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Link Building Without Pitching and Building Tons of Content - Adam Riemer

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Link Building Without Pitching and Building Tons of Content

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Link Building Without Pitching and Building Tons of Content - Adam Riemer

  1. 1. Link Building without pitching and building tons of content www.AdamRiemer.me
  2. 2. Overview • Sponsorships • Using What MakesYou Unique • Infographics and advertising • Quizzes
  3. 3. Sponsorships • Drag Queens at Drag Races • Sashes • Tiarras • Cards • Etc… • Town events • Holiday decorations - .gov • Local schools or colleges - .edu or k-12 • Non profits - .com/.net/.org • Influencers who have a media and blogging following • Look for media coverage • Analyze their followers or who interacts most with them Yes, I actually do these things…that’s me! Ohhh, and even something as simple as a calendar? (This is where someone should say, show us an example)
  4. 4. Here’sYour Example
  5. 5. Contest Entries Step 1: Find One Step 3: MeasureStep 2: Enter
  6. 6. UsingWhatYou’ve Got • Being Gay • Images • Non gender specific checkouts or shopping • How many of each vs. sets of bride and groom • Adding mr, mrs or ms by yourself • Race Knowledge • Landing pages with relevant people • Proper language versions • Making sure you feature what is important to the specific culture • DINKs • No families on the landing pages If you have a diverse staff, use what they wish was on a website to create an all inclusive experience. You can attract links solely based on good UX from advocacy groups, bloggers & more.
  7. 7. Infographics & Advertising • Empower an audience to cause a reaction: • Pride • Jealously • Laughter • Sadness/guilt • Empowerment Audience (who is the audience) • Online or heavy internet usage • countries with solid wifi • groups who are more active online • enjoy comedy, quizzes and relevant topics • Job titles or hobbies • Workplaces + title • Interests like blogging • Interests in a cause or event • Influencers and their properties • Twitter followers by their handle • Facebook on their interests • Google on the adsense network • Where do they work? • Employer • JobTitle Hey Adam, don’t forget to give a bonus tip about finding lists of relevant employees. Ohh…and also go for answer boxes where your visual solves the issue.
  8. 8. Advertising Part 2 • Facebook: • Using demographics • JobTitles • Employers • Twitter: • Followers • Accounts media and bloggers follow • Pinterest • Look for inspiration and other boards that are owned by bloggers • Use hashtags and keywords where you stand out • Contrasting colors and clear wording are important
  9. 9. Quizzes • The quiz itself? Nope! • Link to sources and resources within the quiz • Interesting documents and your own infographics • After the quiz is over send people to a resource, encourage sharing or provide them with a related piece of content
  10. 10. Donations – to get “natural” backlinks • Locate your target publication or influencer group • Identify the person you need to target • Find the charity or place the person feels strong about • Facebook • Twitter • Blogs • Etc… • Make the donation to their charity • Sign it by your company name or your own name Not donating to an organization for a link from their site.
  11. 11. Any Questions? Adam Riemer www.AdamRiemer.me @Rollerblader