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Health Care & Consumer Health Point-Blank-International-Credentials

Research based Consulting Agency shares their services

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Health Care & Consumer Health Point-Blank-International-Credentials

  1. 1. 1! POINT-BLANK INTERNATIONAL! We are the research-based strategic consultancy Point-Blank International. Let us introduce our Healthcare Team.
  2. 2. 2! POINT-BLANK INTERNATIONAL! MEET POINT-BLANK! RESEARCH-BASED STRATEGIC CONSULTANCY Acting as strategic partners, we help our clients to cra" compelling marketing strategies through research, innovation, design and training. Connecting research with business innovation OUTSTANDING HEALTHCARE EXPERTISE Situated in Berlin Mitte, with 12 years of experience doing qualitative research, our healthcare team thrives at bringing research to the next level. WE STRETCH THE MARKET RESEARCH BOUNDARIES We deliver research and help our partners developing meaningful brand experiences and set them in marketplace- motion.
  3. 3. PBI POWER Thanks to our 4 Research Units, we can provide you with well- grounded expertise in many different research fields. Our dedicated focus areas include Healthcare (Rx and Consumer Health), Food & Drink, Skincare, Automotive, Tourism, Fashion & Lifestyle as well as Electronics & Media. Our creative hot(s)pot The Cookery will provide you with a delicious mix of innovation and design expertise. Our Project Management Unit is a veritable organisational powerhouse that will ensure your project runs smoothly through to completion. We care about the nitty-gritty so you don‘t have to.
 Research Director GUIDO LEUCHTENBERG Research Director MAIKA GAUSCH Research Executive DR. BARBARA LANG Member of Managing Board NICOLE REINHOLD 
 Innovation Consultant
  5. 5. 5! POINT-BLANK INTERNATIONAL! Our view on people’s health is holistic. We have extensive experience in ethical healthcare research, including coronary heart disease, diabetes, multiple sclerosis and oncology, as well as in the OTC segment, e.g. nutritional supplements, cold, heartburn and bladder weakness. We’ve also cultivated expertise in the area of wellbeing, nutrition, healthy lifestyle, cosmetics and aging. We speak at eye level with both healthcare professionals (KOLs, physicians, pharmacists, nurses) and patients and their relatives in individual interviews and group discussions. We’re skilled at conducting different kinds of observational research outside of the sterile studio setting: insights generation via in-home interviews, diaries and online communities, and ethnographic approaches that bring us right into the context of the health care professional, such as cardiologists at the chest pain unit. Furthermore, we’ve conducted nurse-patient training observations for several indications. Healthcare brands we’ve partnered with: AstraZeneca, Bausch+ Lomb, Bayer Health Care, Berlin-Chemie Menarini, Merck Serono, Pfizer, Winthrop—and many more. PBI HC REFERENCES
  6. 6. 6! POINT-BLANK INTERNATIONAL! OUR PEOPLE AND THE POINT-BLANK NETWORK A TEAM OF MULTI-LINGUAL PROJECT MANAGERS Besides German, we have native speakers in English, Russian, French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch. EXPERTS IN THE GERMAN HEALTHCARE SYSTEM We are well equipped to help international clients understand the German healthcare market. LOCALLY, NATIONALLY AND INTERNATIONALLY NETWORKED From integrating a quantitative perspective, to working with the best research healthcare experts for international markets, our network provides.
  7. 7. 7! POINT-BLANK INTERNATIONAL! Our Toolbox Ethnographic ApproachesEmpathic Interviewing Qualitative Online Research Usability Lab Creativity & InnovationCreative Output Formats
  8. 8. 8! POINT-BLANK INTERNATIONAL! What Empathy is the mindset we use when engaging with our research participants, whether in an individual interview, a group discussion or any other setting in which we start a conversation. ! ! Objective Understand participants’ point of view on a given research topic. Get their concrete feedback on ideas, concepts, new therapies etc. ! ! How we craft impact We translate the participant point of view into the business point of view, and allow business clients to gain insight into the world of healthcare professionals and patients. By using our creative output formats, we ensure that clients don’t just read but really engage with our findings. EMPATHIC INTERVIEWING
  9. 9. 9! POINT-BLANK INTERNATIONAL! What Ethnographic approaches are based on observing (instead of questioning) participants in their natural context. ! Objective
 Overcome verbal ‘post rationalisation’ and understand the context of participants’ actions. Explore the things that can’t be verbalised easily because they are simply ‘unconscious’. ! How we craft impact We document our encounters using video and photo material and transform them into immersive content. We invite clients to join us during these encounters and together make sense of our observations. ETHNOGRAPHIC APPROACHES
  10. 10. 10! POINT-BLANK INTERNATIONAL! What Nowadays, online research platforms allow us to engage with our participants over time, similar to an online community. We design special research activities that enable us to actually work with a mix of methodologies, ranging from video and photo documentary to creative tasks to group discussion. ! Objective Enable participants to participate at times that work for them, without geographical limitations. Respect the privacy of participants and avoid social desirability. Conduct research in people’s digital context. ! How we craft impact We give clients the opportunity to observe and even participate throughout the research project. This allows us to redefine our ideas and re-evaluate our first hypotheses. By enabling conversation over time, we gain deep insight into people’s everyday life and can determine unmet needs. QUALITATIVE ONLINE RESEARCH
  11. 11. 11! POINT-BLANK INTERNATIONAL! What Reports and slides are good for top-down presentations and archives, but not necessarily for working on strategic decisions in cross-functional teams. Visuals and infographics help us gain insights into business challenges and clearly communicate our findings. ! Objective New output formats enable us to show the ‘big picture’ (Experience Map) or see the world from a very specific perspective (Personas). ! How we craft impact We make insights usable by connecting the dots in one clear overview, creating a tool for the strategic decision-making process. This is o#en done in multi- stakeholder workshops, where participants try to understand e.g. the impact of a product or service for the patient or key stakeholders in the treatment decision process. CREATIVE OUTPUT FORMATS
  12. 12. 12! POINT-BLANK INTERNATIONAL! What In our usability sessions we evaluate devices, websites or apps directly with healthcare professionals or patients. We define ‘user-scenarios’ and observe how users solve them. ! Objective Get direct input on how real users use the device or system. Gain insights for user-centered interaction design processes. ! How we craft impact We combine qualitative research and usability testing in order to understand users' motivations/ perceptions, in addition to their actions. This enables us to give strategic recommendations alongside detailed interaction-related findings. Knowing the importance of medical training, we have developed our special ‘fly on the wall’ method to link usability with ‘training & consultation experiences’. This provides us with holistic insights on how to improve training situations.! USABILITY LAB
  13. 13. 13! POINT-BLANK INTERNATIONAL! What For us, research is just the first step in the process of innovation. We look for new solutions together with business stakeholders or co-create with HC professionals and / or patients. Our team of designers, trend researchers and design thinkers supports you in prototyping ideas and concepts. ! Objective
 To go beyond the collection of insights. Actively seek and brainstorm about possible solutions, ideas or enabling conditions for business challenges. Facilitate the process of human-centric innovation from research to evaluated prototypes. ! How we craft impact We create a space without silos using collaboration on a joint perspective. We bring ideas to life by prototyping. Using iterative feedback loops and redefining concepts, we speed up the time it takes to cra# suitable new solutions. IDEATION AND INNOVATION
  14. 14. 14! POINT-BLANK INTERNATIONAL! Would you like to see more of our work? www.point-blank-international.com We would love to work with you! Please get in touch with us: health@point-blank-international.com