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Daniel Rodriguez Libreros, ecole.me, case study @ open commerce conference 2016

Presented at the Open Commerce Conference on June 28-29, 2016 in New York City

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Daniel Rodriguez Libreros, ecole.me, case study @ open commerce conference 2016

  1. 1. Reinventing mobile e-commerce for millennial men New York , 2016
  2. 2. 2 Ryan: “I need a new sweater to look great, but finding and buying one is just so complicated, it requires so much work. I don’t know all these brands out there, or what looks good for me. 
 This whole process is torture.” Demand Millennial men are 
 image-conscious but they want simple and easy. Supply Traditional fashion model is endless assortment, no looks. Gap Overwhelming customer experience, time- consuming, painful. + When Ryan put “sweater” into Mr. Porter he got 360 products and to him they all look the same. + P R O B L E M : The millennial consumer isn’t connecting with the current retail model
  3. 3. 3 = The Discoverability & 
 User Experience of He wants new brands, easy and engaging experiences, and ultimate convenience at his door The Simplicity & 
 Convenience of + ÉCOLE's mission is simple: Make shopping for fashion simple, engaging and convenient for millennial men! S O L U T I O N : A platform that reinvents the shopping experience, as he wants it
  4. 4. 4 1 . D i s c o v e r 2 . C r e a t e l o o k 3 . B u y Easy city and brand centric discovery (and soon category or product search). Intuitive browsing by “looks” to create, try, and save look books by simply swiping. Offer the best Discovery + Commerce user experience for men based on intuitive browsing by looks and one-touch buy, with our patent-pending proprietary technology. One-touch checkout without multi-step cart, allowing look purchase at once. T E C H N O L O G Y : the ultimate User Experience
  5. 5. O U R E N S E M B L E R : Revolutionary shopping experience Product Group Merchandising Efficient User interface to browse through different product categories and with the ability to purchase entire looks at once Built on top of Slick.js using JavaScript & jQuery
  6. 6. C H E C K O U T P R O C E S S : No more multi-step carts Customized user interaction flow of Spree checkout API to simplify process: Built from scratch using JavaScript & jQuery “As a professional in the e-commerce and payments industries, I believe that École has one of the best flows out there. It reduces the friction by allowing the customer to quickly see all the relevant information. Having a streamlined checkout process, like École’s, is extremely important in the e-commerce world… ” Senior Executive, Google (prev. Business Leader, Mastercard Loyalty Solutions One-Touch Checkout
  7. 7. C O N C L U S I O N S 7 • Highly customizable • Active community for support • Time-tested model for web shopping experience • Learning curve • Hidden functionalities • Speed Optimization: serving tons of large assets up front + -
  8. 8. • Senior Strategy and Marketing Executive with 15+ years of experience in Tech, Consulting and Consumer. • MBA, Wharton School of Business • Previously IBM, AOL, McKinsey & Co., and L’Oreal (Head of incubator for Men’s Business). Jorge Cosano Founder & CEO T H E T E A M Daniel Rodriguez Head of Product • Full stack web developer • BA in Industrial Engineering • Co-founder mrdescuento.com, 
 deal aggregator website • Co-founder Clunda app, community generated deal content. Peter Rosal Software Engineer Clay Morton Software Engineer Intern • Full stack web developer • BA in Finance • Previously at JP Morgan Asset Management and Prime Brokerage Operations • Full stack web developer • BA in Sculpture • Filmmaker, carpenter, misanthrope • Co-founder of PolyWonk, web- app for political engagement The Interns: Divya Mehta Princeton University Parker Brown Wharton, University of Penn. Kevin Chen New York University
  9. 9. 9 “A shopping experience 
 that helps men make purchasing decisions 
 when buying clothing. 
 The demand for something like this is there.” M E D I A “An alternative to retailers and eCommerce sites that overwhelm customers with vast product selections.” “The site is giving men a streamlined way to learn and buy clothing from the best and most wearable designers in New York City and Los Angeles.” “Someone finally made shopping for menswear Really Really Really Easy!
 ÉCOLE has managed to simplify every element of the buying experience.” “An immersive, yet easily navigable shopping experience that helps men create a tailored wardrobe full of dependable basics and essential classics.”
  10. 10. Thank you