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Engaging millenials - How different it is ?

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From an employee engagement standpoint, is engaging millenials different from the rest. If it is different, how different it is.
What need to be kept in mind for employee engagement, when you have a size bale millenial population.

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Engaging millenials - How different it is ?

  1. 1. Engaging Millennial's : How different it is ?
  2. 2. The Millennial Generation Those born between 1980 and 1995 •1/3 of the world’s population, 1/4 of the US population – The largest –and most unified - generation in the history of the world » At a time of the greatest change in history Currently 15 to 35 years old •By 2015, middle management & by 2020, senior management •Today dominating and transforming the consumer technology experience…and beginning to change the corporate experience | ©2010 Cognizant Technology Solutions Confidential
  3. 3. Personal and lifestyle characteristic s…..
  4. 4. Workplace characteristics by definition
  5. 5. What is engagement ? …the emotional connection or commitment that an employee has to the organization that then causes the employee to want to put forth the additional effort to ensure the organization and the brand succeed.
  6. 6. Then and now..... Others Scarcity Mentality Hierarchy/ Chain Tell Institutional Control Time-Delayed Concentration Loyalty Communication Impresses Controlled Information Corporations & bosses know Transaction Inward looking perspective 7 Millennial Employee engagement elements Abundant Mentality Purpose at Hand Expressive (like – dislike) Open Real-Time Fragmented Attention Self Satisfaction Lovin’ It, ‘n’ Livin’ It Fierce multitasker They search Fast food mentality Socially minded State of mind Focus Natural tendency Culture Culture State of mind Benefits & Compensation Culture Employee empowerment Relationships Working condition Emotional outlook PD ED PD ED ED PD RD ED ED RD RD PD
  7. 7. Current world of (X) & Millennial (Y)
  8. 8. Now do we look at employee engagement differently
  9. 9. Engagement & millennial Engagement drivers Give them constant feedback Offer plenty of help Reward them (Innovation and risk taking) Provide them with Mentors Create a collegial / Social engagement Work & Fun should coincide (Balance) Non traditional benefits Offer opportunities for change Engagement threats Undermining employee efforts Failing to acknowledge, appreciate Distrusting employees Limiting freedom
  10. 10. Thanks Sreejith@healthyworld.in +91 9049 989 553
  11. 11. Appendix
  12. 12. The world around…….. | ©2010 Cognizant Technology Solutions Confidential
  13. 13. The world around…….. contd Globalization Millennials Knowledge work, of ALL forms, begins to migrate to its right location worldwide New Social and Operating norms dominate the enterprise Cloud Computing Virtualization Cloud X Social X Broadband X Mobility = New Computing model… inside and outside the enterprise Of Organization, Processes and Technology 25 | ©2010 Cognizant Technology Solutions Confidential
  14. 14. Communication in organisations Social Networks + Websites: Gather Intelligence. Create Conversation. Foster communities. Create word-of-mouth referrals. YouTube. On Flickr. Ex – Difference Linkedin vs Facebook Blogs + RSS: Place messages in contextually relevant blogs. Start own blogs. Create interactive user spaces. Syndicate messages. Virtual Space: VC based connect sessions. Virtual learning platforms 26
  15. 15. Impact of web on each stage of ELC  Career development Employee Engagement Exit         Possibility of constant communication. Virtual interventions with better impact. Better reach for large organisation. Cultural diversity handled better. Company network and reach enables an employee to perform better. Ex : C2.O  Unhappy employees can be tracked and preventive steps can be taken. Issue can become big with the reach which each employee has Connect with ex employees can create a lot of good will   27 Statuses makes life more challenging and increases pressure. Better reach makes more awareness and better planning Compensation administration has seen a sea of change Change in approach to life – “what others perceives you are doing is more imp than what you are doing”
  16. 16. Impact on Organisational personality /culture Beliefs & Convictions • Boundary less communication makes this challenging. • Continuous monitoring is required on the actions. Culture Values & Attitudes • The value shift among millennials. Ex • Traits of Millennial are against the old school of corporate. Individual / Group behavior • Leadership interest in web and web based communication • Organisational philosophy on communication would be vital 28