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The SnapLogic Integration Cloud for ServiceNow

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Learn more about using the SnapLogic Integration Cloud to unlock ServiceNow potential by integrating it with major ITSM Cloud and on-premise applications including BMC Remedy, CA Clarity, SAP SolutionManager, and Workday. SnapLogic’s ServiceNow integration will greatly improve efficiency and quality of IT service management.

To learn more, visit: http://www.snaplogic.com/solutions/servicenow-integration.

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The SnapLogic Integration Cloud for ServiceNow

  1. 1. We’re 100% focused on delivering faster application, process and data integration in a single cloud platform. - Gaurav Dhillon, SnapLogic Founder and CEO
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  3. 3. Deploy ServiceNow Faster & Increase Adoption  Zero coding necessary  Pre-defined integrations  160+ prebuilt integrations for rich connectivity Reduce Cost of Integrations  Enable “Citizen Developer”  Rapid assimilation of pre-defined building blocks  Avoid vendor lock-in with flexible subscription pricing Enterprise Grade Cloud Integration Platform  Highly flexible, elastic scalability  Loose coupling of any end-point  Built with web principles from the ground up
  4. 4. Providers Suppliers SnapLogic Integration Cloud REST Cloud Snaplex VPC Metadata Data
  5. 5. SnapLogic Integration Cloud Cloud Snaplex VPC Metadata Data
  6. 6. SnapLogic Integration Cloud Procurement Space Management Metadata Data
  7. 7. SnapLogic Integration Cloud Cloud to Cloud Snaplex Search Head Metadata Data Log Data Splunk Forwarders
  8. 8. L ESS/UI Monitoring/Management Asset Catalog Problem SL Incident Release KB Change CMDB PPM Security SL Calendar Asset/Master Data BI/Analytics Integration Cloud Enterprise Apps
  9. 9. Change CMDB/CMS IT Cost Knowledge Release Project and Portfolio On-Premises Service Level Service Catalog Cloud Service Portfolio