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Cory Hartlen, Next-level Listening

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Cory Hartlen, Next-level Listening

  1. 1. Next-level Listening, YourBrand and Beyond Presented by @CoryHartlen Product Marketing Manager @radian6 Cory.Hartlen@Radian6.com
  2. 2. OVERVIEW
  3. 3. An Explosion of Conversations in Social Media What’s your community saying? 200 million tweets/day 1.5 billion Facebook posts/day Billions of blogs, comments & communities
  4. 4. But Enterprises Are Not Preparedto Engage in Social Conversations of CMOs are tracking social 38% media metrics1 of CMOs feel unprepared 68% to deal with social media1 of companies ignore customer 70% complaints on Twitter2 1 IBM Global CMO Study 2011 2 Maritz and evolve24 Twitter Study, September 2011
  5. 5. The Social DivideYour customers, employees, vendors, suppliers, What about the competitors are social Enterprise?
  6. 6. | IT ALL STARTS WITH LISTENING, BUT FOR WHAT? Compliments Crisis Ideas Influencers CampaignComplaints Needs Competition
  7. 7. | HOW DO I LISTEN?Listen. Brand, Competition, Industry NetVibes • Google Alerts • Twitter Search How to get started: Freebies Technorati • Social Mention • Backtype.com BoardTracker and BoardReader • Paid Solutions
  8. 8. | SOCIAL MEDIA GRID Your Brand Your Your Industry CompetitorsListen/Analyze 1 2 3 Measure 4 5 6Engage/Content 7 8 9 8
  9. 9. | THE SEVEN OUTCOMES OF SOCIAL MARKETINGEnhance Branding or Increase awarenessProtect Brand ReputationFacilitating PRBuilding CommunitiesImproving Customer ServiceDriving R&DIncreasing Sales -Jason Falls, Nobullshitsocialmedia.com
  11. 11. | WHO CAN USE SOCIAL DATA? MarketingPublic Relations Sales Product Marketing Market Research Competitive Intelligence Customer Service Market Research Consumer Affairs Recruitment and HR Investor Relations
  12. 12. | WHO CAN USE SOCIAL DATA?Public Relations: Crisis communications Real time opportunities• Following breaking issues• Discovering influencers• Measuring lift and reach of efforts••
  13. 13. | WHO CAN USE SOCIAL DATA?Marketing: Uncovering brand mentions Improve SEO strategy• Understanding buzz, word of mouth• Real time opportunities• Campaign tracking• How content is being found and used, Crowd• sourcing?•• Social Media + Web Analytics
  14. 14. | WHO CAN USE SOCIAL DATA?Product Management: Product problems Checks the pulse on success of product launches• Build your best mouse trap• Product input and ideas from customers, measure lift• Uncovering use cases• Real time focus groups• The Competition••
  15. 15. | WHO CAN USE SOCIAL DATA?Customer Service: Solving problems Finding trends and breaking issues• Keep customers up to date with info• Create knowledge base from answers• Integrate with CRM to prove cost savings• Real time feedback allows you to act quickly••
  16. 16. | WHO CAN USE SOCIAL DATA?Human Resources: Find where to fish for recruits Reduce cost per recruit• Uncover the experts and influential• Listen for employees online, help enforce policy• Discover perception as employer••
  17. 17. | WHO CAN USE SOCIAL DATA?Sales: Uncover leads and contacts Find competitor information• Listening for the point of need• Keep an ear out for clients• Prove ROI through CRM integration• Reduce cost per lead••
  18. 18. | AVOID THE SILO’S Blogs Forums Facebook Twitter YouTubeMarketing PR HR Sales Cust. Serv.
  19. 19. | COMMUNITY MODEL Blogs Forums Facebook Twitter YouTube Community TeamMarketing PR Regulatory Intel Cust. Serv.
  20. 20. | ADVANCED COMMUNITY MODEL Blogs Forums Facebook Twitter YouTube Community TeamMarketing PR Regulatory Intel Cust. Serv.
  21. 21. WRAP UP
  22. 22. Questions? Presented by @CoryHartlen Product Marketing Manager @radian6 Cory.Hartlen@Radian6.com

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