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Smart Student Information System(SSIS)- Features and Benefits

Online Student Information System Software has settled examples of excellence in world class level education management.

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Smart Student Information System(SSIS)- Features and Benefits

  1. 1. Smart Student Information Systems (SSIS) Features and Benefits Smart Schooling
  2. 2. Managing student data manually is a thorny task. So is tracking information of a particular student from the pile of files! Thanks to the development of the Smart Student Information Systems (SSIS) software. Smart Schooling
  3. 3. For the school administration, managing student information fast with simplicity and ease at their fingertips is possible with this software. Just a click of the mouse on the web and the user can access and manage real-time information of any particular student in seconds! The school management can speedily monitor students’ academic progress and take necessary actions accordingly at the same time engage with parents and focus on holistic development of students. Smart Schooling
  4. 4. Features of Smart Student Information Systems (SSIS) It is a web-based system with an intuitive, user-friendly interface that can be accessed by specific school management staff within or outside the campus from any web browser It streamlines processes related to both students and staff Smart Schooling
  5. 5. The software can be integrated with other student systems such as online registration and admission, attendance management, fee collection, etc. including staff management Users can create courses, students and sections according to individual school requirements Once data is entered, it gets automatically stored, eliminating double entry. Users have access to the same synchronized data anytime anywhere Access and changes to information entered and stored can be easily tracked and logged Smart Schooling
  6. 6. Why schools should adopt SSIS? Smart Schooling
  7. 7. Reason#1 SSIS? The SSIS software gives flexibility to school administrators to develop, control, and manages student data and other school accounts and activities. All features of the SSIS are fully integrated for managing everyday activities and administrative processes of the school. It saves significant time for the administrators, helping them focus on other core competencies Smart Schooling
  8. 8. Reason#2 SSIS? The software is a boon for the teachers. It comes with easy web access for teachers to enter marks and attendance grade-wise of their students. They can securely access their respective classroom students’ data from virtually anywhere on web. Manual entering of such data takes significant time, which is negated with this software. Smart Schooling
  9. 9. Schools can maintain a healthy long term relationship with parents. The SSIS also comes with a parent support system empowering parents for greater accountability and participation. Parents enjoy confidential web access wherein they can log in with unique passwords to access their children’s progress data, such as attendance, grade book information, etc Reason#3 SSIS? Smart Schooling
  10. 10. The user friendly interface and flexibility of the SSIS enables a school to deploy the software on a variety of environments. Your school may have a technology architecture already running; the SSIS is easily compatible with the same adding to performance and efficiency. Whether you have a single branch or multiple branches of your school, easy flow of data is ensured with this software Reason#4SSIS? Smart Schooling
  11. 11. Schools using the SSIS software can easily and speedily handle student inquiries, admissions process, enrolling of new students, auto-creation of class and teacher schedules, maintaining boarding house details and transportation of students, handling exams and assessments, managing student health records, handling school accounts, inventory, and assets, and more. Reason#5SSIS? Smart Schooling
  12. 12. Conclusion The best facilities are what parents today expect from schools. Hence the emergence of smart campuses where smart schooling technology is exploited to the advantage of the school management, teachers, parents, and students! A comprehensive integrated student information management system, the SSIS facilitates schools manage student data and daily operations, thus reducing data error, saving time, and enhancing productivity Smart Schooling
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