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B2B Pricing - Cox Automotive
B2B Pricing - Cox Automotive
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Cox Automotive

  1. 1. United Kingdom
  2. 2. Our Vision Our Mission Our Proposition To provide world class products and services that simplify the trusted exchange of vehicles and maximise value for our clients in the global automotive marketplace Automotive solutions you can trust, all in one place and easy to use, so you can make more money, more efficiently. To transform the way the world buys, sells and owns vehicles
  3. 3. Cox Automotive is one of the leading providers of automotive products and services on the global stage. Current international physical and digital operations Current digital presence worldwide Current partner operations COUNTRIES COUNTRIES COUNTRIES 30 70 42
  4. 4. Cox Automotive has built the strongest portfolio in the industry, with more than 25 brands that together provide end-to-end automotive solutions. MANHEIM The Vehicle Movement Quote Comparison Site Vehicle selling made easy! Money yourMotors.com4Money yourMotors.com4 ™ TEAM MEMBERS 30,000+ CLIENTS 40,000+ LOCATIONS WORLDWIDE 119 SOLD VEHICLES EACH YEAR 5Million IN VALUE $45Billion VEHICLES HANDLED EACH YEAR 8Million
  5. 5. How we are different ScaleMore Innovative Fully Connected „„ Leading provider of products and services that span the automotive ecosystem worldwide „„ Innovation and leadership is in the Cox Enterprises Inc. DNA „„ First to market in many areas: Simulcast, Seller Advance, professional vehicle imagery, used vehicle locators, and RMS Automotive „„ Acquiring and developing businesses to build presence across the automotive services industry – Motors.co.uk, Dealer-Auction.com, NextGear Capital, WeWantAnyCar.com, Movex and money4yourmotors.com „„ Cox Automotive UK operates across 4 groups – Inventory Services, Software, Media and Financial Services „„ We offer a seamless client experience across the vehicle lifecycle „„ Our access to unique wholesale and retail vehicle data gives us unrivalled insight „„ Part of the largest used & new vehicle wholesaling and retailing organisation in the world – Cox Automotive „„ Largest volume of vehicles handled and sold globally – 8 million vehicles each year „„ Single biggest employer in the automotive services sector: 30k team members worldwides Family Owned Breadth of Offering „„ Subsidiary of Cox Enterprises Inc. founded in 1898, one of the world’s largest privately owned communications, media and automotive services companies „„ Long-term attitude „„ Significant investment capabilities „„ Facilitates partnerships „„ End-to-end 360º range of automotive services which are modular and joined up „„ Unique in the automotive space
  6. 6. Cox Automotive operates across the entire vehicle ecosystem and our connected business offers a seamless, linked up, client experience. We offer modular services that work together to create a connected journey for our clients. „„ We operate across the vehicle ecosystem with a range of products and services to support all stages of the vehicle lifecycle „„ We bring together the best and brightest partners and teams to create value, efficiency and opportunity for our clients to run their businesses more effectively and profitably „„ Structured and visible client accountability „„ Industry-wide data and intelligence Connected Business MANHEIM The Vehicle Movement Quote Comparison Site Vehicle selling made easy! Money yourMotors.com4Money yourMotors.com4 ™
  7. 7. MANHEIM The Vehicle Movement Quote Comparison Site Vehicle selling made easy! Money yourMotors.com4Money yourMotors.com4 ™ As a worldwide leading provider of products and services, we have the unique position of owning a great depth and breadth of data that spans the automotive ecosystem. We offer a range of data, tools and services that help our clients make smarter decisions at every stage of the vehicle lifecycle. Data Intelligence & Insight Connecting our clients to data and information to enable them to make better decisions. Data aggregation of market intelligence and external information. Providing our clients with the actionable insight they need to understand their business and take immediate action to positively impact their profit. Data tools and management, reporting, dashboards. Working with our clients to implement tangible change to business process and practices, that deliver real improvements and return on investment. Client support, client partnering, operation delivery. Data ServicesTools
  8. 8. IN USE Vehicle being driven by a company car driver or private motorist OFF USE A company car defleet or consumer part exchange RETAIL The retail sale to a consumer or a business by a motor dealer WHOLESALE The sale of the vehicle into the wholesale market A cost effective and simple stock funding plan for independent and franchised used vehicle dealers to buy and manage stock. Connecting consumers, in a more informed and transparent environment, with car dealers and vendors of products and services. A comprehensive range of digital and software services for manufacturers, franchise and independent dealers that drive all areas of their business through the process of vehicle retailing. MANHEIM MANHEIM We collect vehicles, process them, add value and get them back into the market to maximise return for our clients faster than anyone else. The Vehicle Movement Quote Comparison Site Our Brands, Spanning The Used Vehicle Lifecycle Cox Automotive operates in all parts of the used vehicle lifecycle with an end-to-end offering of products and services. F I N A N C I A L S E R V I C E S I N V E N T O R Y S E R V I C E S M E D I A S O F T W A R E
  9. 9. Transporting vehicles for our clients in the most cost efficient, convenient way possible Professional, reliable delivery, with a range of options for customers to choose from Recording vehicle condition for accurate valuation, handling and processing Recording the condition of vehicles, comprehensively accurately and independently in order to facilitate trusted exchange at every transition stage Ensuring vehicles are looking their best when presented for sale Professional cleaning and valeting services with a range of options Adding value to a vehicle by improving its cosmetic condition Repairing minor damage and wear and tear to bodywork and interiors to improve vehicle grading and enhance value Allocating vehicles to channels to optimise return and speed of sale Using our unique wholesale to retail data coverage, we can allocate each vehicle to the channels where it will get the best sale price and sell the fastest We collect vehicles, process them, add value and get them back into the market to maximise return for our clients faster than anyone else. I N V E N T O R Y S E R V I C E S VALETINGTRANSPORT RECONDITIONING INSPECTION SERVICES CHANNEL MANAGEMENT MANHEIM Vehicle Solutions
  10. 10. MANHEIM Auction Services Providing the environment, process and buyers to maximise value through the physical sales channel Professional, reliable auctioneering service in an efficient operating environment Providing a range of online options for sellers and buyers to maximise value through virtual sales channels Providing a range of online options for sellers and buyers to maximise value through virtual sales channels Taking the complete live auction experience and service to the buyers Professional, reliable auctioneering service in a convenient location PHYSICAL AUCTION INSIGHT DIGITAL AUCTION MOBILE AUCTION Helping our clients make smarter decisions at every stage of the vehicle lifecycle We do this by translating our automotive expertise and data into guidance, products and services so clients can take the most effective actions to maximise return on investment We collect vehicles, process them, add value and get them back into the market to maximise return for our clients faster than anyone else. I N V E N T O R Y S E R V I C E S
  11. 11. A comprehensive range of digital and software services for manufacturers, franchise and independent dealers that drive all areas of their business through the process of vehicle retailing. MANHEIM Auction Services Helping our clients make smarter decisions at every stage of the vehicle lifecycle We do this by translating our automotive expertise and data into guidance, products and services so clients can take the most effective actions to maximise return on investment Delivering innovative marketing solutions that help our clients maximise their retail success We do this with tools and services that promote clients brands’ businesses and vehicles, to reach the right consumers at the right time in the right places Helping our clients with the effective engagement and management of their customers to maximise lifetime value We do this by helping our clients manage sales leads, from prospect to sale and onto a long-term relationship; constantly measuring and providing feedback to drive efficiency of the marketing and sales effort INSIGHT MARKETING RELATIONSHIP S O F T W A R E Helping our clients to provide great in-life service that builds satisfaction, loyalty and drives repeat business We do this by providing integrated systems that support and manage clients’ maintenance and repair offering Solutions enabling our clients to operate their business with maximum efficiency, allowing them more time to focus on customer engagement We do this by providing clients with powerful tools to help manage their business RETENTION MANAGE Retail Services
  12. 12. F I N A N C I A L S E R V I C E S A cost effective and simple stock funding plan for independent and franchised used vehicle dealers to buy and manage stock STOCK FINANCING Connecting consumers, in a more informed and transparent environment, with car dealers and vendors of products and services. Connecting buyers and sellers of vehicles through a consumer-led search and buy process Driving sales leads for dealer clients with smart, intuitive products that reflect consumer needs throughout the car search, buy and sell process MARKETPLACE M E D I A
  13. 13. Movex is a B2B platform connecting used vehicle transport demand with used vehicle logistics supply and saves the user time and money. Our innovative platform allows users to place jobs for over 600 transport companies to bid on. The platform returns them highly competitive quotes. Users can be assured of the quality of the transport company they select, by viewing other users’ reviews and details of the transporter’s insurance. We like to make things simple for our defleet clients. So wherever your fleet vehicles are located throughout mainland UK, just contact Manheim and we’ll arrange vehicle collection and vehicle delivery straight to any one of our 17 UK auction centres or to any destination. Whether there’s one car to collect or 100, it’s all the same to us, because we have our own fleet and also have access to over 200 car and commercial vehicle transporters, plus the ability to call upon in excess of 500 plate drivers. This guarantees that we’re geared up to provide efficient and reliable vehicle delivery and vehicle collection, with no fuss and even less hassle – whenever you need us! The Vehicle Movement Quote Comparison Site Transportation Off Use VEHICLE SOLUTIONS
  14. 14. There’s a lot of trust involved with running a fleet of vehicles, and a lot of money at stake too. That’s why when a vehicle is ready to leave your fleet, you’ll want to know what kind of condition it’s in and whether you can expect it to fetch a healthy price at auction. So why leave it to chance? Manheim’s highly trained and trusted team of inspectors can provide a thorough vehicle inspection off-site at the point of collection, or on-site once they’re delivered to our car auction centre. Each inspector is fully BVRLA-trained and carries out vehicle inspections using the latest hand-held technology. This ensures that every piece of important information is recorded during a vehicle inspection and submitted immediately. So, as soon as we know about the condition of your vehicles, so will you. Off-site On-site When you need to be as transparent as possible and have a vehicle inspection when your customer is present, our off-site inspections fit the bill. Manheim’s professional inspectors can work in partnership with our collection drivers, and thoroughly assess a vehicle at the same time it is collected. We work to comprehensive BVRLA vehicle inspection ‘fair wear & tear’ guidelines, or your own standards if you prefer. There are other times when it might be more convenient to have your vehicles inspected at one of our 17 auction centres. Vehicles are inspected to the published inspection standard and a report is produced. Any vehicle exceptions to the standards are reported and a repair cost estimate is included. Inspection Services Off Use VEHICLE SOLUTIONS
  15. 15. Finding the space to store a single vehicle can be relatively straightforward. Finding space to store an entire fleet isn’t, unless of course you have acres of secure land with enough storage capacity for thousands of vehicles or you know a company like Manheim, which does. Our two vehicle storage facilities at Coventry and Bruntingthorpe are centrally located in the heart of the UK and have been purposely designed to provide short and medium term vehicle storage. Storage A professional car valet is a straightforward and very cost-effective way to instantly improve the appeal of your vehicle. Getting your car looking its best inside and out usually means it will attract more interest from bidders and buyers, often sell for a higher price, or even sell faster. Manheim’s professional car valeting team provides a large range of services, from a basic wash and leather to a thorough retail-standard deep clean on more than half a million cars every year. Valeting Off Use VEHICLE SOLUTIONS
  16. 16. It’s vital that you always get the best possible resale price for your fleet vehicles and making sure each vehicle goes to the car auction in the best possible condition plays a large part in that. Manheim’s highly-trained car repair and car reconditioning technicians are respected and trusted throughout the motor trade, repairing dents, scuffs, scratches and minor damage to upholstery on over 100,000 vehicles every year. Reconditioning Off Use VEHICLE SOLUTIONS
  17. 17. Off Use VEHICLE SOLUTIONS Channel Management Using our innovative eCommerce platform Manheim can provide continuous vehicle availability, concurrently making a vehicle available via multiple channels. Simulcast manheim.co.uk Physical Auction dealer-auction.com 3rd Party Suppliers Mobile Auction Online Auction Buy Now Bid Event
  18. 18. With 17 UK centres, 50 weekly sales, and 100 years of experience, we’re first choice for buying and selling in-lane and online at auction. Physical Auction Digital Auction Mobile Auction Professional, reliable auctioneering service in an efficient operating environment. With 17 centres across the UK, fast and efficient processes, leading vendors and engagement with a range of buyers, we work hard to maximise value through the physical sales channel. All our auctions are available online via our award- winning Simulcast platform making it easy to buy wherever you are, while our products and services help ensure a trusted exchange every time. By providing a range of online options for sellers and buyers to maximise value through virtual sales channels we offer a choice of ways to buy and sell in a trusted online environment. By harnessing our industry-leading mobile auctioneering technology we can provide a professional, reliable auctioneering service in a convenient location enabling us to take the complete live auction experience and service direct to your buyers. Wholesale AUCTION SERVICES
  19. 19. With 17 UK centres, 50 weekly sales, and 100 years of experience, we’re the first choice for buying and selling in-lane and online at auction. Cars Commercial Vehicles We offer a vast selection of cars of all ages and mileage. Manheim has developed long-standing partnerships with vendors across all sectors of the UK, having relationships with providers of 91% of the total fleet volume of the FN50 and providing at least one service to 98% of the Top 200 Dealer groups. We’re passionate about the world of commercial vehicles, which helps to explain why we’re the UK’s number one CV auction business – financially secure, transparent and trusted. Physical Auction Wholesale AUCTION SERVICES
  20. 20. Manheim UK Auction Centres 1. Shotts 2. Washington 3. Leeds 4. A1 Knottingley 5. Haydock 6. Manchester 7. Mansfield 8. Shepshed 9. Birmingham 10. Bruntingthorpe 11. Coventry 12. Northampton 13. Colchester 14. Wimbledon 15. Gloucester 16. Bristol 17. Plymouth 7 6 5 4 1 2 3 8 9 10 11 12 13 15 1416 17 Wholesale AUCTION SERVICES
  21. 21. Digital Auction Wholesale AUCTION SERVICES Digital Auction Buy Now Bid Events Online Auction Driver Sales Trade Desk Sales When you’ve found the right stock and need to buy it fast, Buy Now makes it possible. Cars are listed online with a fixed Buy Now price. So, if the price is right you can make your purchase instantly with a single click. There’s no haggling, no bidding and no waiting around to see if your offer will be accepted. What’s more, these cars are available online 24/7, so you can browse at any time of day and buy when and wherever it suits you best. We offer the most flexible, convenient fast and effective way to buy and sell vehicles online. We offer a range of trusted online channels and we are constantly seeking to find more efficient ways to enable buyers and sellers to come together. Ever wondered how simple things would be if you could go online and bid for cars and commercial vehicles, any time of day? Our timed Bid Events let you do exactly that. Vehicles are listed online with the Bid Event start and end time shown, you then get ready to place bids against the clock 24/7, during the scheduled Bid Event dates and times, for the vehicles you want. If you’re looking for the simplest way to buy quality stock, take a look at our calendar of scheduled open and closed online auctions. Use your mobile, tablet, laptop or PC to browse and bid from the comfort of your own dealership, choosing from a regular selection of exclusive fresh-to-market vehicles. Each auction is hosted live by an experienced Manheim auctioneer. Once the auction begins you can use Live Chat to ask questions, plus watch, bid and compete for vehicles in real time. Manheim can facilitate the sale of the vehicle directly to a family member, friend or colleague of the driver. This fully outsourced, white labelled service can be integrated into a contract end logistics process to enhance the driver experience and enable the proactive marketing of assets prior to the end of contract. Imagine having a dedicated team member working at Manheim, looking out for cars that are the perfect fit for your dealership. That’s exactly what it’s like when you work with our Trade Sales Team. You’ll have a personal account manager who’ll get to know you and your dealership. They’ll then search Manheim’s entire UK auction stock daily to find the cars you want, even negotiating prices with the seller on your behalf - all at no extra cost.
  22. 22. Wholesale AUCTION SERVICES Mobile Auction By harnessing our industry-leading mobile auctioneering technology we can provide professional, reliable auctioneering service in a convenient location enabling us to take the complete live auction experience and service direct to your buyers. Off Site Sales Manheim’s offsite sale solution provides a fully managed buyer event incorporating a pop-up auction. Events can take place anywhere and are supported by invited attendees — both physical and online. Our bespoke events support customer needs and provide a great opportunity to drive buyer engagement Mobile Auction Unit Manheim’s innovative and multi-award winning mobile auction unit, uses a VW Amarok together with our online auction technology and brings the physical and online buyers together via the rostrum in rear of the truck. By selling assets directly from de-fleet locations, we help leasing companies and fleet managers avoid the logistical challenges and bills of transporting a lot of stock.
  23. 23. With the arrival of our new 360° vehicle imagery. Rolling out now across all auction centres, you’ll soon be able to see vehicles online from all angles, in high resolution. You can zoom in on images to assess any visible damage, ensuring you’re seeing everything to a detail you can trust. 360° Vehicle Images We’re building the most trusted vehicle inspection and preparation process to give buyers the confidence in the vehicles they are buying and confidence in the Manheim brand. Before many vehicles are made available at any Manheim car auction, they have already been thoroughly examined by one of our highly-qualified vehicle inspectors, and graded according to its condition. Our inspectors look at every inch of a vehicle’s exterior and when the inspection is completed, each vehicle is awarded one of six NAMA Grades, depending on the type of damage noted. The inspection reports are available to view on our website, giving you the data to buy with confidence. Condition Reports Manheim Assured offers buyers peace of mind through a comprehensive vehicle check for cars. Our team of industry-qualified technicians inspect the mechanical condition of many vehicles before they are offered for sale at auction. A comprehensive report is produced as part of the car’s inspection report, covering 15 different points. We check in areas such as the engine, transmission, steering and brakes. If the vehicle isn’t as described it can be returned for repair of refund. Manheim Assured We’re building the best client service experience possible. We pride ourselves on making it easy for clients everyday. We’re leveraging data to drive meaningful and effective relationships with our buyers. Buyer Engagement Strategy Wholesale AUCTION SERVICES
  24. 24. Using real-time data and daily market activity, Seller Advance offers dealers the most intelligent used car valuation service available today. Seller Advance sends valuations instantly to your salesman’s PC or iPad and with 97% accuracy, gives your teams the ability to offer competitive part-exchange prices and negotiate sales with real confidence. Cash When You Most Need It We’re so confident in the accuracy of Seller Advance vehicle valuations that we can even arrange to make a next day cash advance into your bank account by BACS. You’ll benefit from having working capital available immediately, and any differences between the advance and the final sale price at auction will be reconciled after the actual sale. Accurate Valuations Deal Maker Clear and accurate vehicle information is key to providing the best possible part- exchange valuations. Image Capture simplifies the process by providing up to 20 high-quality digital images showing vehicle type, specification, colour and trim, plus detailed evidence of any areas of damage. With a brief description included with each image, and tags to specific areas of the vehicle, you’ll find that providing a realistic and accurate valuation becomes much easier. Deal Maker offers a holistic view of all potential part exchanges across your network. It can improve sale conversions by enabling buyers to increase the amount offered on part exchanges, and influence retail transactions. Deal Maker also reduces the time and cost associated with sourcing stock, preventing the need to withdraw vehicles from the auction process at the last minute. Wholesale AUCTION SERVICES
  25. 25. Dealer-Auction.com is a subscription-based online auction of trade-in vehicles from UK franchise dealers. Registered buyers have year-round 24/7 access to inventory, enabling them to bid online for stock they might otherwise not be able to buy. A bidding tool lets buyers bid and buy cars without constant auction monitoring. Wholesale AUCTION SERVICES
  26. 26. Data Aggregation A world-class data suite enabling fast, flexible data interrogation. A single environment for our clients to gain a strong and robust foundation for commercial insight and business performance. We enable our clients to view their data through world class visualisation tools and services which are flexible and intuitive. Helping our clients to make smarter and more informed decisions by providing actionable insight at every stage of the vehicle life cycle. Our unique position in the market gives us the breadth and depth of data required to deliver authoritative insight into the automotive market. Market View Insight Pricing and Valuations Our solutions allow our clients to benchmark their current business, stock and online marketing performance against the market to provide context which further enhances their ability to make decisions when identifying opportunities for growth. Providing meaningful and actionable insight to our clients through the use of predictive modelling, our insight solutions drive tailored recommendations which can optimise and ultimately automate decision making in a modern automotive dealership. We provides trusted, market leading retail and wholesale valuation tools which provide our clients with the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information, informing valuation and purchasing decisions which maximise our clients’ ROI. Retail RETAIL SERVICES Insight
  27. 27. We provide the UK’s leading manufacturers and thousands of dealers with powerful tools, data and services to help them professionally market their cars and their business to customers. These solutions seek to inform customers in their research and buying phases, with the aim of driving strong enquiries and engagement. Used Vehicle Locators Imagery and Video Inventory Management Digital Management Our powerful marketing solutions have been specifically developed to provide all the tools you need to promote your business, communicating your key messages across all relevant marketing channels. With over two decades of experience in the automotive industry starting with the first national used vehicle locator (a client relationship which continues to this day) we have the knowledge and experience to consistently deliver an engaging and informative web presence for an automotive brand or dealer to maximise customer engagement and enquiries. It’s a proven fact that having no imagery reduces the amount of people who look at your inventory online, more than that, powerful and professional imagery can increase your vehicle sales by as much as 20%. Manheim has been at the forefront of used inventory imaging for over 15 years and continues to offer unrivalled professional services coupled with initiative digital tools to help our clients inventory shine. Powerful tools that help dealers to both manage their inventory, supported by a variety of data sources to create detailed, informative vehicle information packs which are then used to market inventory across their digital channels. This information is key in helping a vehicle to be found online and to help customers to choose their next car. Today’s customers have access to a wealth of information when making any purchase, so it is imperative to meet that need, and our solutions help our clients to do this through easy-to-use management tools coupled with a wide variety of rich specification data so online researchers can see what they need to make a decision. Retail RETAIL SERVICES Marketing
  28. 28. A customer relationship begins at the moment they first make contact with you, effective engagement and proactive follow up from a dealership builds that relationship and opens the opportunity for a long-term opportunity to supply that customer with vehicles for many years. Manheim has constantly invested in cutting edge products and services, our full end-to-end ‘Customer and Vehicle Relationship Management’ system that supports them in effectively managing their sales leads and ongoing customer relationships. CVRM Integrated Solutions Live Chat Our new CVRM solution incorporates the best of everything we know about successfully managing profitable customer relationships throughout the buying cycle. Our solutions allow our clients to capture customer and enquiry information and to track and develop the potentially long term relationship with the vehicle buyer. It’s a fact that over 80% of all your customers will now begin their vehicle search using their mobile, tablet or PC. Live chat gives you a personal presence online and helps you make the most of every online opportunity. Telephony Our powerful and cost effective call recording and tracking solutions allow dealers to maximise every call for opportunity and customer satisfaction, the system ensures complete transparency of all call activity across the business. Cost effective to enable, the results speak for themselves with our clients reporting improvements in sales and aftersales performance. Key systems integrations with Seller Advance, F&I providers and Inventory systems across the Cox Automotive and wider market ensures our system supports everything a dealer needs to successfully transact a vehicle sale, seamlessly and effectively from within our CVRM solution. We are constantly seeking to bring new integrations to market to further support a client’s capability to engage with their customers. Retail RETAIL SERVICES Relationship
  29. 29. Underpinning a client’s business are core management capabilities that sit at the heart of dealership operations. The tools, data and services we offer help our clients to run their business by supporting detailed financial management as well as ensuring their team assets are properly resourced and developed. All these solutions are linked into our wider ecosystem to enable a seamless, single view of business performance. People Management Our tools and services allow our clients to manage training, human resources and skills to allow your team to be utilised and developed for maximum operational effectiveness. Revenue Management Cost Management We will provide tools and data to help our clients to manage their revenues, from billing and transaction management to accounts receivable and credit control. Linked into our wider ecosystem we will provide complete transparency and operational efficiencies. We provide tools and data to support our clients in managing accounts payable, purchases, expenses and taxes to support efficient business performance. Retail RETAIL SERVICES Manage
  30. 30. Motors.co.uk is a car search portal that aims to make car buying, selling and owning easy by empowering and enlightening automotive buyers and sellers with smart, intuitive tools. Launched in 2007 and acquired by Manheim in 2012, Motors.co.uk offers over 350,000 cars for sale from over 5,500 of the UK’s leading automotive retailers. Products and Tools Marketing Partnerships & Reach Dealer Proposition Motors.co.uk delivers high quality, cost-effective response to automotive retailers in the UK. Through its extensive consumer marketing activity and network partnerships it enables advertisers to reach car buyers at every point in the ownership cycle. Motors.co.uk is home to a number of innovative tools that help buyers and sellers make the right decisions, including Smart Search, What’s Mine Worth? and Night Owl. Car dealers on Motors.co.uk also have access to The Eye, a world-class response tracking dashboard that gives them full visibility on the return of their advertising spend and their top performing stock. Motors.co.uk is supported in its mission to make car buying, selling and owning easier by memorable and high-profile advertising across TV, radio, digital and outdoor platforms, encouraging car owners to “Search Smart. Buy Right.” Motors.co.uk operates a network of websites, powering the cars sales channel on some of the UK’s leading automotive sites including Parkers.co.uk, Sunday Times Driving.co.uk, SunMotors.co.uk, Carsite.co.uk, Honest John, and Carfused.com as well as the used car channels for over 300 local newspaper group sites. Combined, Motors.co.uk and its network enable dealers to reach 4.2 million visitors each month (comScore, January 2016). Retail MARKETPLACE
  31. 31. Retail RETAIL SERVICES Retention Our aftersales solution is tailored around the needs of your dealership and designed to manage all of the key operational functions, including inbound and outbound booking management, workshop tracking with a fully integrated inspection system, and full management analysis of your department. Vehicle Inspections Contact Management Booking Management Using our new Advisor app customers can be checked into the dealership efficiently and with a more personal approach. Verification of work required, confirmation of contact details and initial inspection of the vehicle can all be undertaken using our tablet based solution. Track and manage the progress of customer vehicles in your workshop throughout the day with colour-coded, instant updates on status, as well as alerts and notifications for jobs that require urgent attention. Our inspection system enables technicians to undertake a full safety inspection on the vehicle, to log any additional work that may be required on the day or in the future. Fully supported with media capture, it allows advisors to discuss the work identified with confidence and share supporting images and video clips directly with the customer. Customer contact management sits at the heart of our Retention products and allows you to effectively manage service, repair and campaign contacts with your customers via telephone, SMS, E-mail and mail solutions. Contact data is generated directly from the Retention products, the Dealer Management System or third party applications. Throughout the process, customer information is updated and amended to ensure you have the most up-to-date contact records. All bookings for the dealership are scheduled in real-time, allowing you to make bookings simultaneously across our inbound and outbound products, as well as providing the option for true online booking on your dealer or manufacturer website, all seamlessly integrated into one central diary management system. Workshop Management
  32. 32. A NextGear Capital Stocking Plan provides a cost-effective and simple way to buy and manage your stock. Developed for independent and franchised used vehicle dealers, and available through partner auction houses, wholesalers, for trade deals and part exchange. A NextGear Capital Stocking Plan has some exciting options that could make a real difference to your business, your selling power and your profitability. Wholesale FINANCIAL SERVICES
  33. 33. We are innovative Our team members are our most important resource We empower our teams, recognise and reward achievement, support each other’s decisions and trust one another to do the very best job possible. We are personable - people like working with us and we like working with each other. We will be leaders in our chosen markets, we are forward-thinking, challenge ourselves and progress because we have great ideas and have the expertise to make the best ones happen. Our clients are our lifeblood We will delight our clients by understanding what they want and delivering high-quality service and solutions. We are passionate about being the best in everything we do. We make a positive difference in our community We treat our team members, clients and suppliers with respect at all times.We foster a safe and sustainable workplace and support the communities in which we operate. We value diversity and inclusion We celebrate our differences. We know we are a much stronger team when we combine our strengths and work together to achieve great results. Our Values
  34. 34. Our Team Michael Buxton Chief Executive Officer Inventory Services Car Buying Tim Hudson Managing Director Inventory Services Nigel Fletcher Managing Director Car Buying Services Software & Media Martin Forbes Managing Director Software & Media Clare Field Group Marketing Director Alison Fisher Group HR Director Jeremy Lewis Chief Information Officer Darren Mornin Group Finance Director GroupFinancial Services NextGear Capital Global David Mercer Managing Director NextGear Capital
  35. 35. © Cox Automotive Inc. March 2016 SM324 v6