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About CCV

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This presentation gives you an overview of the programs and support needed for Community Center at Visitation (CCV) in Philadelphia.

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About CCV

  1. 1. 2646KensingtonAvenue Philadelphia,PA19125 COMMUNITY CENTER AT VISITATION Communitycenteratvis.org A Beacon of Hope in Kensington
  2. 2. About Us In November 2003, the Archdiocese of Philadelphia opened the Cardinal Bevilacqua Community Center’s doors to serve and engage the community and promote development. The Center brought new life to the then abandoned building, once famously known as the Starlight Ballroom. With the support of the community, the help of donors and organizations, and the spirit of the church, the corner of Kensington and Lehigh Avenues no longer sat as an eye sore of rubble but as a new structure fully modernized. The Center provides the community with sports, education classes, after-school programs, art programs, service opportunities, and more.
  3. 3. Our History Stemming from their community commitment and hope to have the Center become a more effective and integrated resource for the Kensington community, Catholic Social Services transferred the management of the Center to Visitation BVM Parish in July 2010. Today, the Community Center at Visitation (CCV) is embarking on an exciting new course with a renewed hope and dream guiding its steps-to facilitate a better quality of life and meaningful possibilities for our neighbors, and to become more integrated within the community of Kensington. 80% of families live below the poverty level 47% of adults have not graduated from High School
  4. 4. Mission The Community Center at Visitation is committed to provide a safe place for community outreach, continuous education, and recreation among the diverse cultural communities of Kensington and its surrounding neighborhoods. Serving as a “Beacon of Hope,” the Center embraces and celebrates this community with particular regard for nurturing the potential of its youth, senior, and immigrant populations.
  5. 5. About Kensington Kensington is one of the 10 poorest Districts in the country and the second hungriest District in the USA. Philadelphia Inquirer October 2010
  6. 6. Community Center at Visitation Programs and Services 2646 Kensington Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19125
  7. 7. Adult Education English as a Second Language (3 levels: Basic, Beginner, Intermediate) Adult Literacy GED Computer Financial Literacy
  8. 8. Seniors Seniors are a vibrant part of the life of Community Center at Visitation. On Mondays, seniors arrive for bingo at 9AM and stay to talk and share. Low-impact exercise with a certified trainer is offered on a seasonal basis. Visits and outreach with trained volunteers connect home bound seniors to much needed services while allowing people to age in place in a community that they love.
  9. 9. Food Program After School Program Drop In program  Community Dinners Community Meeting  Community Projects Movie Nights  Basketball League Temporary Assistance  After School Programs Food Pantry Community Outreach
  10. 10. Recreation Gymnasium Arts  Basketball Leagues Soccer Leagues Volleyball  Art Festivals In door gymnasium Playground  Holiday Events OPEN GYM Much, much more Sports, Recreation and Healthy Lifestyles
  11. 11. Children and Youth Programs for children and youth focus on providing young people with a “safe place” to learn and grow. Many organizations partner with the Community Center at Visitation to offer services that meet students where they are.
  12. 12. Our Results  Last year over 30,000 people benefited from our programs  Feeding 100 families per week  We service over 25,000 children each year  Our programs boost the self-esteem and confidence of families  Provide a “safe place” for community activities
  13. 13. Impact and Sustainability The CCV offers programs to match the unique needs of the surrounding neighborhood. We provide job training, English language development, food distribution, education, recreation opportunities, and more. These programs will help neighbors begin to break cycles of poverty and violence, gain critical skills for employment, further their education, and meet basic needs. • Improvement in community safety and health • Improved access to educational opportunities • Improvement in recreational, art and other activities for children • Decrease in the number of hungry children and adults
  14. 14. Get Involved  Volunteer Special Events Make a Donation  Help in Food Pantry Use your special skills  Follow us on Facebook Support The Hope Gala  Have your own Fundraiser (set up a Crowdrise page/call for information) www.communitycenteratvis.org
  15. 15. For more information Community Center at Visitation 2646 Kensington Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19125 215-425-9422 M – F 8 am to 9 pm Saturdays & Sundays (Dependent on Program) Email: bscanlon@communitycenteratvis.org Parish Office 215-634-1133 www.communitycenteratvis.org
  16. 16. Community Visitation Center A Beacon of Hope in Kensington www.communitycenteratvis.com
  17. 17. Appendix 1 – Crime Comparison in Philadelphia
  18. 18. Appendix 2 –2012 Crime Statistics in Philadelphia
  19. 19. Appendix 3 – 2015 Projected Crime in Philadelphia