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2000s ppt AA

  1. 1. The 2000s By : Stephanie, Lhosayne, Ernst, Dana, Morissa and Orlando
  2. 2. Avatar Director James Cameron stated that David Lean's classic film Lawrence Of Arabia was one of his inspirations for Avatar. There are also a lot of very recognizable archetypes in the story: the American frontier and the conflict between a technical, military civilization and a nature-aligned indigenous population. Avatar was a global and international hit with its use of 3-D but it wasn't the first 3-d film in the 2000 decade or film history .
  3. 3. 3D History The first theatrical full length 3D film was the politically incorrectly titled BWANA DEVIL. This 1952 film was composed of mostly stock footage, In 1960, Castle twisted the dead 3D gimmick to a whole new level with 13 GHOSTS. A great little haunted house movie that featured Margaret Hamilton. The 3D films died out in the 1980s and came around again in the 2000s. Advances in computer technology made it much easier to create 3D movies in general, and especially in computer animation. highly praised 3D productions to date such as How to Train Your Dragon (98% on Rotten Tomatoes) and Toy Story 3 (99%). Films such as Star Wars (1977) The Matrix (1999) Spiderman (2002), Minority Report (2002) opened major doors for Avatar.
  4. 4. Politics in the 2000s Politics in the first decade of the 21st century has been very chaotic. In the 2000 Elections the presidential candidates were George Bush Jr. and Al Gore when it seemed that Gore had was going to win the elections. Florida had a recount and its votes gave Bush, 271 electoral votes that defeated Al Gore who received 266 electoral votes which was a violation was a violation of the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. Bush ran for a second term due to voters being in support of War on Terrorism after the September 11,2001 attacks on the World Trade Center allegedly by Al- Qaeda which continued the act of terrorism throughout the decade. These events inspired films such as United 93 (2006) and World Trade Center (2006). After Bush's second term was over an African American senator from Chicago, Illinois named Barack Obama ran for the presidential elections and became the 44th president of the United States of America and the first known black president.
  5. 5. Wars in the 2000s Wars dominated the 2000s decade and the War on Terrorism also known as The Afghan War has been documented as the longest war in U.S. history. This war has lasted around 120 months along with The War in Iraq from 2003-2011 under false pretenses that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction but the war did stop the cruel dictatorship of Saddam Hussein. Films such as Hurt Locker (2008) and Lions for Lambs (2007) were inspired by these wars. The war against terrorism has given resurgence to an old type of torture simply termed as "waterboarding" or "wash boarding" involves strapping a person to an inclined board, the victim's arms and legs are binded, and they cover his face. The physical experience is the person's mind believing he is drowning. The Genocidal War of Darfur, Sudan from 2003-2009 was brought to the public's attention by musicians and grassroots organizations to stop the conflict between Afro-Arabs vs. the Non-Arab militias and rebel groups. over Darfur's government oppressing black Africans in favor of Arabs.
  6. 6. Disasters in the 2000s Disasters dealing with nature taking its toll in the 2000s with Hurricanes wreaking havoc on the Gulf Coast and Florida during 2004, 2005, and 2008. Hurricane Katrina was the nation's deadliest disaster of the decade killing more than 1,800 Americans which inspired the film Hurricane Season in 2008. Hurricane Ike was the decade's second-costliest disaster, with some $30 billion in damage reported in 2008. The tsunami that took place in Japan during December 26, 2004 was the deadliest tsunami in history killing over 250,000 people from Japan to Africa. The film The Day After Tomorrow (2004) shows New York being destroyed by a huge Tsunami. In the 2000s there were earthquakes, plane crashes, and random acts of terrorism. Especially in the early 2000s with anthrax and the DC Sniper.
  7. 7. Prominent Events of the 2000s 2000 Mad Cow disease alarms Europe 2001 Anthrax scare rivets nation, as anthrax-laced letters are sent to various media and government officials. Several die after handling the letters (October 5 et seq.). In response to Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, U.S. and British forces launch bombing campaign against Taliban government and al-Qaeda terrorist camps in Afghanistan. Bombings continue on a daily basis 2002 The euro currency debuts in 12 European countries 2003 Space shuttle Columbia explodes, killing all seven astronauts 2004 Spain is rocked by terrorist attacks, killing more than 200 and Al-Qaeda takes responsibility 2005 Worldwide aid pours in to help the 11 Asian countries devastated by the Dec. 26, 2005 2006 Four days after an appeals court upholds his death sentence, Saddam Hussein is hanged in Baghdad 2007 Cristina Fernández de Kirchner is elected Argentina's first woman president 2008 Gunman kills six students and then himself and wounds 15 more when he opens fire on a classroom at Northern Illinois University. 2009 U.S. Airways plane ditches in the Hudson River - all 155 passengers survive
  8. 8. Technology of 2000’s The Decade of Tech, Science and Invention
  9. 9. 2000’s of Science Scientists discover water ice on the mood in 2009. Space Tourism Private spaceflight begins with American Dennis AFIS and CODIS become the main forensic tools for fingerprint In August 2006 Pluto is demoted to a “dwarf planet” after being considered a planet for 76 years. Other "dwarf planets" in our solar system now include Ceres and Eris.
  10. 10. The Technology Digital cameras become very popular due to rapid decreases in size and cost while photo resolution steadily increases. Flat pane display begin displacing to: navigation search Demonstration of a flexible OLED device A green emitting OLED device An OLED (organic light- emitting diode) Hdtv’s
  11. 11. Invention
  12. 12. The decade of Animation
  13. 13. 3D Movies and new technology Making of the Matrix Behind the Scenes
  14. 14. Avatar: Motion Capture Mirrors Emotions
  15. 15. Art and Literature Changes in Art and Literature reflected issues of the early 200s by starting to reject traditions and stand up for artistic freedom. Globalization, which had intensified in the post- Cold war 1990’s, continued to influence the worlds in the 2000s. The growth of the Internet was one of the prime contributors to globalization during the decade, making it possible for people to interact with other people and express ideas.
  16. 16. Introduce other to different cultures and backgrounds, use goods and service, sell and buy online, research and learn about anything, along with experience the whole world without having to leave home. The decade saw further expansion of LGBT rights Climate change and global warming became household words in the 2000s
  17. 17. 2000’s in Film Usage of computer-generate imagery became widespread in films during the 2000s. Documentary and Mockumentary films, such as March of the Penguins and Super Size me were popular. Oscar Winners: Gladiator , A Beautiful Mind, Chicago, The Lord of the Rings: The return of the king, Million Dollar Baby, Crash, The departed, No country for old me, Slumdog Millionaire, The Hurt locker.
  18. 18. Avatar Trailer
  19. 19. Obama’s Inauguration
  20. 20. 2000’s Films Budget
  21. 21. 2000’s film Budget From 2000 to 2012 which is ten years of the budgets of films are flying up! 2000’s, films budget from $15,000,000 goes up to $300,000,000
  22. 22. Low Budget movie in 2000’s Although, most of the films budgets goes up, but still have some films get influenced by finical crisis. Primer(2004,$7,000) Paranormal Activity (2009, $15,000)
  23. 23. Best Movie in 2000’s In the US Avatar (Cameron) USA,2009. The budget of Avatar was $237,000,000 US Gross $760,507,625 Worldwide Gross $2,783,918,982
  24. 24. 2000s International Over the past 30 years, foreign markets have generally accounted for about one-half of major U.S. producers' total sales in these industries. By the late 2000s, international sales accounted for approximately two-thirds of box office sales. Example: The film Titanic made almost US$2 billion in worldwide sales as of 2001—making it the biggest-grossing movie of all time.
  25. 25. 2000’s film business In 2000, sales reached US$37 billion, with music consumption high among young audiences everywhere. Almost 80% of movies sold overseas come from the U.S. movie industry
  26. 26. Movies Banned in the 2000s The Yes Men Fix the World (2009) •Banned in 2010 •It was a movie about “The Yes Men,” culture jamming activists whose goal is to expose lies and bring attention to what they believe are social injustices •The Yes Men make fake parody websites, such as a false world trade website, in which people think are authentic. • “The Yes Men Fix the World” was blocked from releasing due to a pending lawsuit by the commercial entity, United States Chamber of Commerce. •The film spoofed the USCOC declaring the it needs to reevaluate it’s climate change policy in regards to clean air.
  27. 27. “Yes Men Fix the World Trailer”
  28. 28. The Profit A movie intended to educate the public about cults. It spoofed Scientology used elements from the life of L. Ron Howard, the creator of Scientology. Church of Scientology claimed that the film could taint the jury pool in the wrong death trial of Lisa McPherson McPherson was a former member of the Church of Scientology. She died of a pulmonary embolism while under the care of the Flag Service Organization , a branch of the Church of Scientology. The medical examiner claimed she was a victim of a negligent homicide, which indicted the church on two felony charges.
  29. 29. Human Centipede 2 (2011) •Banned in Britain •Cut in the USA •Unleashed in Britain •The sequel to a movie about a crazed scientists whose goal was to make a centipede out of humans. •The sequel was about an obsessed actor who saw the first film and decided to create a human centipede out of 12 people instead of two. •Described as: "not suitable for classification certificate" “tasteless and disgusting" "harm is likely to be cause to potential viewers" "otherwise illegal" "in breach of criminal law" "sadistic violence" "depraved sexual fantasy" "degradation, humiliation, mutilation, torture"
  30. 30. Film Censorship from 2000- Present What’s good? What’s bad?  Help and protect people from  Freedom of speech is dangerous concepts, violence and compromised pornography  Prevents free flow of ideas  Protection of the citizens by either  Leads to ignorance of the banning some explicit content or society labeling it with age restriction  Works against creativity  Religious conflicts are avoided  Intrudes on the privacy of a person  Preserves the secrets of a nation  Gives rise to & hides human  Prevent politically motivated right abuses propaganda  Shields the moral of society  Restrains vulgarity and obscenity
  31. 31. Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows 2010
  32. 32. Influx of Movies based off Comic Books in the 2000’s