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  1. 1. Srikanthmedisetty MEDISETTY SRIKANTH Mobile: +91 8885777329 Koramangala 8th block, near Email:srikanth.1792@gmail.com Koramangala police station,Banglore. ___________________________________________________________________________________ CAREER OBJECTIVE: Seeking an opportunity to work as an Embedded Engineer in an innovative and fast growing organization. SKILLS SUMMARY:  Sound programming exposure in developing (32Bit) Micro Controllers applications.  Hands on Experience in communication protocols like UART, SPI and I2C.  Embedded Linux Board bring-up & porting linux kernel Cortex A-8 (AM3359).  Building RFS & cross compiler toolchain using buildroot.  Basic knowledge of Linux Internals.  Linux based Character Device Driver programming. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE:  Completed INTERNSHIP on EMBEDDED SYSTEMS at EASY ARM from feb 2015 – till now . EDUCATION DETAILS: S.NO QUALIFICATION STREAM PERCENTAGE COLLEGE NAME/LOCATION YEAR OF PASSING 1 BTECH ECE 66.99 GIET COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING/RAJAHMUNDRY 2014 2 INTERMEDIATE MPC 84.9 NARAYANA JUNIORCOLLEGE/KAKINADA 2010 3 SSC 83.3 BHASHYAM PUBLIC SCHOOL/KAKINADA 2008 TECHNICAL SKILLS:  Programming Languages : C, Embedded C.  Microcontroller : ARM7(lpc2148), Cortex-A8(AM335x).  Simulation software’s : Keil, Flash magic.  Environments : Ubuntu Linux, Windows XP, Windows 7  Packages : MS-Office. PRACTICAL WORK on Embedded Systems:  LCD, ADC,EEPROM peripheral programming and SPI on LPC2148 using NXP Blueboard.  RFID,ZIGBEE,GSM modules are interfaced using NXP Blueboard. PROJECT DETAILS: Board Bring-Up and BSP changes in Development Board Platform: ARM Board: Phytec-WEGA Operating System: Linux Description: Porting Linux on to the ARM based development board. In this project I came to know of adding board specific code (BSP) in to the kernel source, configuring the kernel & understanding kernel compilation procedure and
  2. 2. Srikanthmedisetty solving errors in compilation. Booting the target system from different ways like SDcard, Nand and Net using tftp&nfs server. Development in Boot loader and Linux kernel porting on to a customized AM335X board Platforms: Barebox-2012.11.0, Linux 3.2 o Understanding the directory structure of barebox and Linux kernel. o Adding board specific code (BSP) in to the barebox and Kernel source o Editing Kconfig and Make file according to our requirement. o Configuring and Compiling the barebox and kernel o Understanding the boot process of am335x soc. INTERFACING MPU6050 ACCELEROMETER WITH AM335X board Platform: Linux – 3.2.xx. Responsibilities: o WRITING APPLICATION FOR I2C. o MAKING REQUIRED PIN MUXING BASED ON THE AM335X BOARD o MEASURING ROTATIONAL VELOCITY IN THREE DIRECTIONS USING 3-AXIS ACCELEROMETER TO PROVIDE A FULL DEGREE-OF-FREEDOM (DOF) MOTION TRACKING SYSTEM USING MPU6050 (ACCELERO- GYROMETER) SENSOR ON BLUE BOARD LPC2148 AND WEGA BOARD AM-335X THROUGH I2C. INTERFACING NRF24L01 WITH AM335X board Platform: Linux – 3.2.xx. Responsibilities: o WRITING APPLICATION FOR SPI. o MAKING REQUIRED PIN MUXING BASED ON THE AM335X BOARD o INTERFACING THE MODULE WITH THE BOARD AND ESTABLISHED A CONNECTION BETWEEN TO SYSTEMS TO TRANSFER THE DATA. ACADEMIC PROJECT: Major Project: Project Title: Bidirectional guard system of car using gsm , gps. ThisProjectpresentsanautomotive localizationsystemusingGPSandGSM-SMS services.The systempermits localizationof the automobile and transmitting the position to the owner on his mobile phone as a short message (SMS) at hisrequest.The systemcanbe interconnectedwiththe caralarm systemandalertthe owneron hismobile phone. This tracking system is composed of a GPS receiver, Microcontroller and a GSMModem. GPS Receiver gets the location information from satellites in the form of latitude and longitude. The Microcontroller processes this information and this processed information is sent to the user/owner using GSMmodem Technologies: Microcontroller, LCD,GSM, GPS and C language. PROFESSIONAL SKILLS:  Self-motivated, hard work and Goal oriented.  Commitment towards work.  Anxious to learn new technologies.  Sincerity and Quick Adaptable PERSONAL DETAILS:
  3. 3. Srikanthmedisetty  Father's Name : M.SRI HARI KRISHNA(late)  Date of Birth : 17-12-1992  Permanent Address : D.NO:4-371/3,NAVA BHARAT NAGAR, ROAD NO:8, BOMMURU,RAJAHMUNDRY, Andhra Pradesh, India. DECLARATION:Iherebydeclarethatthe above mentionedinformationiscorrectupto my knowledge and I bear the responsibility for the correctness of the above mentioned particulars. Place: Bangalore (Medisetty Srikanth)