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Ensure That Your Commercial Real Estate Project Can Be Carried Out as Envisioned

Smith-Roberts National Corp. ( http://www.smith-roberts.com ) is a nationwide ALTA Land Survey coordinator and the originator of the DesignReady Survey®.

ALTA Survey - ensure that your commercial real estate project can be carried out as envisioned. Visit us today.

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Ensure That Your Commercial Real Estate Project Can Be Carried Out as Envisioned

  1. 1. Ensure That Your Commercial Real EstateProject can be Carried out as Envisioned www.smith-roberts.com
  2. 2. • Every buyer and lender should review the status of title and must execute a complete survey of the commercial property to be purchased, prior to making the decision to purchase.• An ALTA survey incorporates both a thorough title search and a land survey. www.smith-roberts.com
  3. 3. ALTA surveys are more formally known as ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys.Please note the mention of two organizations:1. American Land Title Association2. American Congress on Surveying and MappingThis reflects the double role of ALTA survey, from a title search (public records)and physical survey standpoint. www.smith-roberts.com
  4. 4. • The title search provides public record disclosures of everything that affects the property.• However a “title search” is not sufficient. It may fail to identify a recorded document and may not include “unrecorded third party property rights”. www.smith-roberts.com
  5. 5. An ALTA survey can uncover several unrecorded third party propertyrights, errors and other conditions affecting the property such as• Easements that may encumber or benefit the property• Possible encroachments across boundary lines or easements• Access to a public street or lack thereof• Zoning of the property along with setback requirements• Flood Zones that may affects the subject property• Evidence of any use by other parties• Location of any water boundaries on the subject property• Evidence of cemeteries• Names of adjoining property owners www.smith-roberts.com
  6. 6. • ALTA surveys bring to light such important information – which can help to maximize project value.• Smith-Roberts National Corporation is a nationwide land survey coordination firm that specializes in coordinating and producing ALTA Land Title Surveys. www.smith-roberts.com
  7. 7. Smith-Roberts 100 N.E. 5th StreetOklahoma City, Oklahoma 73104 Phone: 405 840-7094 Fax: 405 516-2680 Toll Free: 800 411-2010Email: Info@smith-roberts.comwww.smith-roberts.com