Presence – customer’s voice, user generated contentCustomer Service – support of the product Sales – company strategy
  • So where do we start?
  • In order to develop a Social Media strategy, you have to understand what it is all about.Tweets, blogs, comments, posts are all the exchanging of ideasDynamic communities – examples: Women’s world cup final between US and Japan in 2011 set a record for tweets per second at 7,196 – which has since been broken by 6 other dynamic events. Technology – hardware smartphones, tablets, laptops, internet, conductivity - - software agnostic conversation enablers like Facebook, Twitter, etc.What makes Social Media different from other forms of media is that the community user is the owner of content and the playing field is neutral.
  • Interaction #2– groups to discussHere are some ideas and they may be on your list, however let’s put together your own list and then a collective list of your table so we can compare with the other tables.
  • When I spoke of sponsorship from company executives – there are 2 ways this benefits youIs budget and resourcing as your strategy will require lots of bothIs how you are able to engage philosophically – what’s important is to be very transparent and honest and that is sometimes difficult as companies are used to being very closed about what they do and how they do it.
  • The key principles of any Social strategy are listening and engaging.Social listening and engaging is part of Dell’s DNA.The process is crucial – you must first listen, then engage and the opportunities will follow.Many companies decide to flip the process over and essentially use social as a campaign vehicle – however Social is empowerment of the community and they set the expectations – so if you don’t listen chances are you won’t be near the mark with your opportunities.
  • Back in 2006, on average, there were about 5000 posts per day about Dell.  Today, on average 26,000 posts about Dell every day in social media (tweets, blogs, mentions in comments, questions in forums etc).  These range from fans recommending products and services to others, to customers looking for support, to people sharing ideas with us or telling us about how they use their technology and where they want to go in the future.  We do hear them all, aggregate the information and share that with our businesses.Our Listening Centres regional located along with Dell employees listen to the conversations. Some is reactive and others proactive with tools to help assist.Essentially listening is critical when you consider there is someone out there talking about you!
  • Engagement doesn’t mean having to respond to everything – sometimes conversations are best kept among the communityOnce you engage, what goes out becomes public and permanent (don’t ever think that a delete of a post is final!)
  • To many companies, Social Media success is justified primarily on its ability to perform as an extended marcom channel for the business.As you can see in the Econsultancy, The State of Social Report 2011.
  • outsourcing a task to an independent ‘crowd’ of experts who compete (or sometimes collaborate) to solve the problemThey are often rewarded for doing so. Threadless is a fashion company that’s had great success by asking people to upload T-shirt designs that site visitors then rate each week. Winning submissions get printed in limited editions, and the creators are rewarded with cash and site credits.
  • Social customer service is effective as its reach is far greater than the normal one-on-one service – it is also effective turning demoters of your product into promoters.
  • Use
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  • Photo is of the Dell Global Listening Centre in Austin, Texas – other listening centres throughout the world