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INTERNET.ORG CHALLENGE for AngelHack Manila Hackers

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INTERNET.ORG CHALLENGE for AngelHack Manila Hackers

  1. 1. AngelHack Manila 2015 Challenge
  2. 2. Since f8, Internet.org is in… 17 countries & 19 mobile networks!!
  3. 3. NEW! OFWguru & RingMD on Internet.org Find on SMART networks!
  4. 4. Increased Farming & Agriculture Information & Services…
  5. 5. Keep it light & fast Make sure your service can run in the absence of: •Mobile optimized (smart & feature phones) •JavaScript •Flash •iFrame •SVG •Video/Audio •Large or many imagesWattpad– Read books & stories Dictionary.com – Search for the meaning of words
  6. 6. Keep information fresh Keep your audience informed and engaged: •Provide updating feed (i.e. news) •Provide new information or opportunities (i.e. jobs & education) Inquirer.net– Local news GMA– Local news & entertainment
  7. 7. Drive Utility Make your service easy for people new-to-the- internet: •Address core community needs (i.e. jobs, transportation) •Make it extremely simple to use •Speak in local languages & termsJOFOM – Making job search easy Sakay.ph– Making transportation easy
  8. 8. Special attention for… • Education – Tools – Information & references – Scholarships & opportunities • Economic empowerment – Jobs – Skills building – Personal finance – Agriculture
  9. 9. Mechanics The developer will have access to any of these resources to make them eligible for the prize: Internet.org Resources Resource URLs Developer Documentation https://developers.facebook.com/docs/internet-org Participation Guidelines https://developers.facebook.com/docs/internet-org/particip Submission Instructions https://developers.facebook.com/docs/internet- org/how-to-submit Opera Mini Emulator & other testing options https://developers.facebook.com/docs/internet- org/platform-technical-guidelines#testing Service examples Install Internet.org App for Android or go to internet.org to see live sites Submission portal https://www.internet.org/platform/submit
  10. 10. How to Submit Your Entry The hacker will need to submit the service with all asset details via the submission portal: https://www.internet.org/platform/submit AND email fbs@fb.com with the submission link Submissions must be sent on or prior to _____
  11. 11. Prizes Top 3 Internet.org Challenge Winning teams will receive: 1.FbStart Bootstrap team membership valued at $30k 2.Schwag pack from Internet.org & Facebook to be sent out after winner announcement 3.Featured on Internet.org via SMART & TNT Networks