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  1. Evaluation NHS Project
  2. Initial Research • The importance of the research was detrimental to my project because it allowed me to gain knowledge on what to include in my advertisement and what format to show it in. • The existing products that I researched for my project helped my product to also fit in with the others which would have been important for its usability for the NHS. • Additionally, the research allowed me to get generally familiar with the campaign that I was developing my project for, for example, I learned of some methods that the NHS used to help better people’s help. For particularly overweight people they encouraged the person to do more cardiovascular activities to help lose weight.
  3. Audience Research - Importance • It was quite important to gather feedback from an audience about my project as it helped me to remain on track with how my project was going. • To gather the feedback I created a google forms survey which was answered by around 15 people. The survey helped me to gauge what I should and shouldn’t include in my project. • Also, the survey allowed me to know what people thought of the project at that point. The response to it was very positive with 67% of people voting it a 5 out of 5. This boosted my confidence for how the project was going at the time and allowed me to stay on a steady track for the remainder of the project.
  4. Creating the Radio Advertisement • Creating the radio advert for the NHS project; I discovered a few things that were important in creating an effective and influential radio advertisement. • The most important element of making these advertisements I discovered was Foley. Which is a technique used to emulate the sounds of everyday life, the sounds can consist of rain drops, footsteps etc. • With the right mixing and post production applied to the project it can sound very convincing. I think that the use of foley fit quite well in to my advertisement. The foley I used was the sound of footsteps in the rain along with the sound of someone vaping and coughing. • Foley is a very effective technique which is used all the time in the film and even music industries.
  5. Radio Advertisement – Continued • The software used to create my advertisement was Adobe Audition 2021 which had a small learning curve in the beginning but I was able to gather enough knowledge to use the software after a small amount of time. • The software was very powerful in the way it allowed me to dial in the perfect gain for every track in the advertisement, it also allowed me to add various effects to the tracks such as reverb which was crucial to making the sound of the rain more convincing to the listener. • Another thing I applied to some tracks was a volume drop off at the end of the tracks, this is to make the cut off in audio less jarring to the listener which could distract them from the point of what the advertisement is trying to deliver.
  6. Radio Advertisement – Continued • The effects in which I added to the tracks were mainly reverb effects which can either make the soundstage appear more wide or narrow depending on the setting you choose. This is effective to emulate the sound of an interior setting or an exterior setting. • The Adobe Audition software allowed me to export all of my tracks to Adobe Premiere Pro where I could gather it all into a video file so that I could upload it to my YouTube channel all of the effects that I added to the advertisement remained intact. • Using the adobe was suite to create this advertisement was an overall success and allowed me to gain a lot of valuable knowledge which can be used on future products.
  7. Radio Advertisement Summary • The radio advertisement was targeted to an audience which consisted of Teens – Young Adults which I think was the best audience to target as I have the best knowledge on what the psychographic and demographic would largely be interested in. • I figured that the target audience wouldn’t be interested in a long winded more formal approach to an advertisement as this demographic typically has a shorter attention span than others, this is why I made the advertisement as short as possible without effecting the quality of it. • The radio advertisement in its final state is just under 30 seconds. When developing the advertisement I had a 30 second runtime goal in mind and I have successfully reached that goal.
  8. Radio Advertisement Summary - Continued • Around 5-8 seconds is dedicated to the foley sound effects which set the scene and mood of the advertisement. Which is the sound of rain, footsteps and the sound of someone struggling with a vape. • I decided that my advertisement was around promoting the downfall of harmful hobbies such as vaping and smoking, as vaping has became very popular in the recent time I decided to focus on this fact to create my advertisement. • It then rolls to a narrator which reads from the script that I had created for the radio advertisement. The script was necessary to the advertisement’s development in order for the narrator to send across the relevant points to the audience.
  9. Initial Print Advertisement • The main aim when creating this advertisement was to remain as simple as possible whilst also delivering an important message to the audience. When performing the photo shoot for this project in particular, the whether was quite cold and it had snowed a lot. • This aligned perfectly and became the centrepiece and focus of the advertisement. It allowed for some quite visually attractive shots; for this advertisement specifically I chose this picture. • This picture which includes a shot of the snow being lifted off the ground looks appealing to the demographic that the advertisement targets. • Along with the focus of weather, the advertisement was also centred around sport, particularly football.
  10. Initial Print Advertisement - Continued • When creating my print advertisement I used the Adobe Photoshop 2022 software as I had prior knowledge on how to use it along with it being the most powerful software available to me to edit and create the visual style of the advertisement. • Adobe Photoshop contains many effects and fonts built in to the software which helped me drastically to create the advertisement itself. I changed the picture from colour to greyscale as it allows the project to remain more consistent and to improve the mood of the shot. • The football visible in the advertisement is a visual effect which I added to the project, the football was not present in the original picture. I added the football to show what sport was being played and to have more things going on in the picture. To make the football convincing I added a motion blur effect which was available in the software this effect made the ball look like it was moving at a high velocity.
  11. Initial Print Advertisement - Continued • The final product contained the phrase ‘Don’t Quit, Get Fit’ which is a catchy phrase to add the advertisement. It is in the advertisement as it is likely to grab the reader’s attention and be stuck in their head, reminding them to remain fit which is the overall focus of the campaign. • In Photoshop, I cut out the protagonist in the picture which allowed me to get his legs over the text which is a unique visual style, this allows the advert to further be aimed towards the teen / young adult audience. This visual effect is one of many that I learned whilst developing this advertisement.
  12. Alternative Print Advertisement • This was the 2nd Print Advertisement that I developed for the NHS Better Health campaign. The picture used in this advertisement is also taken from the initial photoshop that I had done in the snow. This allows this advertisement to fit with the other advertisement. • In this advertisement I decided to go with colour, this was to differentiate the advert from the other but, it was also appropriate to use colour in this advertisement. The same visual effect used in the prior advertisement is also used in this advertisement in which the protagonist’s head goes over the text.
  13. Alternative Print Advertisement - Continued • In this advertisement I added an ice effect to the text which allows the text to fit in to the snowy environment shown on the picture used. • A unique visual effect that I added to this advertisement which is not present on the other advertisement is the background blur effect which is present at the top of the advertisement. • I used this effect to bring the reader’s focus to the text rather than elements which are in the background of the advertisement. This helps the advertisement to be more readable, this is the practical element of this effect, however it also looks visually appealing to the psychographic of the audience in which the advertisement is targeting.
  14. Summary • Over the creation of my project for the NHS I have learned a lot of valuable techniques and gathered a lot of experience which will help my future products to be at a higher quality and to be more advanced. • The NHS has been a very interesting and inspirational client to work with as they are a very important part of the UK. The production of my advertisements will help the NHS to target the younger demographics through the styles that I have chosen over the development of my project.