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A snapshot of cambodia trade and investment climate final by chea socheat

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Cambodia Investment and Trade Climate

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A snapshot of cambodia trade and investment climate final by chea socheat

  1. 1. A Snapshot of Cambodia’s Trade and Investment Climate Presented by Mr. Chea Socheat Department of Europe, Middle East, and Africa Cambodia Ministry of Commerce cheasocheat@gmail.com Singapore, 09 October 2015
  2. 2. Outline • Key Indicators of Cambodia’s Economy • Our selling points • Cambodia Investment Promotion and Protection Infrastructure • Trade Facilitation • Ways forward
  3. 3. Key Indicators  Land area : 181,035 sq.km.  Population: 15.3 Million  Labor force (young) : 7,053,398 (Female: 3,608,345)  Population growth rate : 1.54%  GDP Growth (2014) : 7%  GDP per capita (2014) : $1090  Inflation (2014) : 3.9%  Exchange rate: USD 1= 4000 Riels
  4. 4. Our Selling Points  Small and open economy, no tariff and non tariff barriers  Robust growth and political stability  Market access to countries in ASEAN, EU, US, and world markets due to various schemes including preferential treatment  Access to natural resources to cater for investments  Open to all sectors for FDIs  Competitive Investment Incentives  One Stop Service – Fast-Track Investment Approval Process
  5. 5. Our Selling Points  Competitive labor cost  Less stringent performance requirement Favorable labour and environmental protection laws and regulations (foreign workers allowed)  100% foreign equity  no limited license in banking sector and telecommunication  no requirement in technology transfer
  6. 6. Cambodia Investment Promotion and Protection Infrastructure • Amendment to the law of investment (1994) and revised version (2003) • IDP (2015-2025) • Bilateral Investment Promotion and Protection Agreements • One stop service-CDC for investment projects • Special Economic Zones including Sihanouk Ville • Simplification of administrative procedures • Trouble Shooting Committee- Government Private Sector Forum (GPSF) • Investment incentives and prohibited investment projects • Investment after care service • International marketing through oversea representatives
  7. 7. Bilateral agreement on the promotion and protection of investments 1. Australia 2. Austria 3. China 4. Croatia 5. Cuba 6. Czech 7. France 8. Germany 9. Indonesia 10. Japan 11. Kuwait 12. Lao PDR 13. Malaysia 14. Netherlands 15. N. Korea 16. OPEC 17. Pakistan 18. Philippine 19. ROK 20. Singapore 21. Switzerland 22. Thailand 23. USA (OPIC) 24. Vietnam
  8. 8. Investment Protection  No expropriation Equal treatment of all investors No requirement of local equity participation No price controls on products or services No restriction on forex convertibility Free remittance of foreign currencies abroad The Investment Law and Sub-decree contains a number of important guarantees for the investors:
  10. 10. Organizational Structure
  11. 11. Information & Application Approval Customs Duty & Tax Exemption Visa & Work Permit Company Registration A ONE STOP SERVICE
  12. 12. Licensing Authorities
  13. 13. Investment Approval Investment application CDC issues a Conditional Registration Certificate to the Applicant  Company Registration / Ministry of Commerce  Relevant licenses, as appropriate / Ministry of Mine and Energy  Review and approval of construction plan / local authorities-  Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction.  Initial environmental impact assessment / Ministry of Environment  Tax Department Registration / Ministry of Economy and Finance CDC issues a Final Registration Certificate to the Applicant 3 working days 28 working days
  14. 14. One Stop Service Special Economic Zone Administration  Company registration and investment license  Export/import permit  Work permit and Labor books (both workers and expatriate)  SEZA will provide on site immediate legal and administrative assistance
  15. 15. Cambodia’s Special Economic Zones No Activities Under Construction OperationalKampot SEZSihanoukville Port SEZ Poipet O’Neang SEZ Sihanoukville SEZ1 Sihanoukville SEZ2 Stung Hao SEZ S.N.C SEZ Kompong Som SEZ Koh Kong SEZ Souy Chheng SEZ Oknha Mong SEZ Kiri Sakor Koh Kong SEZ P (SEZ) I C Thary Kompong Cham SEZ GoldFame Pak Shun SEZ Duong Chhiv SEZ Phnom Penh SEZ M D S Thmor Da SEZ H K T SEZ Kandal SEZ Dragon King SEZ
  16. 16. Government-Private Sector Forum
  17. 17. Government Private Sector Forum
  18. 18. 1. World Bank Investment Climate Assessment lists the G-PSF as one of the key factors for the economic success of Cambodia 2. Royal Government of Cambodia uses the G-PSF to propose measures to respond to the crisis – several consultations on-going 3. 2009 Memo from World Bank to RGC recommends using the G-PSF for identification and monitoring of reforms 4. G-PSF is an integral apparatus of the RGC for private sector consultation and engagement of development partners in technical assistance. 5. Review of 31 PPDs worldwide shows G-PSF as among highest performers. G-PSF a highly successful reform platform
  19. 19. Government-Private Sector Forum
  20. 20. Investment Incentives  20% Corporate Tax  Tax holidays up to 9 years  No tax on export  Full Import Duty Exemption  Reinvestment of earning (special depreciation)
  21. 21. Prohibited Investments Prohibited investment projects concern national security, social safety, and national economic necessity. Prohibited projects include: - Production and processing of psychotropic substances or narcotic substances; - Production of poisonous chemicals, agriculture pesticides and insecticides, and chemicals prohibited by international agreements and the WHO. - Processing and production of electrical power from imported waste, - Exploitation of forest prohibited by the Forestry Law, and - Any other investment activities prohibited by other laws
  22. 22. Encouraged Investment Activities Agriculture and agro-industry Transport and telecommunications Energy and electricity Labor-intensive industries, processing and manufacturing; Tourism Human resource development Oil & Gas, Mining
  23. 23. Investment Opportunities • Infrastructure: convention center, hotels, flyover, bridge • Resorts • Logistics • Food processing • Power plant, energy sector • Electronic industry • Sewage plant/recycling plant
  24. 24. Cambodia Ministry of Commerce
  25. 25. Trade Facilitation • Reengineering • Single stop service for C/O application • Online business registration • Automation of Certificate of Origin registration • Self Certification • Online payment through banks • Digital signature and E-stamp • Hotline for trade support services
  26. 26. Ways Forward • Trade repository with full features • National single window • Branding • Upgrade SMEs • Enhance skilled workforce pool and productivity • Strengthen the law enforcement on IPR
  27. 27. THANK YOU