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Meet Magento 2015 Utrecht - ElasticSearch - Smile

Smile's conference at the Meet Magento 2015 on Wednesday 27th and Thurday 28th in Utrecht (Netherlands)

Our E-business experts, Aurélien Foucret & Florent Sabourin, has animated a session about the subject "How ElasticSearch is boosting Magento search ?"

The Meet Magento conference is the perfect place for merchants, system integrators, developers and service providers that want to get independent information about Magento and ecommerce.

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Meet Magento 2015 Utrecht - ElasticSearch - Smile

  1. 1. SMILE How ElasticSearch is boosting Magento search ? Meetup ElasticSearch #MM15NL
  2. 2. WHO ARE WE ? #MM15NL
  3. 3. 3 #MM15NL SPEAKER Aurélien FOUCRET Software Architect - Smile Lab aurelien.foucret@smile.fr @afoucret Florent SABOURIN eBusiness Director florent.sabourin@smile.fr @fsabourin
  4. 4. 4 #MM15NL More than 20 More than 35 More than 50 YEARS EXPERIENCE IN OPEN SOURCE PARTNERS IN OPEN SOURCE MILLION EUROS IN TURNOVER IN 2014 CONSULTING Project Framework Audits / Benchmark DIGITAL UX Ergonomics Accessibility Editorial Strategy SEO HOSTING Hosting Corrective and upgrade Maintenance Support TRAINING Change management Intra and inter company training ENGINEERING Design Development Configuration A 360° SERVICE FOR YOUR PROJECTS WEB E-BUSINESS COLLABORATIVE CORPORATE I.T. INFRASTRUCTURE Website Portal Mobile … E-commerce PIM … GED DAM Intranet … ESB / ETL ERP … Cloud … Cross-canal Hosting BI 800 OPEN SOURCE EXPERTS 25% INCREASE IN TURNOVER PER YEAR Leading European open source integrator 63%OF CAC 40 TRUST US SERVICES FOR YOU OPEN SOURCE
  6. 6. 6 #MM15NL SMILE NEDERLAND + 20 Supported by 780 Smiliens Since 2011 Half e-commerce Half infrastructure http://nl.smile.eu AN agency trusted by
  7. 7. Magento expert Service Quality Managed servicesExpertise Most challenging platforms have been developed by Magento  ANWB: 5000 orders/day  Cultura : 25 M products  Canson : SAP integration  North Face : Salesforce int.  Luxury brand : 5 continents Significant increase of website turnover Performance focused Technical innovations Fixed priced projects Maintenance & T/M 3 Service centers 120 servers Magento awarded partner in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 200 engineers 25 certified developers
  8. 8. 8 #MM15NL LuxuryWearUnderwear Shoes Optical Jewelery Health Media - Press SOME REFERENCES
  9. 9. 9 #MM15NL Some solutions we are proud to integrate Travel House - LifestyleCultural Industry Food SOME REFERENCES
  10. 10. 10 #MM15NL INNOVATION – R&D IN E-COMMERCE Mobile catalog application a cross-device technology Merchandising & Search powered by famous ElasticSearch NoSQL Database with MongoDB Real User Monitoring for real performance measurment Magecache a dynamic cache strategy module Open Source https://github.com/Smile-SA Enterprise compliant Performant And secured components Module auditing tool analysing architecture complexity + 41 exclusive Smile modules assets ERP Connector easing data exchanges with ERPs
  11. 11. October 2014 Bargento WHY BUILDING A NEW SEARCH ENGINE ? #MM15NL
  12. 12. 12 #MM15NL SEARCHANDISING SOME FIGURES 70%of the visitors use the search engine 30%of the visitors leave the site after using the search engine 40%of the visitors are trying to refine / fix their queries 2.1 the average number of pages viewed by a user for a given query 35%of the websites are using MySQL as their search engine 11 different search engines Smile have integrated into Magento
  13. 13. 13 #MM15NL WHAT IS RELEVANCE eCommerce relevance FOR AN E-COMMERCE SYSTEM ? Fulltext Relevance Merchandising rules Customer behavior massification Context
  14. 14. 14 #MM15NL WHY BUILDING A NEW SEARCH ENGINE ? Relevance model is incomplete  It does only work with Fulltext Relevance  It does not consider entities (people name, brands, ingredients, components, stores…)  It does not embed advanced misspelling features (fuzzy search, phonetic matching, …) Some state of art features are not out of the box  Products & categories autocomplete  Multi-select faceting It only understand products.  Most of our clients needs more It is hard to develop and extend  The abstraction layers make it a hard to tune the queries by using SolR / Lucene features HOW TO IMPROVE MAGENTO SEARCH ?
  15. 15. 15 #MM15NL WHY BUILDING A NEW SEARCH ENGINE ? There is a lot of SaaS solutions on the market They are general purpose and not designed for Magento  You have to manage your catalog both into their backoffice and into Magento one  Harder for the sales team to figure out where they need to get things done The link between your website and the engine is weak (WAN)  What is the network goes down between your website and the engine ? o Search engine is just as important as your DB. Would you use a SaaS database ?  Add a extra latency to build the pages Indexing latency is a killer  From our experience there is no SaaS engine that provides a real time fulltext indexing  It causes a lot of problem when the engine and the DB get out of sync.  It’s even worse when you add several layer of cache (FPC, Varnish, …) WHAT IS WRONG WITH EXISTING SaaS SOLUTIONS ?
  17. 17. 17 #MM15NL ELASTICSEARCH Distributed RESTful search & analytics server  Build on top of Apache Lucene  Drop in replacement for SolR Open Source License  Apache 2 Unique features  Percolation  Aggregations  Hadoop & Spark integration Excellent learning curve Easy to deploy WHAT IS IT ? October 2014 Bargento Full text search Schemaless Real time indexing Real time analytics Distributed & High availability
  18. 18. 18 #MM15NL ELASTIC.CO THE COMPANY BEHIND ELASTICSEARCH October 2014 Bargento 2 HQ  EU : Amsterdam (Netherlands)  US : Los Altos (California) Other Open Source projects (ELK) : Big momentum on the market  8+ million downloads since 2010  > 500 000 downloads per month avg. 120 employees Revenue growth : 400% last 6 months Smile Partner BusinessModel •Sales support and training for ElasticSearch •3 levels of support (Silver, Gold, Premium). Per node •Up to 24/7 SLA Investors •Benchmark Capital $10M Series A, 2012 •Index Ventures $24M Series B, 2013 With participation from Benchmark Capital •New Enterprise Associates $70M Series C, 2014 With participation from Benchmark Capital and Index Ventures ElasticSearch KibanaLogstash
  19. 19. 19 #MM15NL ELASTICSEARCH WHO IS USING IT ? October 2014 Bargento
  21. 21. 21 #MM15NL MAGENTO & ELASTICSEARCH An Open Source module  Smile Magento ES a.k.a Smile Searchandising Suite  Integration of ES into Magento  Drop-in replacement for SolR  Combining our long experience with both OSS Search Engine and eCommerce platform integration High quality implementation  Does not break Magento standard feature  Built for extensibility  Upgradable : our module is upgraded with every new Magento version The ultimate goal : give merchant tools to improve conversion with state of art features OUR MODULE GOAL https://github.com/Smile-SA/smile-magento-elasticsearch
  22. 22. 22 #MM15NL MAGENTO & ELASTICSEARCH Fulltext Search improvements  Fine control on what fields are used in search and their respective weight  Fuzzy & phonetic search : search for « Frankenshten » and get the results for « Frankenstein » KEY FEATURES – FULLTEXT SEARCH Rich faceting toolkit  Multiselect facets implementation  Price ranges, rating filters, …  Easier customization of the facets logic and templating by developers  SEO optimizations Autocomplete framework  Autocomplete popular searches, products and categories  Customizable templates (e.g. : display product images and prices)  Pluggable models allowing developpers to easily add their own autocomplete (store, CMS, …)
  23. 23. 23 #MM15NL MAGENTO & ELASTICSEARCH Behavioral data collect : get richer from your clients  Our module collects all your clients behavior and creates a knowledge database you can query at will  Real time data refresh : don’t miss the trends  Use it into merchandising optimizations rules KEY FEATURES – MERCHANDISING Smart categories  Build categories by defining search engines queries and not by picking products one by one o Ex : « All discounted products that are in stock »  Nice UI for rules administration Optimizations tunning – Rules based relevancy  Append business rules to your catalog to modify relevancy o « Boost all products which are in stock » o « Boost all products of category HighTech »  Pluggable system : developers can append new models easily
  24. 24. 24 #MM15NL MAGENTO & ELASTICSEARCH KEY FEATURES Preview  Back office, displaying results Elastic Search with and without the optimizer o Ex : « All blue products with stock and an image»  Lets see the differences with and without optimization Sort within virtual classes  To manually determine the positions of products within categories automatically defined by rules o Ex : position « white duvet cover » the head of the virtual category «white goods in Promotion » Sorting in search results  Allows you to organize the products that are displayed for the defined searches. o Ex : prioritizing the dress "Kali" for the search query "dress" (or "dresses" ...)
  25. 25. 25 #MM15NL MAGENTO & ELASTICSEARCH Built for Magento, into Magento  Deep Magento integration.  Operate everything from Magento admin. No additional back-office.  Optimized data indexing. Get your catalog updated in real time and reduce your time to market. KEY FEATURES ElasticSearch : a scalable and secured backend  Scale over many servers when your catalog or your business grow  Avoid downtime with : automated failover when a server fails or during maintenance  Snapshot and restore in minutes the whole cluster. Easy to backup.  Monitoring tools available from ElasticSearch Inc. (Marvel) Designed for extensibility  Your business is unique. Your search engine should be too.  Many extension hooks shipped by default (templating, custom optimizations models, and new features)  Index what you need in custom indices (stores, cms content, …)
  26. 26. « Demo time » #MM15NL
  27. 27. 29 #MM15NL MAGENTO & ELASTICSEARCH Our modules provides a lot of way to influence on the search results  Fulltext relevancy  Merchandising rules  User behavior  Context The most tricky part is to know what button you should push Our advice :  Experiment  Use AB testing  All the customer data is collected. You should try Kibana on it to discover new patterns !!! SUMMARY
  28. 28. 30 #MM15NL WHAT ARE WE WORKING ON ? Recommenders POS offer presentation Marketplace offer presentation Customer knowledge hub
  29. 29. Q/A #MM15NL YOUR SALES CONTACT : Martijn van Ginkel Sales & Marketing Manager Smile NL martijn.vanginkel@smile.eu T +31 (0)20 58 16 211 | M +31 6 41 47 48 40